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Office Protect: Security for M365 accounts

Detects unauthorized access to M365 accounts


Monitoring & Reporting Services for SMB's

1CS is an authorized reseller of Office Protect Security Solution

Stay safe in the cloud with extra protection for Microsoft 365 users. Office Protect can immediately inform you if:


There is a login from an unknown IP address or county


Cyber criminals remove user accounts


New user accounts are created without authorization


Email data is exported outside the company


Users share credentials or company data publicly


CEO or management identity fraud is detected


Unexpected adjustments are made to security settings

Know when your M365 accounts have been compromised, so that you can reduce the potential risk

Why do M365 user accounts need Office Protect?

Microsoft 365 is the most targeted cloud platform. Hackers attack while you are sleeping.  Small and medium size businsses are not exempt from the risks.


70% of online attacks target Microsoft Office


43% of online attacks are directed at SMBs

Office Protect is a comprehensive security system for M365 Environments


Secure Microsoft 365

  • We will instantly activate best practice security options
  • Configure security settings which are hard-to-reach
  • Microsoft 365 security management without effort on your part

Monitoring & alerts

  • We notify you of suspicious activity
  • Fast detection of vulnerabilities and IT security related issues
  • Set alerts to include both high and/or low level threats

Threat protection

  • Deploy two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Suspicious messages containing company name/location is highlighted
  • Safeguard from employee error or cyber attack

Thorough reporting

  • Easily navigate reports and admin platform
  • Automatic reporting provides alerts and other notification
  • Easily view data in pdf or csv formats

Office Protect is the pre-eminent security solution for SMBs utilizing Microsoft 365

24/7/365 security & monitoring for companies utilizing Microsoft 365 

Office Protect is a Microsoft 365 addon meant to elevate the cyber safety M365 users. It provides us or you with the ability to easily activate security options, monitoring and reporting, threat prevention and provides an additional layer of defense against online threats and unintentional breaches.

Office Protect reduces and detects the below listed vulnerabilities:


Account break-ins


Email compromise


Data exfiltration


Internal threats






Attacks from rogue nations

Protect your business from threats and know what’s happening in the workplace.

The cost of protecting your M365 accounts


*Must protect all users on your domain*

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