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Laptop & Desktop Support for SMBs

Troubleshooting and resolving issues related to a computer

Solutions to workstation related issues provided by our technicians

Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation

Windows & Application issues


Printing and scanning issues


Network connection issues


Cyber security issues


Performance issues


Hardware related issues


and much more........

Still running Windows 7?

Starting January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows 7 on laptops, desktops and other devices



Although you can continue to use Windows 7, this operating system is more vulnerable to attack. Since it is no longer supported, the software will no longer receive updates and security patching , leaving it susceptible to attack.

To avoid this risk, consider upgrading to Windows 10. We can assist with the upgrade.

Our upgrade services include:

  • Performing a Windows 10 device and software compatibility scan
  • Reviewing any compatibility conflicts

Not sure what operating system you are running or what version of Windows you have? Our help desk will show you where can find that information.

Modes of Service

Remote Control

We can assist with your computer related issues from our head office using a remote control control application which allows us to see your screen, control your mouse and make changes to resolve your issue.


When we are not able to resolve an issue via remote control or prefer not to address an issue via remote control, we dispatch an onsite technician. Our onsite technician will carry out the work in front of you.

Over the Phone

Walking customers through technical solutions over the phone and/or with the assistance of email, when practical or necessary. For customer using Microsoft Teams, we can offer chat.


Setting up an application whereby a computers operating system and certain critical applications are automatically updated and/or patches applied to ensure maximum functionality and security.

1CS has been providing IT support services which resolve technical issues relating to laptop and desktop computers since 2013. Each of our technicians are well versed in the way of the personal computer. Our team has pretty much seen it all. If your business is having trouble with a computer, We are confident that our technicians will be able to resolve it.

We can address almost any software or hardware related issue. For hardware related issues, we commonly replace components such as a fan, hard drive (HDD), solid state drive (SSD) and motherboard. We do not replace keys on a keyboard or cracked screens.