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MyGlue: Password Management Platform for SMBs

Prevents unauthorized access by promoting good password hygiene


Monitoring & Reporting Services for SMB's

1CS is an authorized reseller of N-able Passportal Password Management Solution

Help keep your business safe using our comprehensive password management platform


Store & share passwords securely


Use passwords with ease using one-click login


Auto-generate strong and unique passwords


Control employee access to passwords


Set password requirements & policy


Implement two-factor authentication (2FA)

These features facilitate good password hygiene, which is critical to stopping unauthorized access


For a lot of companies, the truth is that it is  “Not so good”. The thing is that poor password management can significantly undercut other IT security measures you have in place. Imagine installing the most secure lock on the front door of your home—but leaving the windows open.

Yes, 1CS can take care of many IT security related functions but we are not able to do it all by ourself. There are some subsections of IT security such as password management, where the capacity to protect is in your hands.

If you make us a partner in the IT security of your business, you can help us protect your business by:

• Using strong, unique passwords
• Changing your passwords often
• Storing and sharing passwords securely

These measures constitute good password hygiene.

If these measures seem like a lot of work, don’t worry! MyGlue password management platform makes it easy to implement good password hygiene without a lot of effort.

Learn more about password security by reading our password security ebook.

Think your business won’t suffer a cyber attack?

If your business uses a computing device and connects to the world-wide-web, your business is susceptible to cyber attacks, irrespective of your business being small, medium or large.

If we are selected to be your managed IT partner, we will be driven to do everything we can to keep cybercriminals at bay: we monitor devices and SaaS accounts, detect and block malware, set-up firewalls, backup critical data, patch servers and more. But even the best defense can be thwarted if an online attacker gets ahold of or is able to figure out passwords which give them access to some or all of your data and systems—and for Canadian-based SMBs, the financial liability of a data breach can be significant.


1/4 of CDN companies experienced a breach of customer and/or employee data last year


of hacking-related data breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords

Use MyGlue to manage your passwords and defend your business from online threats


Military-grade encryption and credential handling


Auto-login, auto-fill, and auto-capture for password saving


Mobile device capability with auto-fill to log into website or apps


Browser extension for FireFox®, Chrome®, Edge and Chromium based browsers


Auto-expire passwords and generate new "strong" passwords efficiently


Granularly grant employee access to systems and accounts or create groups


Adhere to compliance requirements with comprehensive auditing and reporting

MyGlue password manager is the latest technology in password management for SMBs

The cost of protecting your passwords is a small price to pay


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