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Get your operations running smoothly with solid IT solutions by choosing 1CS to be your  IT outsourcing quarter-back. 

Our Services

No job is too big or too small. If you have an IT issue, try outsourcing it to 1CS. 1CS can provide cost-effective services at competitive rates compared to other service companies. We focus our IT services on the GTA’s small and medium sized business sector (SMB’s). Our IT consultants and support professionals are more than familiar with equipment and issues commonly experienced by SMB’s. 1CS offers a broad range of IT Services including networking, IT procurement, managed IT services, office 365 licensing and support, cloud PBX subscriptions, cloud computing solutions and we can also play a general support role.

1CS provides emergency onsite IT support to locations within the GTA, and remote IT support to anywhere in the world, from early in the morning until late at night. A 1CS support professional can provide the technical support you require using the latest technologies. We offer entry level desk support or a subject matter expert for more complicated issues. Contact us for tech support by phone in the event of an emergency.

IT Services are information technology services. Information technology refers to computers, related devices, the internet and telecommunications. The field of information technology is vast, however, 1CS specializes in IT Services for small and medium sized business. As a new or existing business, 1CS can visit your business, meet with you to assess your IT infrastructure and IT requirements. Only then can a project manager propose solutions. In addition to providing services to setup equipment and install software, 1CS can also purchase any necessary equipment or software on your behalf and deliver it to your business. Once setup and the installation complete we can train your staff to use the technology. Of course, if something stops working we can provide support to get the problem resolved.

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Network & Connectivity

1CS is a knowledgeable and experienced Network Administrator.

Network Setup & Installation

1CS can design, install and setup commercial grade Network.

Network Maintenance & Support

Keep your Network in good shape using one of our Network Administrators to carry our maintenance. Get help with Network errors.

Cabling & Conduit

1CA runs/drops network cables

Ubiquiti & Netgate Products

1CS loves Ubiquiti & Netgate Products. 1CS is a distributor of Netgate Products.

IT Service Toronto

1CS prides itself on finding solutions to information technological challenges.

List of IT Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Network Administration
  • Server Maintenance & Support
  • Backup Maintenance & Support
  • Hardware & Software Procurement
  • Hardware & Software Deployment
  • Product Assembly
  • Microsoft Exchange Services
  • Office365 Support
  • Break-fix Services
  • VoIP Support
  • Office Cabling
  • Ethernet Cable Installation
  • IT Monitoring Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Email Management Services
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Systems Management
  • Ticketing System
  • Proactive Services
  • IT Strategy
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
IT Outsourcing

Consider IT Outsourcing

Are you finding that your existing IT staff or resources are insufficient to satisfy the demands of your organization? Have you recently considered hiring more staff or spending money on other resources to bridge the gap? If so, please consider IT outsourcing for your small to medium sized business. IT Outsourcing is a low risk/low cost way to manage your IT or supplement your existing IT capabilities.

IT Outsourcing is Efficient

Outsourcing IT is an efficient way to meet changing demand. When your need ramps up, so can 1CS, and when your need lessens, so too can 1CS. This in of itself is enough to justify the use of IT outsourcing, however, the benefits are far more reaching.

Lower Cost of Outsourcing IT

Aside from a reduction in hiring and training costs,  IT outsourcing requires less administration with regard to payroll and regulations. It lets you focus on what you do best rather than spending your time in perpetual interviews and downsizings. Additionally, managing all IT matters in house can lead to prolonged research and development. In contrast to outsourcing which executes the delivery and setup of newer technology in a simple and much faster manner.

IT Outsourcing & Technology

For IT Consultants on the cutting edge of technology, rarely is there an issue we are not familiar with. At 1CS we see, treat and manage a broad range of issues on a weekly basis. Whereas a full-time IT employee position can lead to isolation within the issues of the organization which she or he serves. These are some of the advantages of IT outsourcing. If you work at a company with an existing IT department, please know that we are not looking to replace your IT colleagues or remove existing positions from your department hierarchy but instead augment it in an efficient way with multiple benefits and significant cost savings. As IT Specialists, 1CS understands technology. We have experienced Consultants and Technicians with a track record of finding and implementing technology solutions. They have worked in the IT departments of CBI Healthcare, Celestica, Rogers, IBM Canada, HYPN, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, SportsLive and NBC Universal. Thank you for taking the time to read this information. If you are in need of IT advice and services for your small to medium sized business and feel that IT outsourcing is something you want to explore further, contact 1CS to get more information or setup an appointment.

