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Cyber Security Services

Protecting businesses from online threats

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Cyber Security Consultants for Advanced Cyber Threats:

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Incident Response


Compromise Assessment


Data Loss Prevention


Cyber Insurance assistance


Cyber Consulting & Advisory


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Cyber Attacks target companies with weak security measures

Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation

While large organizations typically have a strong security posture, much of the SMB community do not believe that they are a potential target of hackers, as much as 45%. However, each and every internet-accessible device is susceptible to cyber attack. Cyber attacks are often automated and aimless, taking advantage of weaknesses in networks, software and systems, rather than going after a specific business. Cyber attackers go after the weak and the target may not see the effects of a breach for some time until after it occurs. Avoid reputational damage, potential liability and IT services costs by protecting your business now.

Penetration Testing

Incident Response Services

Data Loss Prevention

Cyber Security as a Service

End Point Protection

Compromise Assessment

Cyber Security Advisory Services

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

A Leading Cyber Security Solutions Partner

1CS is affiliated with Proactive CS, an leader in Cyber Security.

Staff Credentials

  • 20 + Years’ Experience in Enterprise Architecture & Enterprise Security Architecture
  • 20 + Years’ Experience in Secure Software Development and Secure Software Development LifeCycle
  • Extensive Knowledge of Cloud Security and Cloud Architecture
  • Experienced Information Security and Compliance Auditing
  • Experience in Building Security Programs
  • Extensive Knowledge of Micro-Segmentation, and other Defense in Depth Security Architectures
  • Implementation Experience of Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Implementation Experience in Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Implementation Experience in Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Implementation in Incident Management and Incident Response Process
  • BSIMM, ISO 27000, COBIT and NIST Cybersecurity Framework Experience
  • Cloud Expertise: AWS Solution Architects, Azure MCSE

Past Clients

Recent Cyber Security Clients


1CS Staff Certifications

About Proactive CS, LLC

In Collaboration with Proactive CS, 1CS is unique in its ability to provide a full-service cyber defense. We work with your business as a consultant, implementer, integrator, engineer, or tester to help control the ever-growing landscape of cyber security threats. About Proactive CS, LLC

  • Established 2009
  • Headquartered in NYC and Toronto
  • 35+ certified senior-level software engineers on staff
  • Extensive experience in preparation for 510 (k) submission
  • Proactive CS, LLC. U.S. Federal Government #203522102 / CAGE code L0FV6

More Information on our Cyber Defense Services

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List of Cyber Services

  • Penetration Testing
  • M&A Risk Assessment
  • Incidence Response Services
  • Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Cyber Security Advisory Services
  • Network Perimeter Security
  • Secure Software Development
  • Cloud Security
  • Cyber Security as a Service
  • End Point Protection
  • Emergency Cyber Security Support
  • MSSP Services
  • Technology Services

Proactive Cyber Security

Protecting your valuable information

Cyber Security Consulting:

We will review your infrastructure’s architecture, preventative controls and detective controls to assess your environment’s security.

  • Vulnerability assessments • Questionnaire (SAQ) preparation and review
  • Penetration testing • PCI Cardholder Data Environment Scoping
  • Web application assessments • PCI DSS Controls Gap Analysis
  • Social engineering and wireless assessments • • Authorized Scanning Vendor Scanning
  • QSA Report on Compliance on-site audits • • Compromise Assessments

Cyber Security Consulting Deliverables:

We have expertise in enterprise solution architecture, installation, and identity and access management. By combining vendor technology best practices with our practical experience we add significant value to your integrated delivery as we design, tune & configure your solution to meet your organization’s needs. Our Identity and Access Management consultants can help transform your organization’s access requirements into an information advantage, both on premise and in the cloud.

  • Design, upgrade and migration support
  • Network Security Architecture & Design
  • Installation, health checks, reviews & onboarding of: Perimeter Infrastructure & Network Security technologies
  • Endpoint & SIEM technologies
  • Cloud Security Services

Cyber Security Management:

We can administer, maintain, support and monitor your security technology 24/7/365.

