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Blake Fick is a young and energetic IT Professional with more than 15 years’ experience. Providing leading edge computer services in the form of solutions, repairs and support. To individuals and businesse in Toronto and Barrie, Ontario.

Blake’s interest in technology started when he was a just toddler. First playing video games in DOS, which evolved into online multi-player games. This is where he learned how to put computer systems together. His informal career began when he was 16, troubleshooting and fixing the computers of family and friends.

His official portfolio includes positions at some of Canada’s largest companies such as; IBM, Celestica, Rogers and a large health care organization. Blake oversaw the computer and technology aspects of major projects such as; LG Fashion Week, Square One Digital Santa Photos, Enterprise Mobility switchovers (BlackBerry to Android) and several large office expansions, where he became known for developing solutions to computer problems.

More recently, Blake founded this energetic start-up devoted to providing exceptional computer and technology related services, placing an emphasis on solutions. As the Chief of Operations for 1CS, Blake brings to the table the necessary experience needed to solve a wide range of computer problems as well as create and implement new computer systems.