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What is a Server?

A server is a computer application which accepts requests from another computer and gives responses based on those requests.  A server may reside on any computer, although, it is common that it resides on a dedicated computer. Dedicated to running only the server application. In any event, Servers often require IT services.

How does a Server work?

A server allows access to files from another computer. Such that multiple computers can access one set of files simultaneously. Files such as documents, databases, images, videos or other file types. Traditionally, a server would need to be in close proximity to the computer accessing it. More recently, servers have moved from server rooms to the internet with the growth of hosted environments, virtual servers and cloud based services. Information formally stored on a physical server in a nearby room is now located offsite, accessible through the internet.

Server Options

  • Hosted Environments refer to data centers which offer use of a physical server to store business data. The data is not stored on the internet but is accessible through the internet. 
  • Virtual servers are popular in web hosting environments, storing data on a physical server or the internet, accessible through the internet but not using a dedicated computer. 
  • Cloud Storage stores data on the internet and is accessed through the internet.


  • File Server
  • Print Server
  • Database Server
  • Other Server

Server Maintenance and Support

Like most computer equipment, a server, from time to time, will need maintenance and support. Servers are high functioning devices potentially performing many operations in one day, and thus will likely require servicing. Often due to server hangs and freezes, addressing and routing errors and for other reasons.


Data may be gone forever when a computer becomes corrupted, broken or stolen. Additionally, as staff turns over, data becomes lost. This is common with the use of laptops and tablets. If business information is saved on a server, it protects the business against risk of data lossServers help business manage information by holding information in a place which is accessible to many users. Servers benefit business by consolidating the business information of multiple individuals in a safe a secure location.

1CS provides Server Maintenance and Support

If you think your business needs Server Maintenance and Support, it probably does. We can assess and troubleshoot your existing server or help procure a new server. We can make recommendations on what server or service would be suitable for your business, install it and show you how to use it.

Contact 1CS for more information on our server support services or to book an appointment. If your business is looking to purchase a server or you want to make the move to an online backup of your business data, contact us for IT services