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Exchange Email Solutions for Business

Looking for an alternative to Office 365 or G Suite?


Powerful Email Service for Business

Enterprise-Level Email Service from Microsoft

Email solutions driven by Exchange Server and backed by Microsoft

Allow employees to be productive as they can be, with Hosted Exchange email solutions for business. Just think how easy it will be to plan call, meetings and eventss with your co-workers and customers! Enjoy professional messaging combined with collaborative tools designed for small and medium sized business.

Move Your Business to the Top

Email and collaboration tools are a driver of workplace productivity. 

Peruse product information for Hosted Exchange email solutions for business. It is likely we can provide a plan which meets the needs of your business. Build a plan, a la carte, that gives employees the capability they need to succeed. 

Thinking of adding the suite of MS Office Apps to your plan? Speak with one of our experts about your Microsoft Exchange or Hosted Exchange needs.

1CS is a Reseller of Microsoft Exchange & Hosted Exchange

There are no agreements to sign and businesses can change their subscription when they want!


Access synced email from your office or on the road


Share calendar with anyone internal to your organization


Schedule and manage your tasks

Public folders

Share documents via public folders


Add a resource mailbox to oversee conference room, projectors etc


Erase data on a lost device from a remote location

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The Basics of Microsoft Exchange


What is Microsoft Exchange?

The Microsoft Exchange server is one of the most popular collaborative messaging servers in the world. This email program includes calendaring software, a mail server and contact manager developed by Microsoft. It is a server program that runs on Windows Server and is from the Microsoft Server line of products. A reseller like 1CS can provide you with a license for Microsoft Exchange and IT services to set it up.

Features of Exchange!

Some features in Microsoft Outlook require the user to use a Microsoft Exchange account. Home users typically do not have an Exchange account. Instead they use a POP3 e-mail account with an internet service provider (ISP) or use a web-based e-mail service, such as Windows Live Mail.

  • Access email functions and features in Outlook
  • Sync your contacts and calendars to webmail, desktop & mobile devices
  • Instant search feature by keyword
  • Improved assistant allowing start and endpoints for scheduling messages
  • Separate email for those recipients outside the company
  • Newer functions include: email scheduler, better preview pane, option to view attachments and an RSS feed supporter

Exchange is Secure?

One of the top reasons businesses move to a Microsoft Exchange Server, other than the associated account features, is the level of security. Since the server defends against security threats it therefore protects users from hackers, viruses and spam. These security features are included when you get a Microsoft Exchange account. 


Outlook + 1CS Hosted Exchange = Business Solution

Combining Microsoft Outlook with our Hosted Exchange email service, colleagues can collaborate from anywhere with shared contacts, calendars, tasks, and 1GB of storage space which gets backed up online.

What Exchange can do for you

Exchange is Email You Can Count On

  • High-availability configuration
  • Continuous Cluster replications
  • Additional archiving option
  • Web-based dashboard
  • Incremental backups with 2 week retention

Exchange is Efficient

  • Cached mode
  • Directory Sync using Active Directory®
  • Manage of out-of-office response

Exchange Mailbox Capabilities


  • Enterprise level email platform and solutions with collaboration features second to none
  • Schedule tasks, meetings and other functions including booking resource  attendant and schedule wizard
  • Advanced sharing permissions, job collaboration & management including calendar & contact sharing and appointment
  • Add, edit, remove and maintain organized folders. Create contacts, distribution groups, calendars, and files with control
  • Use Outlook from wherever you are 
What Exchange can do with Outlook

 Exchange Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam 

  • DNA message fingerprinting
  • Enhanced spam filtering 
  • Inbound/outbound email security through GTN
  • TLS and SSL encryption options
  • Quarantine control dashboard
  • Perform multi-mailbox search
  • SPF records

Exchange Web-based Messaging

  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Advanced searching
  • Gzip compression folders
  • Global or list access
  • Public folder access
  • Help for rules

Exchange Mobile Messaging


  • IMAP / POP mobile connections
  • ActiveSync® for Android®, Windows®  and iPhone®, phone available
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server (BES) 

Reasons small businesses choose our Hosted Exchange Email Platform

Our Exchange experts can tailor your email platform to fit the needs of your organization

One Stop Shop

One central place to manage all of your Cloud solutions


SLA uptime promise of 99.999% 


Mitigate against virus and spam from entering your mailbox


Enterprise-level infrastructure, platform and protection


Outlook Web App gets email to your phone in a familiar way

No Minimum ...

There is no minimum number of mailboxes required

Exchange Server Add-on Cloud Service Options

Here are some of the more common integrate-able cloud services

MS Office

Combine MS Office with Hosted Exchange and get the most recent versions of it’s applications 


Skype is a robust online video conferencing and chat platform use to collaborate with colleagues and clients



Archiving email permits the removal email from an account but retain it elsewhere for future access at a lower cost



This add-on allows your business to mandate a legal disclaimer on all messages entering and exiting the organization



Our email DLP, encryption and archiving solutions make sure that our Exchange  Service adhered to GLBA, HIPAA, & SOX 

Looking for more Cloud Solutions designed for SMB’s?

