What is Network Administration?

Network Administration is the maintenance of software systems and computer hardware which comprise a computer network. A Network Administrator is a person who carries out maintenance to the network in the form of reviewing network indicators, taking necessary actions and troubleshooting network errors.

A network refers to computers, routers, switches, servers, printers, copiers, scanners, software programs and other endpoints when connected together, usually also connected to the internet. Networks require maintenance and monitoring, the amount of which depends on the complexity and activity on the network.

Network Administrators

A Network Administrator like 1CS manages and maintains computer networks. We oversee and execute the selection, planning, design, installation and support of a new computer network. Additionally, our IT Consultants can also provide management and maintenance to an existing computer network in the form of advice or support services.

1CS Network Administrators focus on the small and medium sized business sector. We see the kinds of network issues that small and medium size businesses are facing and know how to resolve them efficiently. Consequently, we are familiar with network hardware which meets and exceeds the needs of a small or medium sized business while keeping costs low.

Network Support Basics

From our perspective there are 5 basic knowledge groups to Network Administration:

  • IP address and other reference #’s
  • Firewall
  • Operating system
  • DNS reverse lookup

Knowing and understanding these groups is the basis for managing and maintaining a network. Network Administrators need to be well versed with hosted environments, cloud services and virtual servers as business moves away from physical onsite servers.

Network Monitoring

When a network is being monitored, problems can be averted. A Network Administrator helps to ensure that network errors are addressed before they become system wide failures. A good Network Administrator will have clients who wonder what they do since network issues are few and far between.

Network Administration can be carried out by checking network indicators on a regular basis. Alternatively, network monitoring software can be deployed as part of a Managed Service. 1CS’s network monitoring software tool repetitively scans a network for errors and sends us the results. It produces daily reports and notify’s us of network errors so that we can be proactive.

1CS knows Network Support

When it comes to computer networks, 1CS Network Administrators can implement or support a wide range of network technology. If you are in need of a computer network or your existing network is not doing what you want it to, we would be pleased to assist you.

1CS can provide network support services including systems management, network security services and many more IT services specifically tailored to small and medium sized business.