  • Flexible managed services practice with on premises, cloud and hybrid solutions
  • Varying access levels including full admin, shared admin or monitoring only
  • Context and value through analytics and data enrichment
  • Real Time Threat Intelligence
  • Anomaly Detection & Alert Trending
  • Tiered Reporting Structure
  • Clear Incident Response & Escalation Framework
  • IAM Managed Service

Cyber Security Remediation:

1CS a track record of successful Incident Response and Security Remediation in highly complex environments.

  • Security Remediation on retainer, as a managed services feature or based on urgent need
  • 3-tiers of support driving client communications, project scope, delivery, quality assurance, & incident response
  • Expertise in Security Incident Handling & Forensic Tools including packet decoding, log and memory analysis
  • Response Readiness and Post Incident Executive Briefing sessions available

Enterprise Cyber Security

Secure Your People and Processes

  • Access Control, Policies, Procedures, and Technologies (IAM, Multifactor Authentication, Federated Identity)
  • Security Policies, Awareness, Governance, Architecture, Design, and Operations
  • Secure Software Development
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations, State/Local, HIPAA, PCI/DSS
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Security Requirements for Procurement Policies and Procedures

Secure Your Valuable Information Assets

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Management
  • Network Security, Physical Security, and Cryptography
  • Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, Application Security Testing – Patch Management

Secure Your Cloud

  • Office365, SalesForce and other SaaS Offering Security
  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Security, and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)

Investigate Your Breaches

  • Forensic Analysis, Incident Investigation, and Remediation

Identity & Access Management

IAM Tools and Processes for Success

  • Access Control Strategies and Policies
  • Security Program Strategy
  • Business Driven Access Request
  • Access and Data Governance

IAM Implementation

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and Role Based Access Control
  • Risk Based and Multifactor authentication
  • Identity as a Service
  • Automated User Provisioning and Centralized Access Control
  • Integration opportunity with Data Loss Prevention, SIEM
  • Extensive Customization Skills for all IAM Systems
  • Extensive Integration Knowledge with Custom Applications using Web Services (REST, SOAP, JSON, RPC), LDAP, SQL Databases, NoSQL, Custom Protocols with IoT/Embedded Devices
  • Experience Integrating IAM with a Wide Variety of Cloud-Based or On-Premises Enterprise Applications: CRM, HR, Finance, Payroll, ERP, Logistics, BI,etc.
  • Federated Identity with Private (Trusted Identity Providers) and Public Identity Providers (Google, Office365)

Managed IAM

  • 1CS IAM Management Provides Ongoing IAM Support by IAM Specialists While Reducing Overhead Costs
  • 1CS Can Easily Implement an Identity as a Service Solution to Integrate into Your Existing Applications
  • 1CS Will Manage the Identity Solution with an Agreed Upon SLA and Seamlessly Help Your Organization Enjoy the Benefits of Centralized Access, Single Sign-On, Advanced Authentication, and much

Cyber Security for Medical Devices

We can assist with FDA Cyber security Guidelines and HIPPA Compliance

  • “At 1CS we do not believe in paper reviews but instead rely on testing security programs and simulating actual hacks to uncover vulnerabilities and compromises”
  • “1CS recommendations are made by qualified cybersecurity specialists and medical device professionals only – every time, without exception”

End-to-End Cybersecurity Vulnerability/Exploitability Assessment

  • Assessment of Administrative, Technical, Physical Controls Based on Hazard Analysis Design Reviews to Analyze Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities to the Device Ethical Hacking, Penetration, and Device Security Testing to Uncover Compromises Privacy Assessments for HIPAA, EU GPDR
  • Recommendations for Security in the Process, the Design, the V&V and the Labeling

Comprehensive Medical Device DHF and Submission Experience

  • Integrate Cybersecurity into the Design in Accordance to IEC630204, ISO13485 Hazard Analysis with Mitigations for Cybersecurity Risks
  • V&V Planning and Execution to Include Security Specific Tests Traceability Matrices with Cybersecurity Controls
  • DHF and Submission to Include Secure Operations of the Device

