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Computer Deployment

Computer Deployment

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What is Computer Deployment?

Computer deployment is all of the activities that make a computer system available for use. Generally, the deployment process consists of a number of interrelated activities with potential transitions in between each activity. These activities can occur on the manufacturer’s side or on the consumer side. Computer deployment should be interpreted as a general process that needs to be designed according to your requirements.

Deploying computers means preparing the computers for use. When we deploy computers it is mostly on the consumer side. As computers or ancillary devices are purchased they may not be ready to operate. Multiple software and hardware installations are usually required depending on the use of the computer. These tasks include removing the computer for its box, plugging it in and turning it on and installing an operating system. Additionally, connecting the mouse, installing other programs like Microsoft office, anti-virus software, internet and network connections and much more.

Computer Deployment and the use of Imaging

The introduction of new computers and related technology can be time-consuming and confusing. As IT Specialists, we can get you and your business prepared, overseeing your entire deployment. The important thing to remember is that you need to be prepared and have a plan. The key part of the plan is imaging. We can create an image which will allow us to setup each computer’s software in one fell swoop, which is much more efficient than installing each computer’s software program by program.

Once the computers are fully deployed we will be there to walk you and your team through the use of the computers and related technology. We will answer your questions and help the team get comfortable using your new equipment. As time goes by we will continue to be there for you, answering new questions which arise and dropping by from time to time if there is an issue which needs to be addressed. For further questions or to book an appointment please contact us.

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