What is it?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) means exactly as it sounds. They are planning processes which help organizations prepare for disruptive events due to an ice storm, a power outage or something similar. The planning which goes into a business continuity and disaster recovery plan might be extensive depending on the organization, the nature of the business and it’s location.

Despite the size or type of organization, the nature of it’s business and location, a disaster recovery plan is important. So that the conducting of business is interrupted for the least amount of time.

Planning and Preparation

The planning includes things like who is responsible for business systems when a disaster occurs. What they should do and who to contact in the event of a disaster. Having information such as this sorted out ahead of time is what makes a difference. Documented information and training is what makes it a plan because if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

A business continuity and disaster recovery strategy defines objectives with a contribution from stakeholders. The organization must agree on which IT services are critical and then focus on risk tolerance and investment priorities. Then put a solution in place, often including offsite backup, test and maintenance plan.

Steps we follow to comprise an effective disaster recovery plan

  • Carry out a risk assessment and analysis
  • Define recovery times and objectives
  • Develop processes to recover damaged IT assets
  • Develop procedures to carry out the processes
  • Run disaster drills and conduct training
  • Determine key assets and prioritize
  • Test frequently from various locations
  • Document recovery time

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In partnership with IDC Canada, TeraGo conducted a survey of Canadian organizations and their disaster recovery plans. Surprisingly 45% stated they were not able to identify everything that may jeopardize their organization’s IT infrastructure and the requisite data to operate their business.

1CS can assist you with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

If your organization is thinking about BCDR, then 1CS would be pleased to help. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to oversee the entire operation from development to management.

Contact 1CS for more information on our business continuity and disaster recovery services or to book an appointment.

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