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Managed IT Services Toronto

Get your operations managed by an experienced team providing proactive IT services


Our Managed IT Services


List of Managed IT Services
  • Technology Strategy Planning
  • Solution Design
  • Procurement Management
  • Unit Evaluation & Testing
  • Implementation Planning & Guidance
  • Image Development & Management Services
  • Image Loading
  • Configuration
  • PC Deployment
  • On-site Implementation of Business Applications
  • Asset Inventory Management
  • Life cycle Management of Hardware Units
  • Move, Add, Change (MAC)
  • Warranty, Break Fixes and Installation
  • Software Licensing Control
  • Technical Support
  • Reporting & Communication
  • Warehousing
  • Proactive Services
  • IT Strategy
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Security as a Service
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Services
What are Managed Services?

Are provided during the course of ongoing management. It is not necessarily the task itself which determines if a particular service is “managed” not, but rather the way in which the service is provided. IT issues may be addressed on a “you break we fix” basis, however, those issues may also be resolved through “ongoing management” in the form of a package or SLA.

How Managed Services work?

Outsource the management of your information technology to a Managed Service Provider who can make your organization a priority. With a monthly contract, your organization can be confident that those maintaining your IT infrastructure are not looking for a quick fix but instead a long term solution.

Why hire an MSP?
  • Cost. Have you recently considered hiring more staff or spending money on other resources to bridge the gap? If so, consider hiring 1CS. Our package is low risk/low cost way to manage your IT needs or supplement your existing IT capabilities.
  • Demand. Meet changing demand. When your need ramps up, so can 1CS, and when your need lessens, so too can 1CS. This in and of itself is enough to justify the use of services, however, the benefits are far more reaching.
  • Administration. Aside from a reduction in hiring and training costs, our service requires less administration with regard to payroll and employment regulations. It lets your organization focus on what it does best rather than spending resources on perpetual interviews and down-sizings.
  • Technology. For an MSP on cutting edge of technology, rarely is there an issue we are not familiar with. At 1CS, we see, treat and manage a broad range of issues on a weekly basis. Whereas a full-time IT employee position can lead to isolation within the issues of the organization which she or he belongs.
  • Down-time. With a service package, you will have less down time. Reduced down-time usually occurs when an organization has a relationship with a managed consultancy company. When your IT Consultant has knowledge of your business and systems, troubleshooting will be more efficient. If troubleshooting is more efficient, your issues get solved in less time and you save money. 
  • Monitoring. No offering would be complete without a monitoring and reporting package. We suggest a remote monitoring & management package which suits your organizations needs based on its size and technology. Monitoring is carried out remotely and ensure we reviews your system status’s on a regular basis. The reporting features ensure that we notify you of impending system failures.
  • Priority. Monthly packages provide the client with priority over others. This gives peace of mind to business owners knowing that someone will be available.  Our monthly support package ensures you will have comprehensive IT Services delivered when you need them.
  • Relationship. When your organization has a relationship with 1CS, you have so much more than a contractor. You have someone who knows your company, knows your devices, network, system, employees, issues, history, plans and strategy. This knowledge allows your provider to know enough to manage your IT issues with your organization mind. This relationship is the difference between calling an IT guy when things go a rye or having your IT “supervised”. If your IT consultant is consistently someone new, it will be difficult to get comprehensive IT services and strategy.
Managed Services vs IT Services

If an organization faces consequences for “down time” then it would likely benefit from contracting with a Managed Service Provider (“MSP”). An MSP can monitor IT systems to detect errors before they become system wide failures whereas an IT Service Provider simply reacts to system failures. Of course, an MSP may also provide ongoing support, utilizing a ticketing system to organize and prioritize an organization’s requests. Whereas a service provider may address issues without the efficiency of a professional system. An MSP takes proactive steps to ensure the continuity of an organization’s information technology systems whereas a non-managed provider does what it can to ensure continuity of information technology systems but can only do so much without providing ongoing management.

Managed IT Services by 1CS, Toronto

Manager of IT Systems

We setup up, manage and support IT infrastructure


What is Systems Management?


Systems Management refers to enterprise-wide administration of systems including computer systems. Network management initiatives in telecommunications strongly influence system management. Much of this managed service is carried out through system management software tools and as a result operated by an MSP like 1CS. Furthermore, the system management software tools manage the performance of various system applications. The various below system applications are subsets of systems management.

The term Systems Management encompasses many of the functions we carry out as a Manage Service Provider. If you have read through our website, you have likely seen many of the above listed managed functions. Like any managed service, the term systems management implies an ongoing task. If the tasks is only being carried out once, that is referred to as a setup, repair or break-fix.


What do System Managers manage? (subsets) :


  • Management and monitoring of devices, servers, networks and storage
  • Application management and usage monitoring & reporting
  • Managed backup and restore, to backup up systems data to cloud storage
  • They notify organizations of capacity issues, imminent or actual failures or other system indicators and events
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, the planning processes so you can prepare for disruptive events 
  • Hardware and software inventory and therefore the managing of licenses
  • Software inventory and therefore the managing licenses, patching and versioning
  • Maintaining configuration settings, including  management of operating systems and firmware
  • Computer Security Management including malware and anti-virus  software, including virus definition updates
  • Email Management, the organization and storage of high volumes of inbound/outbound electronic mail
  • Help desk via ticketing system and the maintenance of it
  • And More!

