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Proofpoint Security Training: Cyber Awareness

delivering the right SMB tailored training to the right staff at the right time


Monitoring & Reporting Services for SMB's

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Online interactive whiteboard tutorials and Threatsim phishing stimulations teach your team to avoid security threats


Reduce the danger of phishing and other cyber attacks by changing users' behaviour


By as much as 90%, the frequency of successful phishing attacks and malware infections can be reduced


Using dynamic reporting, you can keep track of your progress and results


Provide continuous, multilingual training developed exclusively for SMBs


Threatsim Phishing Simulations prepare your team to avoid cyber threats

Using your end-users as a strong final line of protection to detect and defend against cyber attacks

Why focus on end-user training?


With over 90% of data related breaches involving users, having well-informed personnel is crucial to keeping your business safe

While technologies that detect and block harmful content are part of the answer, a thorough, targeted security awareness training program can help lower the likelihood of successful assaults such as phishing or business email intrusion.

Proofpoint Essentials Security Awareness is an IT security awareness program designed exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps employees improve their behaviour and minimise your organization’s risk.

Threatsim Phishing Simulations can help you protect your company.

ThreatSim® Phishing Simulations will help you learn how vulnerable your company is to phishing and spear-phishing assaults. You can assess team members based on a variety of danger kinds drawing hundreds of different phishing templates which are divided into 13 categories including:

• Malicious files
• Embedded URLs
• Personal data requests

Dynamic Threat Simulation phishing templates are drawn from Proofpoint threat intelligence; others are based on customer requests and seasonal themes. Users that are tricked into falling for a simulated attack are given practical “just-in-time” training. They learn about the exercise’s purpose, the dangers of real-world attacks, and how to avoid future traps.

You can also assist your most vulnerable team members by providing interactive online training to everyone who falls victim to a phishing scam.

Engaging and actionable training content for your team

In 35+ languages, Proofpoint’s ever-expanding and constantly updated material library includes interactive and game-based training modules.

The messaging throughout all of the content is consistent and practical, making it ideal for the worldwide. The curriculum covers a wide spectrum of security issues and is based on proven Learning Science Principles.

Proofpoint training courses are mobile-responsive and available on-demand, making it easy your users to access them from any connected device at any time, maximizing productivity and convenience.

These interactive courses are consistent with the US Section 508 standard and the WCAG 2.0 AA level, and each take a approximately 5 to 15 minutes to review and complete, minimising disruption to daily work routines.

Full Featured Reporting to Evaluate Individual and Team Results

The detailed and high-level visibility you need into your employees’ interactions with assessments, simulated assaults, and training assignments is provided via the platforms reporting functions. Within the current Proofpoint Essentials UI, you are provide with dynamic, easy-to-read reporting that provides more than just the final results so you can assess progress.

You can also download or export data to share business intelligence with other members of your team, do more in-depth analysis and compare metrics to other security occurrences.

The cost of preventing end-user targeted cyber attacks.


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