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Microsoft 365 Management for SMBs

Administrating Microsoft 365 subscriptions and accounts


Monitoring & Reporting Services for SMB's

As a Microsoft CSP, we will execute your entire 365 operation

License Management

Distributing, Organizing and Overseeing changes to M365 subscriptions for SMBs. Never struggle online to renew your M365 subscriptions again.

Admin Portal Management

Creating and terminating user accounts, assign subscriptions to user accounts and configure. Give the order and we will fulfill it. Step back from being account creator.

Email Management

Being your expert when it comes to Exchange and Outlook. We focus on these email related apps more than word/excel. Stop being the email issue intermediary.

SharePoint Management

Construct and maintain folder & permissions structure suitable to SMBs. Adding and removing user accounts. Use SharePoint instead of managing it.

Managed 365 Support

Troubleshoot M365 issues, assist with its functions, advise on Exchange, Outlook & SharePoint capability. Get help with M365 related matters.

Azure AD Sync Management

Setup, maintenance and support for Azure Active Directory Sync. Initiate synchronization and ensure accuracy. Spend no more time on Azure AD Sync.

Our Microsoft 365 Administration Service

Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation

Multiple ways to be managed


Unlimited flat fee option


Assign global admin role to 1CS


Managed by Microsoft Partner


Backed by Microsoft Resources


Access SharePoint Experts


and more........

Fully Managed Walk Away Microsoft 365 Management for SMBs

Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation