What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a subscription plan which permits access to Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel including other productivity services enabled over the Internet (Saas). It features subscriptions for use at your home or at your business. Office 365 subscriptions for business include services such as Skype web conferencing and Microsoft Exchange hosted email. As well as online storage using OneDrive. The management of office365 services can be handled through managed services

365 subscription services

Many Office 365 subscriptions include the desktop version where users can install most of the applications across multiple devices. When Office 365 is fully installed it includes applications such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Publisher and Access cannot be installed across multiple devices but the rest can, including Macs, PC’s , Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone and iPad. When you have an active desktop Office 365 subscription, you always have the most recent version.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Office 365 integration refers to the use of Office 365 applications. When your business integrates Office 365, you can manage user accounts in Office 365. You can also implement a single sign-on (SSO) so that users may login with their on-premises credentials. When you integrate with an on-premises server you create a hybrid environment. A hybrid environment can help with migrating users or information to Office 365. Alternatively, you can have some users or information on-premises and some online.

Improved business for SMB’s

Many small businesses don’t realize that Microsoft Office has been moving to a cloud based subscription model, along with many other providers of software. Often they are still using Microsoft Office installed from a disk. Not realizing that the next version they get will be through a subscription rather than a one-time purchase. Office 365 is constantly being updated. Meaning you’re always using the most up to date version and you never have to update it yourself. The benefit is that your software will be updated and therefore you will likely not face any problems. 1CS can sell you one or more Office365 accounts, with or without our managed services.

Office 365 Support

If you need Office 365 for your business, 1CS would be pleased to assist you. Assist you in acquiring the licences and carrying out the installation. We could also assist you by integrating Office 365 with other programs or systems. To synchronize your business information across multiple platforms. 1CS will also train you on how to use it.

Contact 1CS for office 365 integration or any one of our managed services. Not yet into office365?, we can also support microsoft exchange and other cloud services

Purchase a Bundle!

 Available with the following plans:

Business Premium

Business Essentials

Enterprise E1

Enterprise E3

Enterprise E5

365 Business

365 E1

365 E3

Get additional Office 365 solutions from 1CS

When you purchase a plan through 1CS, you will have access to the below solutions for no additional cost. These solutions do not come with a regular subscription but instead are part of 1CS’s standard offering to SMB’s.

Office Protect

Secure your Office 365 environment in a click

Online Backup

Backup files and folders locally including your email data and mobile device data


Get top notch eLearning to guide you through this incredible tool


of organizations using Office 365 have email accounts which are compromised

of SMB's don't have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan


Recent stats show that users access only twenty percent of it's features

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Office 365 is a valuable tool for small and medium sized business and because of the following reality


SMB's spend 50% more time in collaborative tasks


37% of the world's workforce is mobile


Cyber attacks target small business 43% of the time

1 Harvard Business Review, January-February Issue 2016, ‘Collaborative Overload’ Re: 50%

2 Strategic Analytics, Global Mobile Workforce Forecast, 2015-2020, November 2015 Re: 37%

3 Small Business Trends, CYBER SECURITY STATISTICS – Numbers Small Businesses Need to Know, Jan. 3, 2017 Re: 43%

Bringing together best in class solutions

Office 365

Desktop Apps

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more

Online Services

Exchange, OneDrive, Skype,
Microsoft Teams

Business apps

Microsoft Bookings, Outlook Customer Manager, MileIQ1

Windows 10

Everything in Windows 10 Pro2


Windows Defender Security Controls

Windows AutoPilot

Automatic Office apps deployment

Best of EMS

App protection for Office mobile apps

Device Management
for Windows 10 PCs

Selective wipe of company data

[1] Available in US, UK, and Canada only
[2] Includes upgrade benefits for Windows 7 or 8/8.1 Professional licensed PCs to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

                                                                                         …for less than $20 per user per month

Empower your team, safeguard your business, and simplify IT management with a single solution, purpose-built for your business

Achieve more together

  • Produce documents with Word, Excel, Note and Power-point
  • Communicate with clients, colleagues and vendors
  • Get everything your company needs in one place

Anywhere it matters

Mobile Workforce
  • Collaborate with colleagues from anywhere
  • Stay connected, using any device
  • Secure cloud storage, allows you to take your work with you
  • No internet, no worries. Use offline and sync later

Always-on security

Cyber Attacks
  • Safeguard against cyber attacks
  • Protection of business data across a computer or mobile device
  • Automatically receive Windows and Office365 and updates
  • Ensure real security and efficient administration

Simplified for business

For Business
  • Devices and users are managed from a single console
  • Single sign-on credentials for all devices
  • Setup new staff members in no time

Our Managed IT Service + 365 Business Services

We are the experts in cloud deployment....
We can help you integrate your...
  • Domain, email and email client 
  • Shared data and synchronization
  • OneDrive and Sharepoint
We can manage your operations remotely ...