Postmarket Surveillance

Integration of Cybersecurity into the QSR (Complaints, Service, Audit, etc.) Techniques for the Continuous Monitoring of New Threats to the Device Strategies for Remediating and Reporting Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Cyber Security Consulting Services

For preventative situations, we first conduct a risk assessment of your information security and access management. We examine all of your IT systems with a focus on critical assets so that we can build and enforce a strong security posture. Our preventative measures like penetration testing significantly reduce risk of a successful cyber attack and gives your organization enterprise level defenses should you be attacked. 

Consulting services for emergency situations begin with incident response protocols which first investigate the security breach. Once we have determined the location and type of threat we move to the resolution phase. If you are a new client, we need to understand the basics of your IT infrastructure prior to removing the threat.

In a nut shell, our cyber security consultants are experts in cyber risk management. 


Specific Cyber Defense Services

Specialized cyber security services for companies large and small

Penetration Testing

IT Infrastructure is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Organizations do take measures to protect their IT infrastructure, but seldom do they systematically test these security measures. Penetration Testing assists in strengthening the security of your IT Infrastructure because it locates vulnerabilities or mis-configurations within your security systems.

Penetration Testing Services

1CS’s network of cyber security professionals in addition to our ethical hackers work together to simulate a breach of your security measures. Hence the term Penetration Testing. Our years of experience monitoring and therefore addressing cyber security threats will give your organization the ability to:

  • Assess IT Infrastructure vulnerabilities in real-time
  • Minimize breach opportunities to your IT Infrastructure using advanced intrusion scenarios
  • Understand motivations of hackers and how they operate
  • Evaluate risk analysis reports to determine which areas of IT Infrastructure are most susceptible to cyber-attacks
  • Significantly reduce cyber-attack capabilities which could virtually ruin your business

Penetration Testing Deliverable List

  • High-level reports and summaries of findings
  • Training which enables repetition of test results
  • Capability to verify significant findings based on risk analysis
  • Short-term remediation plan including procedures
  • Long -term remediation plan and procedures

Real hacks followed by Real Insights

Penetration Testing is cyber security service customized so that it meets the needs of differing organizations. Our professionals utilize all available options at their disposal to bring light to specific online vulnerabilities in addition to threats facing your business.

Proactive Approach to IT Security

Experienced cyber security experts as well as ethical hackers lead 1CS’s penetration testing services. The team uses proven procedures and exhausting methods to find areas of vulnerability. Testing IT Infrastructure goes through the following 4 phases:

    1. Discovery. 1CS cyber security experts gather pertinent information on the various segments of your organization’s IT Infrastructure.
    2. Identification.  We will work to locate and identify vulnerabilities with the capability of being taken advantage of by hackers.
    3. Exploitation. The team will use proven procedures to exploit critical areas of your IT Infrastructure by employing various software tools and techniques.
    4. System Control. 1CS team members simulate breaches by employees, theft and the inputting of malicious code to gain system control.

Compromise Assessment

Determine and evaluate past and present attacks

Our proactive Compromise Assessment enables organizations to assess their systems for the existence of attackers. The assessment has assisted numerous organizations determine and evaluate breaches in security. Breaches which previously existed and then resulted in the loss of important information. Including personal identification, payment account information, intellectual property in addition to other sensitive data.

Compromise Assessment

Hackers may come in the form of malware in addition to using high-level techniques which are difficult or impossible to discern using conventional detection methods. 1CS’s Cyber IT Consultants conduct a Compromise Assessment which incorporates our knowledge base of cyber attacks. Using our experience gained from numerous examinations of an organization’s security. We employ leading technologies to assist and sometimes automate actions to circumstances so that we can determine past or present attacks.

1CS’s Compromise Assessment will get you:


The results of the assessment will clearly state if your organizations security has been breached in the past or if it is currently compromised. Your organization will also gain an understanding of the extent and degree to which a compromise exists or existed.


