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Managed IT Services & Solutions designed for SMBs

It’s like having your own IT department for a fraction of the price


Outsource the Management of your IT operations to 1CS

With an array of technology experts, 1CS Managed IT Services goes beyond the traditional break-fix model. Our team provides technology solutions and the ongoing support you need from a single source to reduce your overhead, protect your systems, and keep your business running smooth.

Remote Monitoring & Management

The foundation of our IT Management. Keeps us informed and facilitates our ability to proactively resolve issues before they  become failures, without being in your office.

Cloud Backup Manager

Data protection management for desktops, laptops, servers, Nas devices, Sharepoint, Microsoft 365 and GSuite users. We ensure your data is protected and easily recoverable.

Managed Anti-Virus & Security

Managed security related services which protect your devices and SaaS applications from online threats such as ransomware, virus, malware, phishing, spoofing and spam.

Managed IT Support Desk

Get support from our help desk staff who are familiar with your business, not a call-centre. We will get to know your software, record important info and use a ticket system.

M365 and GSuite Management

Administration of M365 or GSuite users and admin portal. Management of requests to add or remove accounts and subscriptions, creating mail groups and other functions.

VoIP Phone Services

Supplying, implementing and supporting Cloud PBX and Microsoft Voice phone service with IVR and auto-attendant. Managed VoIP commnications including voice talent.

Remote Access Solutions

Management of our remote access solution for your employees ensuring they can work from anywhere with internet. Overseeing user access from management portal.

Business Continuity Plan

Ensure that business does not come to a halt in the event of a disaster. Use our business continuity plan to improve on recovery time by facilitating the use of a virtual server.

Password Management

A secure password manager for your team to store and share passwords. Data encrypted while in transit and at rest. Deployed from our management platform.

Network as a Service

A managed service which provides the result of a network without purchasing one. We include the equipment, installation, setup, maintenance and support.

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Don’t just get a provider, get an IT Partner

Our Technology Solution Partners

Ways in which we can provide Managed IT Services to you:

Individual Subscriptions

Individual Managed IT Solutions in the form of monthly subscriptions for SMBs who prefer going a la carte.



Managed IT Plans

Packaged Managed IT Services based on an annual comittment for SMBs who want to get extras and save money.

basic | standard | premium


Custom IT Plan

Customized Managed IT arrangement. Proposed by you based on your needs and tailiored to work within 1CS systems.



Providing flexibility in how your business chooses to use our services.

Does your business suffer from any of these issues?

Poor Security

Thought about enhancing your company’s cyber security measures but still waiting for the right partner to guide you through the options? Our Managed Security tools will increase security and protect your business.

Same Problems Repeat

Do the same issues pop up over and over again. Are there recurring issues which you believe have been addressed but continue coming back? Remote monitoring and management will help determine the root cause.

Lost Productivity

Are IT related failures taking your team away from their important work, or reducing their overall productivity and capacity to meet dealines? 1CS’s Managed IT Services will increase productivity.

No Technology Strategy

Is your business in need of a strategy for how it will leverage technology to it’s advantage instead of viewing technology as a necessary evil? A Managed IT Plan will help your business utilize the right technology.

Weak Backup Plan

Is your company backing up all data including email? Do you have no backup, one local backup of your sever or a backup which takes more than a day to restore? Managed cloud backups will keep data protected. 

Distracted Staff

Are some employees providing IT support to other team members taking them away from their primary function? This causes a drain on employee productivity. Free them with a Managed Support plan. 

If so, your business will benefit from our Managed IT Services