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These guys really know their stuff. We’ve had them help us twice and both times we’ve been very happy with the service. Highly recommend John and his team. A+

Beth Anderson

 Nigel did a good job and I will have him back to do more.

Bill Kemper

1ComputerServices Inc. is the go to company for all your technical needs. Blake and his team couldn’t be more helpful when it came to upgrading our practice with new computers that were compatible with our electronic medical software. In addition, he was able to offer “no cost” ideas that would improve the efficiency of the practice. I hope this review helps when it comes to selecting a IT specialist. I cannot stress enough how reliable and efficient the team at 1ComputerServices Inc. are. The process was seamless and they had no hidden fees. Thank You.

Nicholas Skouras

Skouras Eye & Cosmetic Centre

We had the opportunity to work with Blake and the 1CS team for three years. As a boutique, professional services mostly virtual firm, we came to the understanding that our technology partner would be key to our growth and specifically to the experience of our team. Blake and his team not only thoughtfully take care of the near term needs of our team members with varying degrees of technical interest or understanding, Blake also creates time for us to consider the kind of trends, tools and considerations we need to make. On a personal note, as Blake and I work together the most, I welcome any opportunity to continue the collaboration as he is more than a pleasure to partner with.

Albazini Van Wyk

Brand & Culture Lead, Nikoleta & Associates

I reached out to 1CS and had a technician call me back almost immediately. Chris walked me through the problem, set up a time that was convenient for me, and even brought the necessary parts with him on that first visit. The repair was quick and easy, and he even took the time to do some additional diagnostic work to make sure my system was running optimally.
Don McCreary

I had the most amazing service, from my first easy booking online to the professional service I received . The people were great to talk to, punctual and solved my problems first time around. I highly recommend 1Computer Services.

Sissy Federer

FAST, Economical and long-lasting solutions!! THANK YOU!
Working with 1CS has been the most amazing experience. Blake and his team are incredible and great people, full of knowledge and expert advice. Blake offered his honest opinion on how we should proceed with our computer repairs; giving us the most economical and long-lasting solutions!! He arrived on short notice, and fixed our server issues for our busy chiropractic clinic Super thankful for the fast an reliable service!
Sandy Bhasin

Powerflow Chiropractic

1CS performed a thorough assessment and repair of my computer. Their service was professional, reasonably-priced, and on time. I would highly recommend 1CS anyone requiring computer-related expertise.

Daniel Walter

This guy Blake is amazing! When I’m in need of computer equipment he takes care of it for me quickly and efficiently.
Stephanie Pukowsky

Whenever I have a computer problem I call 1CS because they solve the issue quickly and professionally. And when I need computer equipment I make the purchase through 1CS because it saves time. Thanks 1CS!

Paul Schick

Blake and the team’s excellent attention to detail, always going the extra mile, and a proactive maintenance approach to serving our needs makes this the best IT support decision I have made in my professional career! Try them you won’t regret it.
Rowley Ramey

Managing Director, Seasons Centre for Grieving Children

My old computer finally failed outright, and having no skills or knowledge to know better I went to the big box for a fix or replacement. Was advised that it was a write-off and nothing immediately recoverable of all my files and photos, but was offered another level to attempt it, at approximately $600, if no guarantee of success. I declined and bought a new machine. With little idea how to start out with the new computer I called Blake at 1ComputerServices just hoping for a little tutorial. He kindly sent Chris, who soon arrived and proceeded to make short work of loading up the software I needed and dumping so much of the useless stuff I would otherwise have had no idea about, very helpful. He also proposed, at the risk of a 20-something dollar cost for an item from another big-box store, he could at least attempt to extract my valued files from the old hard drive. I was happy to give it a try, and Chris set to work, and with complete success in no time, and I had all my old files transferred from the old computer to the new one. I would never have been the wiser without Blake and Chris to assist. Thank you both. I’ll know best to call you first next time, and can confidently recommend to all.

Phillip Thompson

1computer came to the rescue . Long weekend and the computer was not connecting to the printer. The team at 1computer arranged a prompt service call, found the root of the problem and resolved the issue quickly. They also offered good advice that would enhance the household network. We really appreciated their knowledge and nice service. Again homestars rating system seems to be very accurate.

Amazing service, always on time and they answer fast for any emergency!

Suzana Reis

Recruitment & Sales Advisor, OS4 Techno, Services TI Inc.

“Out of sheer desperation, and frustration I searched the internet to find help with my computer issues.  It was a stroke of luck that led me to 1CS! I have been a customer for 2 years, and have never looked back.  Everyone dealt  with was knowledgeable, efficient, helpful and above all willing to teach!  The greatest plus is that they come to my home! I don’t have to lug my computer anywhere. This company is totally awesome.”

