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Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Have your IT systems monitored 24/7/365 for a low monthly cost


Computer Monitoring Services

Get your computers, servers and network devices monitored by 1CS for a low fixed monthly cost. Our software tool communicates status information and statistics to our support team in real-time. We view status information in our dashboard and alerts are sent to us via email notification, when a status breaches a per-determined threshold. The status information communicated are things such as; backup information,  errors, critical issues or failures, failed login attempts, system performance, important updates or security patches required for Windows, anti-virus definition updates and other mission-critical factors. 

Computer Reporting Services

Reporting is included with each Monitoring Package. When an issue arises, 1CS’s support team reports the issue to you to make a decision as to whether or not we should address the issue. If you are on a Managed IT Service plan, the issue may be addressed without your authorization, if your package is unlimited and includes proactive IT support. Less-critical information is reported on weekly reports, however,  critical issues are reported or addressed on a daily basis or according to a specific SLA. M&R packages do not include the support services necessary to resolve issues, just the monitoring and reporting of significant system information. Issues are addressed through a pay-as-you-go IT support services, a support service plan or an Managed Service package. 

Pricing: Monitoring and Reporting Services


Type Description Price/Month
Monitoring Server $99.99
Monitoring Workstations (1) $24.99
Monitoring Workstations (2) $34.99
Monitoring Workstations (3) $44.99
Monitoring Workstations (5) $64.99
Managed Cloud Backup Add-on: Workstation (100GB) $49.99
Managed Cloud Backup Add-on: Server (500GB) $99.99


Type Description Price/Month
Cloud Storage Add: 100 GB of Storage $20.99
Cloud Storage Add: GB of Storage $.21
Cloud Storage Add: TB of Storage $199.99
Managed Cloud Backup Online Backup (50GB) $24.99
Managed Cloud Backup Add: Per GB after 50 GB $.21

**Large Volume Discounts Are Available**


RMM is a Managed IT Service

Remote Monitoring and Reporting is a managed service which keeps watch over your IT infrastructure. Our package offers you the ability to outsource the monitoring of your IT infrastructure including endpoints, servers and network equipment. Packages also include the use of our ticketing system and self-service portal. This service results in your business maintaining functionality and security over time. One of our favorite features is that the RMM solution will let us know that a computer, server or network is off-line or unresponsive. This monitoring package sets us apart from other IT Service Providers who have to wait for calls from their customers to be aware of a critical issue. The issue needs to be found before there are negative implications. Depending on the operator, it can often be difficult to detect system errors before they become out-right system failures. Our RMM tool gives us the capability to act in a proactive manner.

Get Peace of Mind with RMM

Stop worrying and free your mind to focus on being profitable. We specialize in Monitoring and Reporting to small and medium sized businesses in Toronto, the GTA and Barrie. If you find that your workstations, servers or networks run into issues which are causing downtime, it is likely that our monthly monitoring and reporting package can find existing issues so they can be resolved and stop happening. 

Thank you for taking the time to read information on our RMM Services for SMB’s. Contact 1CS for more information or to book an appointment. Additionally, we offer specialized cyber security monitoring for SMB’s and Enterprise Level Organizations. Monitoring is the cornerstone of our slate of managed services and crucial for any business to reduce downtime. 


IT Tools in One Dashboard

Rather than monitoring your IT infrastructure using many forms of software, we like using one powerful tool to Monitor your IT Systems. 1CS has an in-depth set of tools to efficiently maintain, secure and enhance Information technology from a single management platform. Some of those tools include things like:


  • Network path visualization
  • Automated monitoring and maintenance
  • Remote access
  • Prescriptive data
  • Threat intelligence
  • Patch management
  • Backup Options
  • Data Recovery Solutions
  • Web protection
  • Managed antivirus

RMM for SMB’s

Remote Monitoring and Reporting