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N-able Risk Intelligence: Data Risk Assessment

Managed risk made affordable for SMBs


Monitoring & Reporting Services for SMB's

1CS is an authorized reseller of N-able Risk Intelligence Solution

Managed Vulnerability Scanning. Understand at-risk data so it can be secured.


Deep Vulnerabilty Scanning


Report breaking-down the potenital liability of a data breach


Identify users who should not have access


DSS, PAN, PII & PCI compliance scanning


Risk trending reports to demonstrate progress


We deploy and manage the solution, providing you with the findings

N-able risk intelligence will help your business secure sensitive client data and be ready for an audit

Why it is important to identify at-risk data

Reduce your risk so that if a data breach occurs, the harm and potential liabilty caused is kept to a minimum


25% of businesses had a data breach involving customer and/or employee information.


During the pandemic, the number of attacks increased in about three out of ten businesses.

Risk is nothing more than a possibility until it becomes real. N-able Risk Intelligence identifies hyper-sensitive and at-risk data across your network, showing you the potential liability associated to it. 1CS can assist with remediation.

What does data-risk reporting really do for your small or medium sized business?


Locate and report on credit card and other payment account information (PAN)


Locate and report on personal or personally identifiable information (PII)


Identify and report on user permissions and other access related information


Locate and report on gaps in security such as open ports and other points of entry


View detailed vulnerability reports including estimate of potential liability

Understand what data is at-risk and where it is located, so that you can protect it.

N-able’s Risk Management Tool prepares your SMB for a regulatory audit

Do you work in a field where regulatory compliance is required? Is there ever the possibility of an audit?

It will cost your company thousands of dollars to get audited. But what if the reports were already prepared for the auditor? Consider the money you’ll save.

We offer the technology and expertise to generate monthly HIPAA, PCIDSS, GDPR, and other significant compliance reports for you. We can even inform you how you did and create a project plan if you aren’t fulfilling the required standards. Stop looking behind your back, waiting for the hefty bill to arrive. Take command of your IT environment and relax. Don’t be terrified of an audit… be prepared!

Demonstrate compliance with privacy and IT security related regulations

The cost of reducing data related risk

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