IT Management Tools


1CS licences management software for the various system subsets. It allows us to manage your systems from one central location using connected interfaces. Despite the fact that systems management implies all of your systems, specific subsets may be selected or bundled with others for a customized management solution. Some of our licensed products include a Server & Application Monitor, Virtualization Manager, Storage Resource Monitor, and furthermore we offer a Backup Monitor and a Web Performance Monitor.


1CS Performs Systems Management


Even if you only have one server or a few computers, systems management can prove to be very helpful. Contact 1CS by phone or email for more information on our managed services or to book an appointment. Systems management refers to any IT system suitable to a small or medium sized business including monitoring and reporting of servers and other end-points, network monitoring, IT Support services and other managed services. 

Systems Administrator

Computer Security Solutions

Protect your office including computers, network and systems


Computer Security Management


Computer security management is also known as IT security. As a computer security specialist, we analyze, maintain and protect computers and network systems to preserve important data and information from viruses and hacking.


Computer Security Services


Now more than ever, computer security management is crucial for business. There are many forms of Computer Security such as general security, network security, cyber security, software security and cloud security services. General security refers to setting up passwords and implements basic security measures common to most computers. Network security has to do with internal or external threats while cyber security is concerned with threats from outside of the organization. In contrast, Software and Cloud security focuses on security measures within the programs you use. These services can be part of an IT services package. 

Computer Security Management is a vast area of knowledge within Information Technology and 1CS can assist you with any kind of managed security your organization requires. There are general security measures we can put in place very quickly so you have some minimum protections. We can also provide you with a higher level of security to protect against external threats which will take longer to implement.


Our Security Software Tool


1CS offers security monitoring through a security software tool. This software tool employs a log and event manager therefore making it easy for you or 1CS to log security, troubleshooting an compliance issues. Some of the benefits include:

  • Threat intelligence
  • Real-time event correlation
  • Active response
  • Monitoring of USB devices
  • Advanced search and forensic analysis
  • IT compliance

When it comes to Computer Security Management, this is just the beginning. Please visit the section of our website which goes into more detail about the various managed security services we offer such as penetration testing, where we, with your authorization, attempt to gain access to your network and devices.


What you need to know about Computer Security


That your information is safe, secure and managed through a state-of-the-art security software tool.

Contact 1CS to request computer security services or to book a consultation. We can also assist you with a network firewall installation or cyber security services. As an IT Service Provider, 1CS offers a selection of IT Support Services.

IT Security Service

Strategize Your IT For The Future 

Let’s plan-out your growing information technology requirements


Proactive IT Services and Strategy


Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management functions and responsibilities. It implies a strategic method with a desired intent to improve business. It’s used alternatively to the you break, we fix model where the IT Service Provider performs on-demand services and invoices the customer for only that work. Proactive Services and IT Strategy is therefore the basis of Managed Services. The term Managed Services implies a proactive strategy. It is an all encompassing term which describes many of the IT Support Services we provide under one umbrella.


The “How” of a Proactive IT Strategy


One can have a proactive system through the integration of monitoring software. It is a strategy IT Consultants use to troubleshoot device and network errors. Using a proactive approach may allow a business owner to maintain equipment, systems and networks at an optimal performance level and reduced drag on operations when errors occur.


Benefits of a Proactive IT Strategy


1.  Early Detection of Errors

An MSP like 1CS can monitor your systems and detect errors before they become system wide failures. 1CS can easily find and isolate the equipment or programs causing the errors. So that we can repair the errors quickly, before spreading to other areas of your system.  System restoration is possible once the problem is known and located. Until then you are trying to figure out what and where the problem is.

2.  System updates

As an MSP with state-of-the-art monitoring software tools, we receive notifications which tell us the system update that is needed. An MSP does not wait for problems to occur. Instead an MSP proactively updates your systems so that problem do not occur in the first place. Constant updating of programs and applications allows rapid system and network response times and therefore keeps your devices and system up and running.

3.  Automated Solutions

Monitoring software takes immediate action upon receiving an error notification. Monitoring software tools repair the errors prior to system failures. These managed services allow your MSP to focus on other things like system maintenance instead of constantly trying to find what the problem is and where it is located.

4.  Knowledge of Systems

A proactive approach to Managing IT Systems is possible when your IT Staff or MSP have knowledge of your entire information technology systems. Managed Services fosters a greater understanding of your IT systems by discovering how each endpoint on your network operates within it. This knowledge influences the IT strategy and the task which is ultimately carried out to ensure as little downtime as possible.


Strategize Your IT Operations


You want to know that professionals are monitoring your systems. And that they are instituting a technology plan which scales with growth and evolves with technological advances. That your systems are safe, secure and managed through state-of-the-art monitoring intelligence. If your organization needs a proactive approach to it’s IT Strategy, 1CS would be pleased to assist you.

Proactive IT services are often part of a Managed IT Services package. Managed IT Support Services are usually for business purposes. If you just need a device or network problem resolved, check out our in home computer repair services if you are an individual looking for support. In any event, 1CS would be pleased to assist you. Contact us by phone or email or use our online contact form to request a call back. 

Strategize Your IT