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IT Support Services Toronto

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Break/Fix IT Support Services, Toronto & GTA

1CS is an IT Support Service based in Toronto and Barrie, serving clients since 2013. 

General IT Support

We can troubleshoot and fix almost any IT related issue no matter what the problem is or how it was caused. 

Network Support Services

We sell ESET Anti-Virus Software Subscriptions for Individuals and Commercial grade malware protection.

Office 365 Support Services

Get Help with Microsoft O365 for home, business or enterprise use. We resell it, use it daily and know it well. 

Backup Support Services

We troubleshoot and repair backup systems including online, cloud and hosted backup systems. 

Cloud PBX Support Services

If you cloud phone services is not working right, we can take a look at it for you and attempt to resolve the issue.

Quickbooks Support Services

Is you multi-user access working intermittently? Let us reconfigure it for you so that it works better. 

Cabling Support Services

Help with connecting, running, dropping or patching Ethernet CAT5 or CAT6 cables. We can do it all. 

Technical Support

Assistance with anything Technical. Onsite & Remote technical services. 


Emergency IT Support

Need a fast response to a critical IT issue. 1CS can provide some of the quickest response times in the GTA & Barrie. 

Server Support Services

We sell networking hardware and software including Netgate appliances with pfSense firewall software. 

SharePoint Support Services

We can setup and troubleshoot your Microsoft SharePoint cloud account to get you up and running.

VoIP Support Services

We support VoIP Cloud PBX phone systems. If you are having an issues, give us try, we can assess and remedy the situation.

Software Support Services

We are familiar with many common and not so common types and brands of software. Let us fix it for you. 

Cloud Support Services

We have cloud architects on our team who can assess and resolve just about any cloud related requirement or issue.

Website Support Services

We support websites, domains and hosting including HTML, WordPress, Divi, E-Commerce and more. 

Desk Support

Desk support services. Someone at a desk waiting for you to contact them with a technical issue. 

Managed IT Support

Offering monthly plans and packages for both proactive and reactive support giving you peace of mind.

VM Virtualization

If you are using a Virtual Machine as a server, no problem, we can support your virtual or hosted environment. 

Hardware Support Services

Is your computer or other hardware not working right. Our team will investigate and resolve the problem.

Email Support Services

We support email issues and provide email solutions whether or not the email account was purchased form us. 

ACCPAC/Sage Support Services

Is your multi-user access not working well? Let us look at your setup and recommend some changes. 

Special Support Services

Get help with something uncommon or unconventional. We support proprietary software, intranets and systems. 

Support Specialist

Contact a Support Specialist. Someone who knows your make and how to resolve issues by phone.


Script & Programming Support

Support for custom scripts and programming. System infrastructure maintenance.

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What SMB’S Are Saying About 1CS

We had the opportunity to work with Blake and the 1CS team for three years. As a boutique, professional services mostly virtual firm, we came to the understanding that our technology partner would be key to our growth and specifically to the experience of our team. Blake and his team not only thoughtfully take care of the near term needs of our team members with varying degrees of technical interest or understanding, Blake also creates time for us to consider the kind of trends, tools and considerations we need to make. On a personal note, as Blake and I work together the most, I welcome any opportunity to continue the collaboration as he is more than a pleasure to partner with.

Albazini Van Wyk

Brand & Culture Lead, Nikoleta & Associates

FAST, Economical and long-lasting solutions!! THANK YOU!
Working with 1CS has bee the most amazing experience. Blake and his team are incredible and great people, full of knowledge and expert advice. Blake offered his honest opinion on how we should proceed with our computer repairs; giving us the most economical and long-lasting solutions!! He arrived on short notice, and fixed our server issues for our busy chiropractic clinic Super thankful for the fast an reliable service!
Dr. Sandy Bhasin

Powerflow Chiropractic

Blake and the team’s excellent attention to detail, always going the extra mile, and a proactive maintenance approach to serving our needs makes this the best IT support decision I have made in my professional career! Try them you won’t regret it.
Rowley Ramey

Managing Director, Seasons Centre for Grieving Children

Amazing service, always on time and they answer fast for any emergency!

Suzana Reis

Recruitment & Sales Advisor, OS4 Techno, Services TI Inc.