Chris Garczarek

Had a very specific problem with a small part connecting my laptop’s glide pad to the M/B. The tech came over the same day I called, spent about 20 minutes looking at the issue, and was quite honest that he wasn’t sure whether just the clip needed to be replaced or the entire glide pad. He did however tell me he was going to reach out to his network to get answers. He did not charge me for the visit and he certainly did his homework, speaking with Lenovo and to his network of technicians, and then recommended I get in touch with a parts specialist who had more experience with the clip. The tech was honest, professional and diligent in trying to help me out. It’s appreciated. Top notch guy.
Allon Riczker

Local Guide

Hurray for Malcolm!  I would like to offer a review for Malcolm who has just solved all my problems in a short period of time.  As a confirmed technopeasant I am easily frustrated by IT issues.  First of all Malcolm came on time within an hour of my request for help.  This alone was very calming when I was trying to meet deadlines.  Even though I misled him in my misunderstanding of the problems, he patiently carried on and treated me with respect even though my questions must have seemed curious.  Thank you 1 Computer Services for making a bad day better!

Barbara Frances

The technician was focused on the task but kept us informed as he progressed. He had time to fix a couple other problems I had with with wifi linking the printer to the laptop and enabling me to print from my phone. His charges were than fair.

Darwyne Hourie

Previously I was using 1CS for computer repair and other support relating to my personal computer but more recently they built a website for the business I run, which I am really happy with. The website looks great, is secure and modern. It has given me a new way to generate business and made it easier for someone to request a home renovation quote from me. Not to mention it looks great on a mobile device which is not mobile friendly. Check out my website myrenovation.ca I give it high marks and would certainly recommend 1CS website design service to other small business in Toronto. Thanks 1CS.

Lawrence Brandridge

Malcolm was a delightful technician. He arrived on time and had adequate knowledge of addressing my concerns in a timely and professional manner. Extremely patient as well which is a nice asset in this day and age.

Jake Kamin

They were superb and professional and solved the problem quickly. Strongly recommend and would recommend or use them again!

Hertzel Gerstein

Jeff came within a couple hours of me making a call 1ComputerServices. He did what was requested of him, very quickly and since we pay for a minimum of one hour of his time, he stayed and cleaned up a couple of our computers, which was very helpful. Will definitely use this company again if we are in need again. Thank you for the great service!!

Jean Hyszka

As I issue a daily financial news letter, I am quite dependent upon my desk-top computer to assemble the info and send it out to my list of recipients.  As a result of a Microsoft automatic upgrade my computer became quite dysfunctional… not even able to send simple emails.   I reached out to ICS  Computer Services for advice and assistance.  The technician from ICS  was able to schedule, with me,  a time when one of their team would remotely log on  to my  HP Computer.

 Following the remote log-on to my desk top by ICS we were able upgrade and functionalize  the operating system. It had become quite a mess. The process took more than a couple hours to assess, modify and repair….but it was quite successful.   The operating system once more allows me to search for daily financial information, assemble it into the news letter and  get it our to my clients. The cost was quite reasonable .

William R. Nelson

Stuttgart Management

I did something stupid with a new computer tower, and this service fixed it without treating me like an idiot. Top shelf service. Will not speak down to you on the phone when they hear a woman’s voice, reasonable prices, quick response.

January Burbage

Excellent, responsive service. Blake and his team are a great fit for our growing business, all issues have been successfully resolved to date!

Natasha Karfell

Steep & Co

Chris from 1 Computer came over to my place on time and spent a little over an hour tuning up my computer. Apparently the antivirus program was corrupted so Chris uninstalled it and installed a newer version and did a few other things. He explained everything as he went along and I was very pleased with the service. I’ve had other people over from time to time and they charged a lot more. Will deal with them again for sure.

Julia Hattori

Excellent service! I would definitely recommend using their services.

Chantal Carey

Public Interest

Great customer care, technician went out of their way to ensure I received the best care and support.

Carlie Graham

Blake and John were great. They were reliable, a pleasure to have in our office and genuinely helpful with ideas. There were able to install ethernet cabling where we needed it to go (server rack to desks and to meeting rooms) and ensure that our ethernet switches were working as needed. They went the extra mile checking connectivity under each and every of our desk and labelling the wiring accordingly. This is exactly what we had hoped for when we requested their services for our small business. I will be calling them again for any cabling, wiring or connectivity work. Thanks guys!
Sunit Mohindroo

Chief Product Officer, Watr Hub Inc.

Excellent and professional servicing from Blake for our office technical issues involving internet and printer setup. We look forward to ongoing support from 1CS for all our business needs.

Natalie Wong

Office Manager, Mortgage Outlet

I work at a film and television production company that has substantial IT needs. We have used 1CS to meet those needs for a few years now, and they have provided us with excellent service and solutions.

Nicholas Federer

VP, Business Affairs, Henry Less Productions Inc.

