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Entrepreneur with over 15 years experience starting, operating and succeeding in business management and organizational growth. Approaching ventures from a relationship perspective, looking for synergies and win-win scenarios. Experience across multiple industries has awarded me a foundation in business administration, management, marketing, sales and customer service. I am driven to make things work, knowing that there are always obstacles, but it is how we deal with them that determines the outcome. I am known to be a detail-oriented person and a social realist. Structure and standardization keep me ahead of the game, so I can keep my clients ahead of the game.

I am interested in the working of systems, business systems to be precise, and so is my business partner. With my experience in small organizations and his in large organizations, we identified a gap between business systems for SMB’s compared to those for Enterprise level companies and were compelled to fill this gap with enterprise style technology solutions designed for SMB’s. This is why we started 1CS.

1CS brings high-end technology solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the form of Managed IT Services. Outsourcing your IT needs to 1CS makes us a department of your company for a fraction of the price of hiring staff. We help SMB’s use information technology to their advantage and compete with enterprise level companies by utilizing enterprise-grade solutions but with SMB pricing.