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1CS is an IT Service Provider located in Toronto and Barrie. We supply businesses with information technology products including laptop and desktop computers, computer accessories, hard drives, network equipment, cabling supplies, telecommunications equipment, software subscriptions, phone services, email services, website products and more.

Buy A Computer

We sell laptops, desktops and mobile computing devices including workstations and virtual machines.

Buy Telecom Equipment

We sell various telecom equipment such as handsets, headsets and systems hardware.

Buy a Server

We sell servers including physical servers, cloud servers, hosted servers and virtual servers.

Buy Backup Device

We sell backup system hardware, software including external hard drives and cloud storage.

Buy Network Hardware

We sell networking hardware and software including Netgate firewalls and Ubiquiti network equipment.

Buy IT Accessories

We sell computer related accessories like printers, scanners, keyboards, mouse, hard drives and cables.

Subscribe to Anti-Virus Software

We provide Bitdefender Anti-Virus Software for business-grade devices such as workstations and servers.

Subscribe to VoIP Services

We supply VoIP Phone Service. Move your phone system to the cloud and enjoy the benefits.

Subscribe to Advanced M365 Security

We connect Office Protect security monitoring system for Microsoft 365 user accounts.

Subscribe to Spam Filter Service

We distribute Proofpoint email protection plans, a robust spam filter which guards against attacks.

Subscribe to Password Manager

We supply Passportal and MyGlue password management accounts for secure storage and sharing.

Subscribe to Microsoft (Office) 365

We supply all available Office 365 productivity tool licences including both Business and Enterprise level subscriptions.

Subscribe to Premium Email

We resell paid email services which come with added features, syncing capability, calendars & are without ads.

Subscribe to Remote Monitoring

We monitor workstations and servers and provide proactive remote maintenance and management.

Security Awareness Training Course

We manage Proofpoint online cyber security training courses for SMBs and their employees.

Subscribe to EndPoint Detection & Response

We depoloy an EndPoint Detection & Response service that is more powerful than conventional anti-virus.

Subscribe to Google Workspace

We provide all available Google Workspace productivity tool licences for both Business and Enterprise level.

Subscribe to Remote Access

We can create a secure remote connection between 2 devices to assist with working from home.

Subscribe to Managed Backups

We backup data to the cloud from workstations and servers as well as Microsoft 365 and GSuite user accounts.

Subscribe to Business Conintuity Plan

We are authorized to activate business continuity solutions backed by datto which reduce recovery time.

Subscribe to Risk Intelligence

We assess workstations and servers for at risk data and provide a reports to assist with mitigating data risk.

Of course, 1CS can also install, configure, service and manage these products

Are you still searching for a reliable computer & IT Procurement Company?

If you are an SMB located in Toronto including Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough, or somewhere else in the GTA like Concord, Vaughan, Mississauga, Markham, Innisfil or Barrie and need advice on suitable IT products, you have come to the right place.

How do 1CS IT procurement services work?

Procurement is the act of obtaining something. When we talk about computer procurement we’re referring to the purchasing of computer equipment, accessories and related devices. Something we often carry out on behalf of our clients during the course of our IT services.

1CS is an IT Support Services Firm located in Toronto and Barrie. We also supply small and medium sized business with Information Technology products and equipment. Our IT Procurement Services can include guidance with respect to what technology is most suitable for you or your business. Or we are happy to simply place your order and ship you the goods. Of course, if you are purchasing software, we will send you a download link.


How is procurement important for business?

Buying computer equipment which suits a business is crucial. Issues can arise when computer equipment does not meet or exceeds the need of the user.

Making the decision to purchase new computer equipment for a business can be expensive and the installation takes time. Therefore, it is important to procure the right computer equipment the first time around, to reduce the amount of IT Service needed.

Why use 1CS procurement services?
  • Get advice on suitable computer equipment
  • Decrease compatibility issues between devices and programs
  • No wasted time placing lengthy phone orders or visiting a store
  • Buy right the first time without having to administrate a return
  • Delivery and installation of the equipment

Whether it is a personal purchase or for business purposes, you have finite resources. Therefore, it is important that the right decision is made. Even if the goods are returnable, a lot of energy can be spent on it including your time, restocking fees and installation/setup expenses which may have been incurred. Ask us about our IT Procurement Services and how we can navigate you through the world for Information technology purchasing.

1CS IT purchasing guidance

If you are not familiar some of the technical specifications which are associated with computing devices, it’s probably a good idea to seek out an IT Consultant.

There are many factors which can affect the utility and capacity of a computer or related equipment such as it’s:

  • processor
  • hard drive
  • RAM
  • operating system
  • video card
  • motherboard
  • power supply

These parts have specifications so that one can identify their features and quality. Someone who understands the specifications can make an informed decision as to what specifications would suit the user.

Helping SMBs purchase the right hardware and software is what we do!

1CS provides Computer Procurement services because purchasing the right computer equipment for your business provides long-term vlaue. 1CS is familiar with many products in the marketplace, some of which you might not know exist like ethernet power line adapters.

If your business plans to spend money on IT infrastructure, consider the benefit of IT procurement services. Contact 1CS by phone or email for more information on our computer procurement services or through our online contact form. Additionally, we offer computer deployment services to make your newly purchased equipment ready for use.


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