Move your business operations to the cloud

Microsoft Azure

Get Infrastructure as a Service, platform as a service, integrated with countless cloud applications


Cloud Backup

1CS’s cloud Backup and Recovery service is automated save your data, protecting from a reputably first-class infrastructure combined with guaranteed connectivity

Hosted SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative application for creating systems to manage documents, websites and company intranet.

Hosted Exchange Email Solutions for Business FAQ’s

Exchange Email Frequently Asked Questions
ActiveSync Which mobile devices are supported? Any devices operating on Apple iOS, Windows Phone 6 and later, many devices with Android OS or Symbian OS.
Access What access methods options are there? We cover full MAPI & OWA. However, we do not sell OWA on it’s own.

What’s the Storage capacity for Archiving?


What is the retention period?


Is there a Legal Hold?


Can one export their mail?


When are messages available in the archive?

No limit


No limit


Yes there is


Yes, you can export your mail to our hosted Exchange in file formats such as PST, CSV, TXT and more.


In general, Archived messages will be visible within a 3 hours of being received or sent.

Attachments Is there an attachment limit email being sent and received? Yes. 50 MB

Which version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server are we currently using?

Do you support BlackBerry OS6?


Do you support Public Calendars

We are operating with version 5.X


We support all versions including the latest 10.


Yes, but for an additional cost.



What are the minimum software requirements to use your Hosted Exchange?

Any hardware requirements?


Windows XP SP3 with Outlook 2007 or higher,
Mac OS X 10.5 with Entourage 2008 EWS or higher, Safari 3.1 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 or higher and  Internet Explorer 7 or higher

A High-Speed Internet connection.

Connection Type What is the type of connection (Protocol) does one use to access a mailbox? RPC across HTTPS (SSL)
Distribution Lists

Max number of people/users can you add to a Distribution group?


Is there a limit on the number of distribution groups?





Email Alias Do you allow unlimited email aliases? Yes.
Email Backups What’s the backup policy? There is a full backup of all mail stores once per day for a maximum of 7 days. Longer email retention may also be purchased.
Email Mailbox size What is allowable size of my email account? Microsoft states the maximum allowable size of 2TB.  However, we suggest you limit the size of your mail box on a local computer to  50GB.
Email Message Quotas

How many incoming and outgoing emails are allowed per mailbox during one whole day?


Do you allow catchalls?


When are users notified when they are reaching their mailbox quota?


What happens if they exceed the threshold?

Currently our Hosted Exchange system has no limit on email being received and permits 1000 outgoing emails per single user per day.


Not at the moment


At 92%, users are warned that their mailbox is nearing its capacity. At 100%, users are no longer able to send.


At 112%, users can no longer send or receive.

Email Redirection/

May I forward emails from my mailbox to another address?


One of the users wants another user to receive the same email they receive – does this apply?



For most cases, a distribution list would fit, making possible one email sent to one address but delivered to many people. Otherwise, it would be an automatic email forwarding from a mailbox to another.


Is your datacenter Tier 4?


What connection speeds do you offer to your data center?



We have two OC48 (one redundant)  with a burstable load of 1Gbit/s


Can external users migrate to SherWeb using our Migration Tool?


How long does it take to manually migrate the data of a user’s mailbox?

Yes, as long as they use a webmail client and have ONE user that can be given full mailbox permission to the mailboxes of all users in their organization.


Generally it’s about bandwidth and network conditions. The average is 3Gb an hour.  Use this as a benchmark when asking how large each user’s mailbox is.


Which version of Outlook may I use?


If I have my own copy of Outlook, do I still need to pay $1 per month?

Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 or Outlook for Mac 2011.  Outlook 2003 is no longer supported.


No.  However be mindful when purchasing licenses from us: we provide licenses for all users in your organization not for individual users. If you have 20 users and only 1 of them needs a copy of Outlook, you’ll have to purchase $1×20.

Outlook Web App/Webmail/OWA What is the URL for resellers?

Exchange 2010: https://webmail.domainlocalhost.com

Exchange 2013:


Password How often do passwords expire? Our Control Panel allows you to control the length, complexity as well as the duration of password expiry.
Public Folders How much storage does one receive? We offer 100MB per user up to a maximum of 2GB.  If you need more space, we recommend that you consider using SharePoint.
Spam and Virus Filtering

Who do you use for virus/spam filtering?


Do you allow Blacklists and whitelists?


Can users modify their whitelists and blacklists or is this strictly controlled by an Admin

Cloudmark – www.cloudmark.com




We also offer Admin level control to prevent or allow users to modify their whitelists and blacklists respectively.

SSL Certificates Can customers buy their own SSL Certs? No. SSL Certs are installed and maintained by the Hosting team. We are unable to support unless we own the certificate.



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