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Bitdefender Anti-Malware: Protection for PC & Server

Defend against malware, worms, viruses & more.


Monitoring & Reporting Services for SMB's

1CS is an authorized reseller of N-able Bitdefender Managed Anti-Malware Solution

Bitdefender Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware will help protect your devices against the following cyber threats:








Data Loss


Phishing Attacks


Malware & Email Spam


Unpatched Devices

Malware infections are not fun and recovering from one is a waste of time and money since they are largely avoidable using Bitdefender Managed Anti-Virus from 1CS.

Why protect every device on your network?

These statistics demonstrate where we are in terms of cyber security vulnerabilities and exploits as approached the end of 2020.


69% of malware utilizes zero-day vulnerabilities tactics


At least one vulnerability exists in 76 percent of all computer programs


84% of businesses have high-risk vulnerabilities on their network

In business, every minute matters. Stop squandering valuable time and energy on anti-virus software selection, testing, planning, implementation and upgrading


Provides security, monitoring, and management services that are proactive and thorough


Facilitates complete protection of laptops that are not connected to your network


Automatic management to minimize costs and eliminate errors


Solution enables full endpoint security and includes more than simply anti-virus


Comprised of intrusion prevention, proactive detection and behavioral analysis


Ensures coverage and consistency by centralizing software deployment and updates

1CS’ Managed Anti-Malware solution delivers professional IT resources, domain expertise, centralized monitoring and management capabilities and a proactive strategy to protect your desktops and laptops against spam, virus and malware threats

About Bitdefender

Bitdefender’s machine learning algorithms, security tools and worldwide reach stop even the most sophisticated ransomware and detect zero-day threats in real time. It’s both an anti-virus and an anti-malware program, resulting in an in-depth cyber security suite with add-ons to boost its capabilities even further. Bitdefender is 1CS’s recommended solution for businesses trying to improve their cyber security because it detects more threats and has fewer false positives.

• Bitdefender is the most effective anti-virus and endpoint security solution in the world
• Perfect 6/6 Protection score in every AV-TEST trial since 2016
• Most #1s in AV-Comparatives testing
• Perfect scores against sophisticated attacks

500 million endpoints protected

In more than 150 countries, Bitdefender protects over half a billion systems. It’s the go-to front-line IT security solution provider, delivering more than 38% of the world’s security solutions. Bitdefender has an enormous number of sensors that constantly detect and fight against practically every cyber security threat across the globe, both known and and unknown, thanks to its extensive coverage.

Managed Anti-virus is A feature available within 1CS’s N-able RMM platform


Block both known and unknown malware

  • A comprehensive signature based threat detection system works to block all known threats.
  • Monitoring in real-time: Scans of your system on a regular basis help detect actions that are typically linked with malware attacks.
  • Heuristic checks discover unidentified infections in a sandbox environment, away from a company’s essential systems, to protect against previously unknown dangers.

Strong threat prevention while light on your system

  • Scan size reduction provides solution resources at high performance levels with little effect on your system.
  • Deep scans can be scheduled during off-hours to avoid disrupting personnel during critical work periods.
  • Scanning with more precision lessens the number of false positives.
  • Add-on module can make data on end user devices unreadable to unauthorized users.

Managed anti-virus system facilitates 1CS’s ability to stay in-front of both known and emerging malware techniques. 

The cost of protecting your devices


*Mananged BitDefender provided by way of an RMM subscription*

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