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Advising SMB’s on how best to use information technology to achieve their goals.


IT Consultancy Company, Toronto, Concord, Barrie & GTA

1CS is an IT Consulting Company based in Toronto and Barrie, serving clients since 2013. From technical support to IT strategy, 1CS can help your business move forward. We provide specialized IT Services for Office 365 & SharePoint, Cloud PBX, Email Management, Network Performance, Managed Backups, Cyber Security, Secure Software Development and Disaster Recovery.

IT Project Management

Oversee an office relocation, change in technology, roll out of new service or data migration. Development and implementation of strategy using our project management system.


Our team has presentation skills to demonstrate a proposed strategy, workflow or solution. Using a power point presentation which includes  statistics and graphical information. 

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Overall Strategy

Develop a short term and long term technology IT Strategy. Business Continuity, Policies & Procedures and Infrastructure Architecture. Hardware Life Cycles and Licence Management.

Cyber Security

Consulting for Data Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing, Network Audit, Compromise Assessment, Data Loss Prevention and M&A Risk Assessment. 

Disaster Recovery

We review your network, server, endpoints, applications & procedures. Then provide plans, policies and procedures to avoid or overcome disasters with minimal or no impact.

Network Performance

In-depth analysis of your network components including , router, switches, Firewalls, Cabling, Systems, applications and more to find ways of increasing IT Network performance.

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IT Consulting for SMB’s


What is IT Consulting?

IT Consulting is the application of computers, telecommunications equipment and various information distribution technologies such as television, to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. It is the primary component of IT services and often responsible for an improved business work-flow. 

Who are IT Consultants?

IT Consultants have the knowledge and experience to configure IT systems after completing a computer science degree and/or gaining the requisite real world experience developing, implementing and managing IT systems including the provision of IT Services.  

How does it work?

How do IT Consultants provide services?

An IT Consultancy Firm advises business and institutions on how to use information technology in order to meet business objectives or overcome problems. They work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems and act as a go to person for all things IT. Services are not restricted to advising but also carrying out the necessary and required tasks to re-mediate issues. That means actually doing the work.

An IT Consultant can setup and manage computers, networks and IT systems, day to day disaster recovery and coordinate with your data center or provide advice and service to an existing IT infrastructure. In either case, always striving for maximum efficiency and optimal results.

How do services work?

When you hire an IT Consultant there may be reduced need to hire IT employees and therefore more time for staff to concentrate on what they do best. Management consultancies are often contracted to work via consulting contract. 1CS IT Consultants provide consulting during normal working hours and are experienced with small and medium size business technology. 

Job Description?

The job description of services firms like 1CS is to consult on business information systems. 

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1CS has IT Consultants in Toronto, Concord & Mississauga

As a consultancy company, 1CS provides many IT Services, each of which stem from IT Consulting. IT Consulting is a generalization which refers to consulting relating to the various subsets of Information Technology. If you think you might need an IT Consultant, contact us.

We will send one of our IT Consultants to your place of business to meet with you, understand your needs, develop a solution for you, oversee the implementation of the solution and if you want we can manage it on an ongoing basis in the form of Managed IT Support Services. 

IT Solutions Toronto


IT Definitions

High Tech Consulting Firms like 1CS are often referred to by the general public as IT Consulting Companies, an Information Technology Consultant, IT Service Provider or Tech Consulting. These terms and services are used broadly but within information technology and among providers these terms a more clear cut. Tech companies in Toronto, and the surrounding GTA are often divided between Break-Fix IT Support Company and Managed IT Service Provider. The difference between them is that Break-Fix IT Support implies that when technology stops working, we fix it. The term Managed refers to an ongoing activity or level of support, so that IT support is provided on a proactive basis. 

Technology and Consulting

Regardless of if you are speaking to Technology companies in Toronto or IT companies in Mississauga, across the GTA there are 2 main types of IT Services, that being “break-fix services” or “managed services”. 1CS has a division for both types of services. Consulting on IT usually refers to business consulting firms who guide you through the process of selecting, designing, implementing, deploying and supporting IT Infrastructure. While the terms implies advice, which it is, it also include the services to carry out the advice. One of the IT consulting firms in Toronto who we compete with is synergy consultancy services or d tech consulting. Please compare our rates to theirs. 

Specific Services

There are not many IT Consulting Companies in Canada who offers the broad range of mission critical IT Solutions that we do. We consult on just about anything a small or medium sized business would want or need in terms of information technology. To be more specific, our business technology consulting services include computer consulting, network consulting, Office 365 Consulting, SharePoint Consulting, VM Consulting, IT system design, email management, cabling consulting, server consulting, cloud consulting, cyber security consulting, website consulting, artificial intelligence, IT procurement consulting, project manager consulting and IT Strategy Consulting. Need a consultant for something not on this list?  Give us a try! There are so many sub-categories of information technology, it is not practical to list them all here. 

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