Although they are not an intended substitute for an incident investigation, our Compromise Assessment will supply your organization with solid findings and suggestions to re-mediate IT systems. In conclusion, the Summary includes information on malware statistics and a preliminary timeline of the attack.


We will determine if your organization is compromised and in addition provide suggestions which are guided by the assessment results. Based on the findings of the compromise assessment results, we will advise you. Advise you of the immediate steps and the longer-term provisions which we recommend be taken.

1CS’s approach to a Compromise Assessment

Deploy state of the art investigative software. We insert the software at places where an internet user leaves your system and furthermore into systems such as workstations, servers and other devices.

Analyze. Our team of professionals carry out network and host forensics in addition to malware and log analyses. Our team leader will cross-check initial findings with you to reduce false positives.

Evaluate. Our team uses it’s comprehensive database of indications of compromise to assess critical log data, workstations, servers and network traffic for signs of past or previous breaches.

Summary. 1CS supplies you with a detailed report which describes the assessment, the results of the assessment, and advice on how to proceed with next steps and longer term enhancements.

Incident Response Services

Fast and Efficient Resolutions to Cyber Attacks

Your organization should be top priority. At their best, attacks are a nuisance. At worst, attacks can bring your organization to it’s knees. This is where your organization could benefit from high-level cyber security services referred to as incident response services.

1CS has specialized incident responder’s in numerous countries to quickly investigate and fight back against attacks on your organization, so that you can concentrate on business. Mandiant protects you with the backing of more than 10 years of experience carrying out thousands of examinations and resolving thousands of incidents.

Our consultants provide their expertise in concert with state-of-the-art threat intelligence in addition to network and endpoint technology. Which assists your organization with a vast scope of activities from technical response to managing a catastrophic event. No matter if you have 100 or 100,000 endpoints, our team can be ready to act within hours, assessing your networks for malicious movement.

Incident Response Services

Total incident response services from investigation through catastrophe 

1CS incident response enables resolution of the impacts of cyber breaches. This cyber security service includes a complete technical examination, containment and finally recovery. We will give you resources surrounding (1) access to communications and (2) catastrophe management, which speak to liability, protection, reputation or furthermore, goodwill and internal politics.

Experience backed by cloud & on-premise technologies

1CS incident response brings a complete slate of products to our investigations. We are referring to cloud-based or on-site software tools, analytics and network receptacles.

Skills and knowledge bolstered by intelligence tools

A vast scope of intelligence sources result in our cyber security service responders having the tools they need to oppose “constantly changing attacks”. 1CS utilizes adversary and product intelligence. These tools help us understand the techniques and procedures used by hackers. They address why attacks are happening including the hackers motivation. Victim intelligence contributes to a heightened understanding of the cyber risks and cyber weaknesses common within your industry and furthermore enhance our management of response activities.


At the conclusion of these cyber security services, your organization will understand the incident, including:

  • The viewed or stolen information
  • Malware used and system weaknesses
  • Applications, systems, users and networks affected

Crucial information will be detailed in 3 reports as follows:

  • Examination report: Describes attack time-frame in addition to it’s routes with a list of user accounts, computers, and locations affected
  • Resolution report: Describes how the threat is contained and eliminated together with recommendations to strengthen the security of your organization
  • Management summary: Summarizes examination procedures, significant findings and undertaken activities

Unmatched Response Time

Recently, 1CS consultants deployed examination software tools to over 18,000 client endpoints and as a result we assessed a cyber attack within four hours of starting the examination. Once each of the endpoints were thoroughly assessed, the breach was ameliorated and the customer assumed normal operations within 5 days.

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

Determine an organization’s level of cyber risk for insurance underwriting

A Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment involves a short but high-level review of an organization’s risk rating using the framework known as C.O.P.E (construction, occupancy, protection and exposure).

