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Managed Communications for SMBs

Provider of business communication tools for the modern world


Keeping your team connected!

Email Solutions

Electronic mail solutions designed for the workplace.  Choose from providers such as Microsoft, Google or Thexyz and let 1CS manage the rest.

VoIP Phone Service

Make calls over the internet instead of through a landline using a handset or mobile device. Benefit from a range of features. Managed by 1CS along the way.

Remote Access

Keep your workforce connected to their work computer when at home or on the road. Enjoy increased staff productivity and get support from 1CS if needed.

Password Sharing

Efficiently and securely share passwords and login credentials with colleagues using our encrypted password management platform.

Chat & Video

Equip your team with chat messaging, screen sharing and video conferencing tools  designed to promote business communications and collaboration.

Why use old technology when modern communications tools will help you succeed?

1CS Managed IT Solutions for business communications are designed with SMBs in mind. They provide enterprise-level capability for a low-fixed monthly cost. None of our solutions require an upfront capital investment, so 100% of the cost can be written off immediately. Each solution is updated over time by the provider so your staff are always using the latest version without having to upgrade.

We supply business communication tools for SMBs