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Network Support for SMB class Networks

Troubleshooting and resolving network related issues

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Our core competency is Networking. We can assist with:

Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation

Network Outage


Poor Wireless Signal


VPN Issues


Slow Network/Degraded Cabling


Patch Panels/Network Room


Network Design & Installation

Outsource Network administration to Toronto based 1CS

Toronto & GTA Network Cabling Design & Implementation

Supporting almost any brand of equipment


Emergency support available


Supplying hardware and materials


Experienced network technicians


Servicing the GTA onsite or via remote control


24/7 Network monitoring

Network Hardware we service

Network Router Support

We investigate and resolve issues having to do with a network router situated in a commercial environment.

Network Switch Support

When troubleshooting network related errors we review the operability and performance of your swtich(es).

Access Point Support

Problems with wireless coverage often relate to or a lack of  access points. We can measure signal strengh. 

Network Firewall Support

Adjusting settings so that you get the network traffic you want and block the network traffic you don’t want.

Cabling/Patch Panel Support

Tracking and testing cables so that the bad ones causing issues can be replaced or connected to the appropriate port.

Responsively and decisively addressing network hardware failures and related issues for SMBs across the GTA and beyond

Types of Networks we commonly service


Local Area Networks (LANs)


Wireless LANs


Campus Area Networks (CANs)


Wide Area Networks (WANs)


Storage Area Networks (SANs)


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Additional Network Support Information


Network Administration

When we refer to “Network” support or administration, we are referring to support for computer networks, networking media (both wired and wireless), networking devices including configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of switches, patch panel and cabling.

A Network Administrator like 1CS manages, maintains and supports computer networks for our Clients. Additionally, we may also oversee and execute the selection, planning, design, installation and setup of a new computer network.

Network Support Company

Our Network technicians focus on the small and medium sized business sector. We see the kinds of network issues that SMBs encounter and know how to resolve them efficiently. Consequently, we are familiar with network hardware which meets and exceeds the needs of SMBs while keeping costs low.

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Network Monitoring

When a network is being monitored, problems can be averted. A Network Administrator like 1CS helps to ensure that network errors are addressed before they become system wide failures. A good Network Administrator will make you wonder what they do since network issues are few and far between.

Additionally, our monitoring tool will alert our network operations centre when your network goes offline, so that we are informed and can respond appropriately.


Network Cabling

Supporting issues with network related cabling infrastructure located in small, medium and large office environments. See more on our cabling services.

Network Audit

Allow us to test your network performance, coverage, capability and security. Investigating further where necessary and reporting back with results and recommendations. 

Network Security

Cyber criminals conduct surveillance on networks and exploit their weaknesses. 1CS could be/should be scanning your SMB network on your behalf, to find vulnerabilities before hackers do. 1CS knows how to detect if someone is scanning your network and stop them. When our network protection experts find suspicious activity, an incident response occurs followed by a network clean up.

Keeping your network free from vulnerabilities is an essential part of network security because so many incidents are made possible through vulnerabilities.

SMBs should incorporate security montoring into their arsenal of security measures to better protect their business from emerging threats. By keeping informed about network related activity, 1CS will have the knowledge and ability to take swift action upon receiving an alert. 

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