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

Our Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment is constructed for it’s intended recipient being insurance providers, underwriters in addition to businesses getting ready to buy cyber insurance. The Assessment is derived from Mandiant’s expansive knowledge of high-level threat actors, security penetration responses, and furthermore the evaluations of security software maturity and readiness. The Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment gives you a rather quick, advanced analysis of an organization’s risk level given it’s processes, technology, and human resources to allow us to identify and classify cyber risk for insurance underwriting. Our cyber security service assesses an organizations level of Cyber Risk using the four elements of property insurance underwriting which are construction, occupancy, protection and exposure (C.O.P.E.) The framework was amended to include the assessment of technology-driven risk.

Advantages of Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

ID, classification and analysis of cyber risk for the purpose of insurance underwriting
determine factors which could cause an insurer to suffer a loss
strategy for improving security measures
organization and industry cyber threats

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment Deliverables

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment report including current capabilities, level of risk and strategy
Cyber threat assessment report
Presentation to C-Level Executives

1CS Approach to Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

This cyber security service takes place over two-weeks and uses a standard organizational risk assessment given the organizations size, industry and geography with cyber risk ratings across the four pillars of the C.O.P.E. framework. The resulting weighted risk rating assists in determining the level of risk for each pillar in addition to the organization in it’s entirety.

Construction: What is the structure of the security system? What are the strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement? Areas reviewed:

Technology guidelines and procedures
Incident and crises response guidelines and procedures
Audit and compliance instructions
Cyber security awareness for Management
Staffing guidelines and procedures

Occupancy: How are data and asset management processes carried out? Areas reviewed:

Data retention
Backup and recovery
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Classification guidelines
Management controls
Asset build and control requirements

Protection:How is the organization protected from high-level cyber attacks? Areas reviewed:

Technology deployment plan
New and established processes
Internal and external staff
Capabilities like visibility of threats, security, and responses

Exposure: What is the potential for risk? Areas reviewed:

Procedures and policies used to determine data security risks
IT Network and Systems maintenance guidelines
Procedures and policies for secure collection and storage of data

Advising Organizations on IT Security

Strategy is crucial when online threats are changing rapidly

Conventionally, IT operations and a strategic IT plan governed security and risk management (ISRM). Since strategy has grown into a more prevalent aspect of business, it now requires a separate strategy. To make sure it has the capacity to more effectively pursue business support objectives and keep up with change. This is where our cyber security consulting,a form of IT Consulting, comes into play. An ISRM strategy ensures you have a guide to navigate information and safeguard IT infrastructure with short term and long term goals which furthermore ensure that the supplied services are coordinated with organizational objectives and level of risk.

Our Team boasts multi-disciplinary expertise in cyber security, IT and business risk, which will prove valuable when creating a strategy.

A multi-staged approach to devising an overall ISRM strategy is usually the most effective way and provides visible results.

Cyber Security Advisory Services

  • Determine gaps, risks and impediments
  • Receive efficient, fast and non-invasive advice

Cyber Security Deliverables

  • Management briefing of a strategy which will assist your organization in adapting to changes in threats
  • An in-depth road map that will evolve as your organization grows


Cloud Security Services

Reduce Cloud Risks

Cloud solutions come with an abundance of innovate technology, simplicity in complex deployment, as well as fast and resilient solutions with a relatively low investment of capital.  An important cyber security service. However, selecting the cloud solution which is right for your organization’s needs and devising the ideal architecture may expose important business information. This is why cloud security is crucial to your organization.

Cloud Security Services

Security is seldom a priority when it comes to delivery features and functionality.  However, 1CS software developers can assist any team to ensure a sufficient level of security is factored into automated test suites, requirements, agile processes, and continuous delivery pipelines.  We can provide this service by way of a consultancy or alternatively we can supplement your IT department.

1CS’s cyber security team is comprised of cloud security and architect professionals here to assist you select the cloud solution with a heightened privacy and security capacity, create cloud architecture which is secure, advise of the the ideal tools and software programs to monitor, manage, and facilitate implementation.


We can provide monitoring and therefore management of your chosen cloud service to observe any suspicious or non-compliant activity.