A solution, designed for business

Top 12 Reasons SMB’s should use Office 365:

Stay Connected
  • Stay in touch with colleagues and clients, no matter where you are via online meetings, IM, email, and smartphone.
  • Utilize high-end email driven by Microsoft Exchange which keeps you synchronized with your co-workers and clients. 
  • Use “office365 groups” to facilitate a shared notebook, calendar, inbox and folders.
  • Implement audio/video conferencing to a new or existing meeting via Outlook and Skype for Business.
Ahead of the game
  • Subscriptions come with Cortana, every users digital assistant, making business more efficient by helping you address tasks to get things done.
  • Rest assured that you are doing everything you can to facilitate a professional and cutting edge technology work environment using Delve. The Microsoft 365 Business app ensures your teammates will see updates to their shared files when they are on the go.
Productive on the go
  • Login to 1Drive  to create and manage your word, excel, note and powerpoint documents at any time
  • Integrate marquee business tools so that you and your employees can operate across preferred devices including Mac, Android, iOS and Windows based devices. 
Work Anywhere
  • Microsoft Teams and Outlook Groups are accessible when you are online and will assist you and your teammates work in collaboration with one another.
  • Connect with colleagues and clients with Skype’s Business Platform, instant message to get answers quickly or have an online call or video meeting from your preferred computer, tablet or smartphone. Easily demonstrate concepts, share and co-operate with others on Microsoft documents like Word or Excel or a virtual whiteboard.
  • Access email, calendars and contacts on all of your devices with Microsoft Outlook, even when you are not connected to wifi, to ensure that you and your staff stay connected.
Reduce security risk
  • Consolidate the management of company information on personal devices.
  • Shrink your risk with security features tailored for small business.
  • Maintain a contiguous security configuration profile on your devices.
  • Standardize a set of security policies to be applied on all of your devices.
  • Install the same programs across all devices so that your business information and devices are protected from malware and cyber threats.
Make changes quickly
  • Reduce hardware costs and make management less complex by having more than one operating system on a single Windows device as virtual machines with Hyper-V.
  • Installing and operating Office365 for Business can be done an inexperienced user, however, our office 365 support services are often required get Microsoft Office apps on devices. One may add, edit or delete users in minutes but you can certainly let us take care of it for you.
  • Simple setup of security features and other settings on Windows 10 devices with Mobile Device Management will save your staff lots of time, fully automating installation with Windows AutoPilot, and you can specify if Windows Store or Cortana are allowed on company devices.
  • Produce, share or co-author using Microsoft word processing, spreadsheets or presentation software.
  • 1Drive’s business edition allows one to work both offline and online including pre-programmed synchronization of folders. View the most up to date copy of your files from anywhere there is wi-fi.
  • Access “Sharepoint” which is an easy to use “drag and drop style” system which enables access to and management of 1Drive.
Thoughts into action
  • Go the distance in business with new resources which keep your staff productive like Start Menu, Snap Assist, Virtual Desktop, Tablet Mode and Live Tiles.
  • Use devices in ways you previously did not – take thoughts and turn them into actions accordingly to your preferences. Consider the following options: digital pen, gesture, touch, Microsoft Edge, Windows Ink, text and voice.
Work Offline
  • Use familiar software from the Microsoft office suite of applications.
  • Use the Microsoft office suite of applications offline. Then once you reconnect to the internet, you can sync your updates and newly created files with one click. Start where you left off after changing devices.
Security will always be with you
  • Defend devices and the information on those devices from malware, cyber attacks and any unauthorized access. BitLocker, BitLocker to Go, and Windows Information Protection strengthen the protection business information on tablets and smartphones through encryption and thus may only be accessed by those who are allowed.
  • Go even further and defend Windows 10 devices from unauthorized users by deploying Windows Hello multi-factor authentication to protect user login credentials.
  • Carry-out a Selective Wipe of company data from a remote location on stolen or misplaced devices.
Device, Data & People
  • Stolen or lost devices are secured with Windows 10 encryption capabilities such as BitLocker or BitLocker to Go.
  • Prevent data leaking by accident. Organize business data so it is separate from personal data using Windows Information Protection, and perform Selective Wipe of business data with a few clicks from another location.
  • Ensure your staff can access company files when at the same time restricting business information to Microsoft Office apps by using App Protection for Microsoft mobile apps on iOS or Android.
  • Logging into Windows 10 devices can be done more easily and secure when using Windows Hello biometric authentication2 which can unlock a device by touch or look.
  • Boot your devices securely and ensure that only trusted programs become active during start-up with Windows Trusted Boot and UEFI Secure Boot.
  • Configure Windows Defender to be on within the management console.
Stay up to date
  • Stay up to date with the latest security updates and features, at your own pace,
    with Windows Update for Business. Reduce interruptions caused by updates for critical business devices using Deferred Updates.
  • Run quickly with upgrades from Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Professional all the way to Windows 10 Pro.
  • Office 365 is a cloud service which consistently and automatically gets updated with new innovations to ensure small and medium sized business is working with best in class productivity tools.