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Proofpoint Spam Filter: Protection for Email Accounts

Defends against spam, phishing, malware & more.


Monitoring & Reporting Services for SMB's

1CS is an authorized reseller of Proofpoint Email Protection Solution

Stop email related threats from entering your inbox and infecting your network. Use safeguards like these:


Advanced spam filter (inbound/outbound)


Threat detection and zero hour filtering


Attachment and URL defence


Emergency inbox (30 days)


Data loss prevention (DLP)


Email encryption and archiving

With the ability to secure, monitor and control incoming and outgoing messages, Proofpoint makes it simple for SMBs to address cyber threats proactively

Why is electronic mail your biggest IT security risk?

Proofpoint email protection gives SMBs an additional line of defence against email related cyber threats.


60% of data related breaches occur using malware or phishing techniques


Malware is by far the most frequently used medium of attack, 96% of the time delivered through email


Comparing 2019 with 2018, a 120% uptick in the average # of businesses experiencing imposter email

Proofpoint spam filter and enhanced email protection is for SMBs who have:


Conventional email related concerns: bulk email, spam, phishing, imposter email, malware


Significant expenses incurred for continuously reviewing and addressing email security incidents


No other email related security tools outside of Microsoft 365 or Google Workplace


Commercial operations within sectors seeing higher-levels of fraud i.e. insurance, medical, financial


Requirements or regulatory restrictions for outgoing bulk email, privacy and identity protection i.e. GDPR


Experienced email service stoppage due to system downtime or delays because of decreased system latency

Protect your email accounts and stop wasting valuable time on email related issues which cause delays

Compare Proofpoint Spam Protection with other spam filters


– Only a few higher priced subscriptions help to prevent data leaks or  provide protection from imposter email.

– Only a few higher priced subscriptions provide continuity features and encrypted email options.

– Enhanced threat prevention is only offered in some higher priced plans or for an additional fee.

– Does not protect social media.


– Unquestionably fewer protections for email users.

– Does not provide continuity options such as email spooling, instantaneous relay or emergency mailbox.

– Doesn’t offer content-filtering; outgoing-filtering; zero hour threat filtering; imposter defence;  attachment and URL protection; protection for social media accounts: reporting.

– Additional cost to facilitate DLP (data loss prevention) and access encrypted outgoing email message options.


– No social media protection.

– Dedicated anti-virus platform subjects users to a greater risk.

– SMBs are required to make a 1 year commitment.

– Not economical for small businesses with minimum spend of $1,200 per annum.

– Mimecast protection for complex threats is based on a third-party
OEM platform. Mimecast is limited in it’s control of its product
roadmap or conforming itself to emerging threats.


– No social media defence strategy.

– Does not provide business continuity system.

– Lacking in R&D; does not provide regular updates.

– Weaker capacity for attachment defence.

Office Protect

– Meant to enhance security for M365 users.

– Makes it simple to configure M365 IT security settings.

– Alerts of suspicious account, login and privilege & activities.

– Vulnerability reports.

– Mitigates doubtful email activity.

With Proopoint spam filter and enhanced email protection, you can encrypt your outgoing messages.

Choose from 3 levels of email protection

*Must protect all users on your domain*

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