Why Choose 1CS

Why Choose 1CS?

We provide competent and personable IT Service at competitive prices. Why choose 1CS. 1CS stands behind it’s services, will treat your equipment with respect, can customize IT Services where necessary, show you how to use your equipment and check to make sure everything works before leaving. We do all of this using safe and secure conventional methods which have been tried and tested because we are dedicated to building relationships with our customers.

1CS has Knowledge and Experience

1CS technicians have the knowledge and experience to resolve your computer or technology issues. 1CS’s network of technicians can address a wide spectrum of technical difficulties. We service individuals and businesses within a broad range of industries and therefore we are familiar with the requirements of small to medium sized businesses. Hiring 1CS means you are hiring an IT Team rather than a sole proprietor. Why choose 1CS?

1CS has Capabilities and Resources

Choose 1CS because of our capabilities and resources. 1CS has the ability to monitor your computer system or network from a remote location. Using software we can detect errors before they becomes system wide failures. If errors occur, 1CS can automate an response which remedy’s the error. The Program ensures prompt actions to various activity and status indicators. Why choose 1CS?

1CS can Procure and Deliver

1CS can get you the hardware and software that you need. We are affiliates of some of Ontario’s largest suppliers of Computer equipment, anti-virus software, backup solutions, cloud storage, email and website services. The relationships that we have built make since we can acquire these products and services on your behalf in an effective and efficient manner. Still thinking why choose 1CS?

1CS in General

1CS carries standard business liability insurance and standard errors and omissions insurance. We accept many forms of payment for your convenience including credit card and e-transfer. We have standards and policies to ensure a positive outcome. Our management structure includes a diversity of career backgrounds to ensure we do not get caught in the IT bubble.

Why choose 1CS in Summary

1CS is a company that stands behind its IT Services. Our people are personable, professional and courteous.  1CS has a wide range of knowledge and experience since we service a broad spectrum of tasks, issues and business types. We have the capability to monitor IT Infrastructure, program automatic responses or take action from a remote location. 1CS is affiliated with computer hardware and software distributors which consequently leads to a seamlessly supply to customers, often at a discount. Our business is setup to make things easy for you and therefore give you piece of mind. Contact 1CS

Business IT Service

We come to you! 1CS is a Toronto based IT Service Provider, offering IT Services to small and medium sized business at their location or by remote access, across the GTA, Simcoe region and outside of Ontario. We pride our self on finding solutions to technological goals and problems.

1CS Slogan

Get your operations running smoothly with solid IT solutions. No pushy salespeople, just helpful advice to solve your problems.

IT Services

Services offered on an a la carte basis or via support package, during or after normal business hours and in emergency situations. 1CS can be your IT Quarter-back, acting as general contractor for all matters IT or more simply act to supplement your existing IT capabilities.

  • Gain access to a team of experienced IT support specialists when needed
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of selected system and environments
  • Receive weekly or monthly reports summarizing the monitoring and status of systems
  • Utilize our easy to use online ticketing portal to submit and receive updates on tickets

IT Team

                                  Within the GTA:                                    Outside of GTA:
         14 Technicians/IT Consultants           18 Technicians/IT Consultants
          2 Strategic Alliances with IT Consulting Firms           1 Strategic Alliances with IT Consulting Firms
          3 Web Development Professionals           2 Web Development Professionals
          3 Subject Matter Experts (SME) (Servers, Security)           3 Subject Matter Experts (SME) (Servers, Security)
          1 Security/Cyber Security Consulting Firm (MSSP)           1 Security/Cyber Security Consulting Firm (MSSP)

IT Service Area

Canadian Cities/Regions Serviced US Cities/Regions Serviced
GTA, Simcoe Region, Southern Ontario, Windsor, Guelph Hartford, Boston, New York
Kitchener-Waterloo, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Calgary,
Edmonton, Coquitlam

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