Blake and John were great. They were reliable, a pleasure to have in our office and genuinely helpful with ideas. There were able to install ethernet cabling where we needed it to go (server rack to desks and to meeting rooms) and ensure that our ethernet switches were working as needed. They went the extra mile checking connectivity under each and every of our desk and labelling the wiring accordingly. This is exactly what we had hoped for when we requested their services for our small business. I will be calling them again for any cabling, wiring or connectivity work. Thanks guys!
Sunit Mohindroo

Chief Product Officer, Watr Hub Inc.


IT Services vs IT Support

From our perspective as an IT Service Provider, these terms can have meanings which cross over each other at certain times. From our perspective, IT Services refer to things like installations, setups or configurations of information technology. Often providing something for the first time. Whereas, IT Support refers to tasks such as fixing, repairing, troubleshooting or maintaining information technology. Almost strictly referring to those situations where IT systems have already been setup and have malfunctioned in some way, after working correctly. Another way we look at the difference between services and support is that services are often planned and support is usually not. At the end of the day, our support services are exactly that, a particular IT service which we offer. IT Support is regularly of an urgent nature. 




Still Not Convinced That 1CS Is A Skilled Tech Company in Toronto?

Out of all of the IT companies in Toronto & Barrie, 1CS’s pricing is very competitive. If you have called around, you will likely find that information technology companies in Toronto charge well over $100 per hour for pay-as-you-go type services. We have managed to keep our fees low while maintaining high quality Technical Consultants. View our rates at the bottom of our IT Services page. Or click cyber security services for cyber security support. 

IT Solutions Toronto & GTA

Company Definitions

IT support companies are often referred to as computer support companies. The term IT usually denotes business it support services while the term computer often refers to residential or personal computer support services. Managed IT Support companies also cater to the business community but do it in a slightly different way than an it support services company, on an ongoing basis, usually via a monthly package. 1CS can offer all three types of services. 

IT Support Department

Our support desk team together with our onsite support team can replace or augment your existing IT department. Although likely for a lower cost. The beauty of our packages is that we can ramp up when you need us and ramp down when you need us less. We are in IT solutions company that gets to see a broad range of IT issues, as we are not restricted to seeing the issues of one organization. 


Other Support Services

In addition to the above support services, our technical consultants can provide hp networking support, hp server support, windows support, windows server support, cisco server support, azure support, Microsoft Team support, small business computer support, synergy solutions, Netgate and pfSense support services and Ubiquiti access point support services.

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IT Solutions

Let us be your Help Desk

We can setup shop at your office or virtually from ours


IT Support Done Right

First of all, a help desk is petty obvious, someone you contact to get IT Support with an IT issue. Secondly, a ticketing system is a web based program where you submit a request for support relating to an issue. Since many companies are small businesses, help desks are usually in the form of an email address where you submit a request. This option does not have as many benefits compared to employing a state-of-the-art ticketing system provided as part of an IT Services contract. In either circumstance, a help desk and ticketing system each create a cue required to prioritize requests.


Utilize a Ticketing System

If you would like to bring a professional IT support system to your business, 1CS would be pleased to assist. Contact 1CS for information on our ticketing system and our managed services. If you are looking for support on a one time basis, please check out our pc repair services for individuals or IT services for business. 




Value Proposition

The benefit of having everything in one place is the primary value proposition. From that stems many other benefits which are possible because of the all-in-one system. Other top benefits include the prioritization features, the ability to see and search previous communications relating to specific matters as well as the transparency of it all. It is a managed IT Service designed to support communications and activities.

As information technology moves forward, more organizations are employing a ticketing system to satisfy their IT Support needs. It is therefore the professional thing to do.


Why is a ticketing system better then email?

  • Everything is centralized in one place
  • Built in tracking and therefore reporting metrics
  • Helps prioritize workflow
  • Adds transparency
  • Fosters collaboration
  • Ensures continuity
  • Organization
  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Routing Options
  • Professionalism
  • Automated updates
  • See previous Communications

As you can see, there are many advantages to using a ticketing system compared to using an email service. At 1CS, we understand the importance of a professional ticketing system, from our own and our customer’s perspective. That is why we provide complimentary use of our ticketing system to our Business and Managed Service clients.



We Can Be Your Help Desk