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Managed IT Services

Managed Services are IT Services provided during the course of ongoing management. It is not necessarily the task itself which determines if a particular IT Service is a Managed IT Service or not, but rather the way in which the IT Service is provided. IT issues may be addressed on a “you break we fix” basis, however, those issues may also be resolved through “ongoing management” in the form of a package or SLA.

Managed Services Outsourced

Outsource your IT to a Managed Service Provider who can make your organization a priority. With a managed services contract, your organization can be confident that those maintaining your IT infrastructure are not looking for a quick fix but instead a long term solution.

Managed Service Provider vs IT Service Provider

If an organization faces consequences for “down time” then it would likely benefit from contracting with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). A Managed Service Provider can monitor IT systems to detect errors before they become system wide failures. Only once the problem is reported does an IT Service Provider address IT issues . A Managed Service Provider will utilize a ticketing system to organize and prioritize an organization’s requests for support. Whereas an IT Service Provider may address IT issues without the efficiency of a professional system. A Managed Service Provider takes proactive steps to ensure the continuity of an organization’s information technology systems. An IT Service Provider does what it can to ensure continuity of IT systems but can only do so much without providing ongoing management.

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Proactive IT Services

1CS is a knowledgeable and experienced MSP.

Monitoring & Reporting

1CS can monitor your IT infrastructure, including network monitoring and report the issues.

Automatic Responses

1CS can monitor your IT infrastructure and program responses take effect automatically.

Managed Service Packages

Purchase Managed Services by monthly subscription.

Ubiquiti & Netgate Products

1CS loves Ubiquiti & Netgate Products. 1CS is a distributor of Netgate Products.

Managed Service Provider

Get managed IT services for your business instead of hiring staff.

List of Managed Services
  • Technology Strategy Planning
  • Solution Design
  • Procurement Management
  • Unit Evaluation & Testing
  • Implementation Planning & Guidance
  • Image Development & Management Services
  • Image Loading
  • Configuration
  • PC Deployment
  • On-site Implementation of Business Applications
  • Asset Inventory Management
  • Life cycle Management of Hardware Units
  • Move, Add, Change (MAC)
  • Warranty, Break Fixes and Installation
  • Software Licensing Control
  • Technical Support
  • Reporting & Communication
  • Warehousing
  • Proactive Services
  • IT Strategy
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Security as a Service
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Services
Benefits of Managed Services
  • SMB Managed Services are comprehensive        Your Local SMB Managed Service Provider renders IT Services in a comprehensive fashion. This is due to knowledge, knowledge of past and present issues, knowledge of the computer systems and knowledge of the business. This knowledge allows your local SMB Managed Service Provider to expedite the troubleshooting of computer problems. Not only are issues, on average, solved in less time than compared to non-Managed Services, but they are, on average, solved at a lower cost than those who would have to first understand and familiarize themselves with the IT issues. If your IT Consultant is consistently someone new, it will be difficult to get comprehensive IT Services.
  • SMB Managed Services are a relationship        When you have a Managed Services Provider, you have so much more than a contractor. You have someone who knows your company, knows your computer, devices, network, system, employees, issues, history and plans. We are not saying an MSP in an employee but someone you have a relationship with. The relationship allows your Managed Service Provider to know enough about what is going on to resolve your IT issues with the above information in mind. This relationship is the difference between calling an IT guy when things go a rye or having your IT “supervised”.
  • SMB Managed Services include monitoring and reporting What Managed Service offering would be complete without a monitoring and reporting package? Not ours, we suggest a remote monitoring & management package which suits your business needs based on size and technology. Monitoring and reporting by 1CS is often carried out remotely but can be provided on-site. Monitoring makes sure that 1CS reviews your system status’s and reporting ensures that 1CS reports the issue to you and offers to fix it.
  • SMB Support Contracts give you priority         MSP’s often provide Managed Services via a monthly support contract. Usually the support contract provides the client with priority over others. This gives peace of mind to business owners. 1CS offers such IT services through a monthly support contract which includes priority service. Our monthly support package ensures you will have comprehensive IT Services delivered when you need them.
Why hire an MSP?

Why Hire your Local SMB Managed Service Provider? When your IT Consultant arrives or provides remote support, you will have less down time. Less down time means you have a relationship with your IT Consultant. When you have a relationship with your IT Consultant, your IT Consultant will have knowledge of your business. Knowledge of your business means troubleshooting will be more efficient. If troubleshooting is more efficient, your computer issues get solved in less time. When your computer problems get solved in less time, you will be saving money. If you are saving money that means you are making more money.

Outsource IT Department
  • Managed Services – Have you recently considered hiring more staff or spending money on other resources to bridge the gap? If so, consider Managed IT Services. Managed IT Services is a low risk/low cost way to manage your IT needs or supplement your existing IT capabilities.
  • Managed Services are Efficient – Managed IT Services is an efficient way to meet changing demand. When your need ramps up, so can 1CS, and when your need lessens, so too can 1CS. This in and of itself is enough to justify the use of Managed IT Services, however, the benefits are far more reaching.
  • Lower Cost of Managed Services – Aside from a reduction in hiring and training costs, Managed IT Services requires less administration with regard to payroll and employment regulations. It lets you focus on what you do best rather than spending your time in perpetual interviews and downsizings.
  • Managed Services & Technology – For a Managed Services Provider on the cutting edge of technology, rarely is there an issue we are not familiar with. At 1CS, we see, treat and manage a broad range of issues on a weekly basis. Whereas a full-time IT employee position can lead to isolation within the issues of the organization which she or he belongs.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting 1CS offers monitoring and reporting of a computer or server for a low fixed monthly cost. We can install an agent when we access your computer or server. The agent communicates status information back to 1CS in real-time by notification. This...

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Managed Backup

Managed Backups A Managed backup is an important tool for business. Your business information is automatically backed up at predetermined times. So that you and your employees don't have to remember to do it.  Your data would be backed up to a server or a cloud based...

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Office 365 Integration

What is Office 365? Office 365 is a subscription plan which permits access to Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel including other productivity services enabled over the Internet (Saas). It features subscriptions for use at your home...

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