Our computer wasn’t working and Blake from 1 Computer Services sent Chris to our house. He not only fixed our computer, but upgraded some of our programs to make them work better. Chris arrived when he said he would and followed up afterwards. Couldn’t ask for better service. Thanks, guys!


I found 1ComputerServices through a random search on google, as my computer of 8 years had stopped working and I wanted to find someone knowledgeable in my area who could diagnose the problem and (hopefully) get it fixed at a reasonable price. Blake was very helpful from our first point of contact, and wasted no time in pointing me in the right direction to getting this resolved. One of his technicians came to my place to first test my system to determine if it was the power supply that had failed (which would make it easily fixed), or if it was the motherboard that had died. It was the motherboard, unfortunately, and Blake was very upfront in explaining it would be a poor investment to replace the motherboard on the same system as it would end up being not much cheaper than just buying a brand new machine. This made sense and I told him I would indeed just be buying a new computer. Being that this happened 2 weeks after Christmas, this had not come at the best of times, as I had already spent a lot over the holidays. But Blake then offered to send me some recommendations for new systems that were also available for a decent price, and I ended up getting one of the laptops he showed me (and love it so far!). On top of that, Blake and his technician were also able to save my data from my old hard drive and returned it to me on a USB that was easily transfered to my new laptop. His rates for service and labour were extremely fair, and after all was said and done, I ended up paying about half the price for everything (new laptop included)  than what I had paid for my original system I got back in 2008. I would definitely recommend his services for anyone dealing with any similar computer related issues. Was very happy with how everything turned out.

Julia A

My old home computer wouldn’t boot up. Called up 1 Computer Services as their address was in the neighbourhood. They sent over a technician (Nigel) that day. Nigel was both friendly and competent. He did some stuff and then left his drive running to reload Windows. Came back a couple of days later to make sure everything was OK. Based on this one experience would absolutely recommend and fees were very reasonable.
Michael Freel

Service was quick and Nigel great!

Louise Jennings

Great service!! Fast and efficient!! Found ourselves at a stand still because of our network glitching and 1CS fixed everything ! Thank you 🙂

Green Star Auto Collision Inc.

1 Computer Services provides excellent service, with a quick, friendly, unthreatening and simplified manner, for reasonable costs. We remain very pleased to know of 1CS for our computer issues.

Diane Inouye

“I’ve had problems for some time with my laptop. I gave up on Rogers despite the fact that I am paying them to provide support . And I turned to a private supplier that turned out to be your company and Nigel specifically. I found him to be very professional and supportive to me. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends because of Nigel – because the guy in the field IS your company. And he is an excellent representative.”

Janet Turnball

1CS was great and Nigel answered all my questions.

Fred Gaby

Whenever I have a computer problem I call 1CS because I don’t have to drop the computer off to them. They send someone to my home to fix my computer on the spot so I don’t have to go without my computer for any number of days. Works for me.

Max Horner

Realtor, Sutton Group Associates Realty

Don’t let the location on google maps fool you! These guys travel to your home or business. Great customer service! Technician came to my house (Nigel) and was patient, professional, and friendly. Problem couldn’t be fixed at home so he grabbed my Mac and PC fixed my issue and dropped off the next day. Price was VERY FAIR for service.

Justin Ross

Yesterday I was out of sorts as my laptop and FB page were not operational (viruses spam etc.) I called 1Computerservices inc. and within an hour there was an IT guy at my door Nigel. He was a Wizard and got me back on track in under an hr. He was also highly intelligent well spoken and well mannered. He had three jobs and is also a personal trainer. We talked about many subjects and I felt at ease with him. I highly recommend using this service for any of your computer woes. Oh and John the owner was swell too!

Anthony Corindia

When I have problems with my windows based computer, I call 1CS because they send someone to me rather than having to drop my computer off to their location. When I need quick assistance, they remote into my computer from their office and fix the issue or walk me through something without having to be there in person, which I really like. Anyone who needs computer services should contact 1CS!

Jeffrey Han

I really recommend 1CS, they responded promptly to my needs and also gave me all the information on the solutions to my problems. Thank you very much

Priscila Crivellaro

I’ve had 1CS come to my office twice to help with computer problems and both times I’ve been pleased with the service. Communication was good, the technician was helpful and pleasant, arrived when he said he would, had experience with the problems I was having and the rates were reasonable. They’re my go-to company for computer repair.

Renovations Ruth

I cant recommend 1CS enough, highly professional team that solved actually solve the issue instead of just applying quick fixes. Will use again.

Peter Ibrahim

Was very willing to help and resolve our tech issues. A positive experience.

Jill Krasnicki

From the very first interaction on the phone, I was impressed and grateful for the patience and understanding demonstrated by the staff. I am not adept with technological issues. Malcolm was professional, very skilled, kind and explained things carefully. I will definitely call them back should any other issues arise.

Maria V

Computer Service and Support