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SharePoint Setup & Deployment for SMBs

Activating and organizing SharePoint site(s) for SMB use

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Start sharing documents using Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform

Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation
Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation

Comes free with many M365 subscriptions


It's like a file server with additional capabilities


Comes with 1TB of storage space


Set permissions and maintain security


Move to the cloud with latest technology


Migrate your data to SharePoint


We can set it up and show your team how to use it

What exactly is SharePoint Online and what does it do?

SharePoint, a cloud-file-sharing-platform, provides a rich collaboration environment where people internal and external your to your business can work together, viewing, coauthoring and managing documents with efficiency.

Site Builder

Facilitates the creation of websites to form the basis of an intranet. 

Cloud Storage

Store and organize your files in the cloud on the Microsoft Server.

Cloud Access

Edit files and folders in the cloud using Office Applications.


File Sharing

Provide colleagues and clients with online access to documents.

Host Apps

Integrate customer and off-the-shelf applications to SharePoint sites.

Set Workflows

Used to setup robust workflow enbaled solutions for end-users.

Traditionally known as a Content Management System (CMS), SharePoint is versatile. It allows custom development, hosting of custom web applications and is natively integragted with Microsoft 365 including Office and other Microsoft web applications.

Setting up a basic SharePoint site includes:

Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation

Creating and customizing website


Structuring Document Library


Configuring Permission Groups


Associating Permission Groups to folders


Creating Users and adding permissions


Migrat Data to Sharepoint site(s)


Setup local desktop sync and provide training

Advanced SharePoint Migration, Development & Implementation

Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation

Applications designed just for your site(s)


Integration with Microsoft applications


Integration withn non-Microsoft applications


Migration of Complex Data to Sharepoint site(s)


Design and setup complicated workflows


Develop SharePoint into an intranet and social network

SharePoint Migration Services


Our team of SharePoint experts appreciates that migration goes well beyond the transfer of data and customization. We see migration and re-deployment as a chance for SMBs to improve their SharePoint capabilities.

If your business is using SharePoint Server 2007 0r 2010, it is critical that you migrate to SharePoint Online, as support for these applications ceased on October 10th, 2017 and October 13th, 2020, respectively.

Our SharePoint Migration Capabilities

1CS migrates on-premises or hybrid uses of Microsoft SharePoint Server to SharePoint Online.

We also migrate data stored outside of SharePoint (other cloud services) to SharePoint Online.

  • Migrate to Office 365 or SharePoint Cloud. Help SMBs and Large Enterprise move existing SharePoint infrastructure to the cloud while preserving functionality of existing SharePoint setup.
  • Migrate to SharePoint Server 2019. Assist on-prem (local) SharePoint users to increase development capabilities, utilize features  and mobile friendly solutions.
  • Migrate from non-Microsoft platforms to SharePoint. Ensure seamless migration from non-Microsoft platforms to SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server.
  • Migrate Hybrid Environments. Migration to local and cloud while maintaining scalability and enhancing collaboration. Additionally, we carry out migration from hybrid SharePoint environments to SharePoint Online.

Our SharePoint Consulting Team’s migration objective is to maintain business integrity, business continuity, mitigate against migration risks and create an enhanced collaborative work environment by focusing on:

  •  A model which will not interrupt business and guarantee a stable operation for those who depend on SharePoint to complete their work.
  • Ensure data is secure while maintaining SharePoint’s critical operations.
  • Transfer sensitive and important data quickly without disruption to business units.
  • Maximize SharePoint solutions and infrastructure, take workload off of existing IT infrastructure and lessen support requirements.
  • Provide new solutions which make it easier for staff members to collaborate.

Migration Steps We Follow

Our SharePoint Consulting Team conducts complex migrations using the following guidelines:

  1. Assess current setup and investigate it’s design, review and scrutinize SharePoint farms to allow for the development of a migration plan.
  2. Analyze existing platform solutions, collections and sites for structure and objective, permissions and customization’s.
  3. Inspect data under each solution, to specify the critical or heavy data.
  4. Development of migration path including ordered steps and tasks.
  5. Set workflows, redistribute data, reorganize sites and site collections, fix or re-code custom features and implement custom branding.
  6. Test the resulting setup, discover possible security vulnerabilities or functionality flaws.
  7. IT Consultants advise in-house SharePoint administrators of the requisite management functions.
  8. Support services to fix issues, answer queries and monitor workflows.


SharePoint Development Services


Use 1CS IT services to develop SharePoint sites which provide a feature-rich, user centric experience for years.

Take advantage of SharePoint’s agility, practices and workflows which entice users to collaborate and complete activities efficiently.

SharePoint Development

1CS develop’s SharePoint solutions guided by your business requirements and SharePoint capabilities. We appreciate that a SharePoint site is for user convenience and not for developers to showcase their own capabilities, which is why we focus our efforts on user experience.

Dependable Architecture

Our SharePoint architects are skilled in designing and producing a robust architecture from the ground up. Enhancing the previous platform such that it retrieves data adequately given a businesses’s need for scaling. We also install databases and build server farms.

Customized Development

At 1CS, we never restrict our Site Building to standard features. Instead we use tools, both on-prem and online, which helps to integrate the platform with your specific business needs. We can customize:

  • Workflows
  • Timer jobs & event receivers
  • Fields types
  • Site & sub-site templates
  • SharePoint apps
  • Other solutions
Your Branding

Our team of SharePoint Developers will mold your requirements, preferences and corporate branding into one. We will create customized master-pages and page-layouts with dynamic elements and customized navigation.

Smart Add-ons

The quickest route to enhancing user-experience and expanding user-ability is to enrich it with convenient SharePoint add-ons that will facilitate the needs of employees and increase your site value. Some of the add-ons include:

  • SharePoint Workflow Manager
  • Office Compass
  • Weather Vibes

Integration of your Sharepoint solution with other enterprise level platforms is a crucial phase ensuring continuation of your company processes. SharePoint developers will facilitate an integration of SharePoint with infrastructure and platforms such as Microsoft Azure Cloud Server, LIM, ERP, O365, CRM and HRM. Allowing an easier path for staff to have a single access hub to key data.

Responsive IT Support

After the site is finished, it’s not goodbye:

  • Resolve technical issues
  • Enhance functionality
  • Apply update & patches
  • Monitor SharePoint backups

Areas of Concern

One of our primary goals when carrying out SharePoint deployment is to make sure the solution is stable. To ensure longevity we concentrate on the following areas:


Application user-friendly elements throughout the phases of development keeping a close eye on features which facilitate the working process. Appealing UI, fast response times, convenient add-ins, engaging workflow and user-friendly mobile apps are indispensable


The 1CS Team knows that SharePoint performance is important to facilitating high productivity usage and acceptance by staff. We thoroughly test our setups prior to official launch to ensure a smooth transition. Preventing issues, we check architecture, data structure and compliance with Microsoft guidelines, examination of code and web parts to see error prone code and workflows.


To stay clear of vulnerabilities and ensure your data is defended, 1CS deploys SharePoint Online Development Best Practices and the best tools to protect your SharePoint site from external and internal threats.

  • Align permissions and access rights with your business’s security policy.
  • Making sure that custom applications and web parts do not hold errors which lead to a breach of security.
  • Develop custom security tokens which are not standard security tools including two-factor authentication.

Move your SMB to the cloud, move your SMB Sharepoint

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