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End Point Protection

Cyber Security for Devices. We protect desktops, laptops, routers, mobile devices and other endpoints.


End Point Protection

The term endpoint refers to any device outside the organization’s firewall. Possibly a mobile phone, tablet or laptop which sits on the periphery of a network which ultimately connects to a central network. Thus, End Point Protection.


Beyond Prevention

With thousands if not millions of endpoints to protect, threats only have to be successful once. Whereas you must be right all the time. Anti-virus software works to a point but cannot on it’s own stay abreast of the instant impact of constantly changing threats. The more devious and complex attacks require a tremendous amount of patients on the part of the attacker. Attackers and their technology may be dormant in your networks for weeks or months. Gathering information and plotting an attack. This is why you need end point protection


End Point Detection and Response

To resist a breach and thus the embedding of a threat into your network, you must have an endpoint detection and response service which provides tracking and monitoring. A strong endpoint detection and response service proactively hunts and then contains the most subtle of attacks. The strength of an endpoint detection and response service is founded on the efficacy of its threat intelligence software. 


Intelligent Security Measures

Intelligent Endpoint Security software uses unequaled threat intelligence that is implemented through:

  • Behavioral assessment
  • Machine learning
  • More than a decade of experience

When we combine Intelligent Endpoint Security with leading anti-virus software it is clear that each are mere parts of an overall solution known as an endpoint protection platform. EPP has the capacity to bring known threats to a halt using anti-virus solutions. And the ability to uncover unseen threats with an endpoint protection platform. The later of which is the value proposition of End Point Protection. Then we move onto management and control of your organization’s endpoints which enable a cyber security practitioner to isolate, trap and enclose an endpoint which is possibly compromised while suspicious activity is located and assessed. The 1CS cyber security services team can integrate an EPP with your current security portfolio. 


End Point Protection Platform

EPP not only locates and stops attacks before they happen but it lets you assess safely. And clearly see the when, where and how a compromise or threat might have occurred to one or more of your endpoints. Also learn who was likely carrying out the attack or what likely compromised your endpoint. To finally isolate it so it cannot gain access to other endpoints or other areas of your network. With Intelligent Endpoint Security software and endpoint detection and response services, organizations get real endpoint protection and the capacity to seamlessly deploy an endpoint protection platform. 


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