Security Strategy for Purchasing a Cloud Solution

Selecting the ideal cloud solution with the desired security capacity is critical to having an enjoyable cloud experience.  1CS has a history with a vast array of cloud solutions and therefore we are in the position to provide your organization with an analysis of most to find the cloud solution ideal for your organization.

Best Cloud Security Practices

Cloud services like Google,  Microsoft Azure or Amazon give you guidelines in addition to a list of procedures to follow.  As industry leading professionals, 1CS can tailor these guidelines and procedures so that they fit your organization.


Our Team will put on a presentation, hold a question and answer period which as a result will reinforce your organizations understanding of common errors and data breaches.

The Right Tools

1CS can exceed the capabilities of your organizations chosen cloud service by suggesting supplementary tools to augment your cloud security and thus fill in any potential gaps in security.  Our skills and knowledge span across compliance tools, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), identity and compliance management tools.

Benefits of Cloud Security

  • Acquire a secure cloud service
  • Guidance in choosing the the right cloud service
  • Access to cloud professionals

Cyber Security as a Service

Focus on detection and investigation

You have invested capital in security measures but attacks are still happening. Your organization will likely benefit from cyber security as a service.

Your IT department is understaffed. Security measures create more false positives than relevant information. Causing you trouble when identifying and escalating only those threats which are most critical. You may lack transparency with regard to remote locations, and are receiving log reports infrequently. Maybe you should consider Cyber Security as a Service?

1CS cyber security services are changing the way that detection and investigation are carried out with our Managed Security Services System. Created “by cyber security professionals for the use of cyber security professionals”.  CSaaS goes over and above conventional SIEM software to supply organization-wide transparency, detection expertise using coding and guided examination workflows to bolster your defense against complex cyber attacks, managed by our team of professionals.

By creating the transparency to detect behavior patterns and automating the correct indicators, cyber security professionals can prioritize and optimize their workflow.

Cyber Security as a Service

Our CSaaS intelligence allows cyber security analysts to assess and anticipate what the hackers will do next. Thus streamlining priority event examinations. A simple pivot within CSaaS gives us in-depth hacker profiles breaking down the techniques, procedures and tools deployed by hackers aiming at your industry.

To detect the unseen one should learn to think like a hacker.

Transparency of Remote Locations

Cyber attacks can occur at any location within your network, therefore you must have full transparency. CSaaS is scalable using sensors to allow real-time visibility across the organization, especially an organization’s most remote locations. The sensors come in the form of software or equipment which supervise network traffic and create events to explain what it sees. Event data becomes encrypted, compressed and sent to the cloud for centralized logging, real-time analysis of threats and incident investigation.

Scalable Cloud Security

CSaaS ensures that event management and security information moves securely and quickly to the cloud.  CSaaS executes threat detection and examination to AWS, hybrid and on-premises cloud platforms enabling full transparency and threat insights.

Minimal onsite configuration makes usage easy so you’re back up and operational within hours.

Our CSaaS cloud-based security software proactively adds capability during peak activity and scales as need changes.

The advantages of Cyber Security as a Service includes support, infrastructure, financial flexibility, software, threat intelligence and cyber security expertise in one monthly package.

Expedite Threat Investigations

CSaaS allows for swift assessments and examinations through the enrichment of notifications. It’s intelligence, affected user information such as timeline, responses and host information allows you to confirm the incident.

CSaaS assessment and examination capacity navigates your organization through leading investigative strategy by supplying queries given various attack situations.

Once a notification has been received, TAP chooses and displays relevant queries. Thus providing a best practice guideline which leads your examination.

We search for suspicious cyber activity

If a hacker gets away undetected, there is no evidence of a breach and therefore no beginning of an examination. To find the undetectable one must must hunt for covert activity.

CSaaS ensures fast and swift exploration of data and threat analysis for billions of events so we can hunt for unseen evidence of compromise. Once located, nimble investigation tools help the practitioner go from one indicator to another, identify the attack storyline and carry out a response necessary to thwart the attack.

Cyber Security Solutions for SMBs and Enterprise Level companies.

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