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End-User Security Solutions for SMBs

Protect your business from cyber attacks and other online threats


Monitoring & Reporting Services for SMB's

Simple but effective IT security tools every business should deploy:

Robust Spam Filter

Protect email accounts from cyber threats. Manage malicious email such as phishing or malware attacks.

Managed Anti-Virus

Business grade anti-virus and anti-malware software.  So that each of your devices has protection from online threats. 

Password Manager

Store and share login credentials securely. Reduce the chance that your  user names and passwords become compromised. 

Awareness Training

Security awareness training in the form of phishing simulations. Train your staff to avoid phishing attacks.

Vulnerability Scanning

Scan devices for potential weakness in security. Know where gaps in security exist so we can address them.

Office Protection

Advanced threat detection for Microsoft Office applications.  Improve security for your M365 users including their M365 data.

In our modern cyber threat landscape, the above security solutions are the minimum requirements to protect your small or medium sized business. Please also consider EDR

The above entry-level security tools should be used by every business with an IT infrastructure to ensure basic protection from online attacks. These tools should be in place prior to proceeding with more advanced security measures. In other words, before ensuring that intruders cannot enter through the back door, you should ensure they cannot enter through the front door.

Top security-related threats facing SMBs

Ransomeware Encryption

A form of malware which locks you out of your own data for the purpose of getting you to pay the ransome amount, usually in some form of crypto-currency, to have your data unlocked. 

Data Theft & Data Loss

Data theft or loss can occur when network administrators, employees and other authorized individuals literally remove your business data. Sometime removal is is on purpose and sometimes it is not.

Online Hacking Attempts

Hacking is an attempt to exploit a computer system or network. Essentially, it is the unauthorized access to or control of a computeror network for the hackers gain which usually results in your loss.

Phishing Attacks via Email

A phishing attack is when an online attacker sends you an email for a nafarious purpose. Often continaing malicous links or pretending to be a co-worker for the purpose of their benefit.

Corporate Espionage

Espionage not for the purpose of national security but for the purpose of learning your hard earned trade secrets and other industry specific information which is valuable to one of your competitors.

Ask us how to mitigate the above IT related risks

As your Managed IT Partner, we will store your IT related information in the same online vault where we store your passwords

Secure Documentation Manager

This is how we keep your information safe while accessible. An account within our Secure Docuemntation Manager is allocated to each of our clients who utilize 1CS Managed IT Solutions. The information can also be exported for your own use.

This is our standard for managing your senstive IT information.

Any good security strategy includes a full backup of all of your business data

Cloud Backups for Security

If your small or medium sized business suffers a ransomware attack, this puts you at risk of losing not only your valuable business data but also a significant sum of money to online criminals—without any assurance your M365 data will be restored. Microsoft recommends third-party backup as the only way to recover from data loss associated with ransomware encryption.

Many companies do not realize they are not backing up all of thier data

Looking for more than end-user security measures?

Advanced Security Measures for SMBs

Take your IT security measures and the protection of your data to the next level. It’s good to know where potential vulnerabilities in your network exist but by trying to exploit them we can find the best solution. 

Providing and managing end-user, infrastructure and advanced IT Security for SMB’s in southern Ontario.