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N-able Cloud Backups: Managed Backup Solutions

Cloud backup solutions for SMBs including servers, pc’s and documents


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1CS is an authorized reseller of N-able Managed Cloud Backup Solution

Top Reasons to Back Up your Workstations and Servers to the Cloud:


Avoid data loss associated with Human Error


Avoid data loss associated with Ransomware


Avoid data loss associated with Fires, Floods etc.


Avoid data loss associated with Employee theft/sabotage


Comply with industry/governmental data retention requirements

Avoiding data loss is the underlying reason people and businesses backup their data. We don’t want to lose our data because it’s valuable and difficult to replace. And it’s not just files and folders but systems get backed up too, so each can be restored quickly, in the event of a disaster.

N-able powered Data Protection Solution platform

Brief overview of our cloud backup related capabilities


A cloud backup SaaS application designed and priced for SMBs

The cost of protecting your critical business data


*Protect some or all of your devices*

N-able Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution is an insurance policy for your business data

What will N-able Cloud Backup Solutions restore?

Recover full Server or Computer

Restore the full device including system to new hardware or to a Virtual Machine including physical-to-virtual restore using bare metal recovery. Backup the entire device, not just files.

Recover a Database like Microsoft SQL Server

Quickly restores your database including SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. Provides fast database-specific recovery to ensure your SMB continues to operate.

Recover Files and Folders from a specific date

Fast file and folders recovery from a previous date. Recover any file formats, restore specific folders or granular restore of specific files. Ensure the permanancy of your business files.

Recover Physical or Virtual Machines

Backup on-premises servers, workstations, NAS devices and VM’s. No matter if you are using physical or virtual machines, N-able can back it up to the cloud. Preserve your critical business data.

Recover the entire machine, one or more databases and specific files/folders from both physical and virtual machines

Features of the N-abled Cloud Backup Solution

Automatic Restore Testing


With automated recovery testing, you can be sure there will be no issues when it comes time to recover some or all of your data.

End to End Security


Benefit from AES 256-bit encryption and ISO-certified data centers. Backups are encrypted at source, stay encrypted while in transit to the cloud across one-way TLS 1.2 connections and remains encrypted while stored in the cloud. Backup data is only decrypted during the recovery process.

Canadian Data Centre


N-able’s Canadian data centre is located in Toronto, Ontario. The data centre is HIPAA compliant. It is also ISO27001, NIST 800-53, PCI DSS, SOC 1 TYPE II and SOC 2 TYPE 2 compliant. Need or want your data stored in Canada? N-able cloud backup solution stores data in Canada.

Appliance Free, no device necessary


N-able cloud backup solution is a SaaS application. As such, there is need to utilize/maintain a local application server. No physical hardware is required, which can save money. Aswell, there is no need to purchase or manage local data storage, since storage in the N-able cloud is included.

Data Archiving at no cost


Archiving data is the process of relocating data which is not  actively used to a separate, lower costing, storage device for long-term retention. Archives are different from backups. With data archiving, the information is moved to from an easily retreivable backup to less accessible storage facility. Archiving is commonly used to meet data retention requirements.

Backup data is stored on Canadian soil and built for security and regulatory compliance.

Additional Benefits of N-able Disaster Recovery Solution

Failed Backup Notificaton


If and when a backup fails, 1CS’s network operations centre receives a real-time notification, alerting our team to the unsuccessful backup. So that we can address the issue.

Incremental Backup


Incremental backups start with a full backup. But once that initial full backup is processed, incremental backups strictly save only those files which have changed since the previous backup. Once data gets backed up, it won’t get backed up again unless the file changes. Backuping up data in this manner saves storage space, which in turn reduces data storage costs.

Flexible Recovery


Multiple recovery possibilities are available from this single product at no additional cost. Fast recovery of files and folders or store the entire system using virtual disaster recovery or bare metal recovery.

1CS Backup Management


1CS will handle the provisioning, setup and management of the N-able cloud backup platform for your small or medium sized business. Let our team manage your backups and store them in the cloud.

Local Backup Add-on


LocalSpeedVault allows us to keep a local copy of your data on on your nextwork or separate hardware. Scheduled backups run in the background of the cloud backup when LocalSpeedVault is enabled, speeding up the backup procedure. Data restoration to a local folder than other recovery methods as it does not use the internet.

Backup Reports


Our report manager is access through our backup management platform, a leading solution used by managed service providers and other IT service companies to report on the performance of IT infrastructure, including N-able cloud backup solutions. 

A robust Cloud Backup Solution with standard and advanced features

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