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Get your PC or Mac Device Running Smoothly with solid in Home Computer Service

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Computer Fix

 We Fix Computer Problems of All Kinds

Computer Maintenance and Upgrades for Laptops, Desktops and some Mobile Devices. 1CS is a Mobile Computer Service Company Providing Onsite Computer Related Service and Remote PC Service in Toronto, GTA & Barrie



Computer Repair

We repair almost any kind of computer. We are like a mobile computer repair shop. 

Laptop Repair Toronto

Looking for laptop repair nearby. We can fix your laptop computer quickly. 

PC Repair Toronto

Is your PC broken. We can assist you with your personal computing device.

Internet Help

We fix internet connections. We can make your wireless internet better. 

MAC Solutions

Members of our team know MAC computers and other products including iPhone repair. 

Computer Support

Need help with a computer related problem. We knows PC issues. 

Computer Maintenance

We can clean up your computer. Our technicians are skilled at refreshing computing devices. 

Desktop Computer Repair

Is your workstation not working. We can repair software and some hardware. 

Some Mobile Devices

We cannot service all Smartphones and Tablets. Only software issues. 

Have A Specific Technology Issue? 

Is your computer not turning on, printing not printing or are you having trouble connecting Netflix. No problem, the 1CS team loves solving technological challenges.


Blue Screen of Death

Is your computer screen blue. If so, we can help. Call for blue screen remedy. 

Virus Removal

Have or believe you have a computer virus. Our team is skilled at removing virus’s.


Connect Netflix

Trouble connecting Netflix. We can setup and connect it for you and your family. 

Printing Problems

Can’t print. We can fix your printing and scanning issues in no time. 

Data Recovery

Can’t access your pictures and documents. We recover data from personal computers. 

Purchase a Computer

Need help with a computer purchase. Use our suppliers and get our advice.

Computer Not Turning On

If your laptop or desktop won’t boot up, contact us and we will send a technician.

Computer Too Slow

Has your laptop or desktop become slow. We knows how to make it run faster. 

Computer, Internet & Social Media Training

Let us teach you how to use the internet, email, social media and more.

1CS a Team of Computer Specialists, Serving Toronto, GTA & Barrie

Computer Repair Professionals, IT Experts, Computer Nerds, Tech Support and Computer Doctors

Computer Technician

We provide technical support services to information technology and accessories. 

Computer Nerd

In computing a Nerd is someone who knows computers because they love them. 

IT Expert

Members of our team specialize in various disciplines within computing.

Computer Doctor

Some people refer to us a Doctor of computers. We exam, diagnose and operate. 


PC Help Desk

We provide a support desk service which resolves your ongoing computer issues.

Onsite Tech Support

We come to you. Stay at home and save time. We Fix the issues right in front of you.

Technical Support Team

A team providing support services to individuals in their condos and houses. 

Remote PC Service

Services can be provided by remote access. You don’t have to come in. 

Personal Computer Specialist

We know technology for homes and small offices. We are experts in this class of computing. 

Emergency Computer Service

1CS provides emergency computer and IT support to individuals, home-based business and SMB’s within Toronto and the GTA, from early in the morning until late at night. Our mobile computer support service is comprised of computer nerds and computer doctors. Each has the capability to provide onsite computer repair services or remote computer support over the internet. Including PC support services, MAC support services and recovery services. Call: 647.956.6081

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If You Are Located in Downtown Toronto, Midtown Toronto, Uptown Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Mississauga, Markham, Vaughan, Concord, Innisfil or Barrie and Friendly Computer Support….
You have come to the right place.

Contact us at (647) 956-6081 for expert IT Service and get the GTA’s #1 Computer Specialists to help you

Computer Service Near Me


1CS provides a broad range of services including computer repairs to personal, home based and small business computers. Once we evaluate your computer, we can tell you if the computer problem is related to hardware or software. If software related, we can likely fix your PC or Mac onsite. If hardware related, one of our computer technicians can pickup the necessary parts from one of our preferred toronto computer stores and install it shortly after. There are many computer shops in Toronto and one of our computers technicians knows of a location near you. They can meet with you to assess your computer problem and discuss possible solutions. They can do PC repair and Mac repair, laptop repair or desktop repair. 

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Technology Help for Senior’s

Need Help with Technology? We would be pleased to assist you in a calm and respectful manner.

Helping Retiree’s use their Smartphone, Computer and Technology

Learn how use the internet to stay in touch with loved ones. We can show you how to use Facebook, Send an Email, Take a Picture with your iPhone or Android and set you up so that your computer and smartphone work for you

Friendly, Kind & Compassionate Technology Assistance for Seniors

Looking for someone nice to help you with your smartphone, computer or something else. Our staff is very nice and excited to resolve your technology issues and show you how to use technology so that you can stay in touch with Family. We will always treat you with the respect that you deserve.

computer fix near me

Computer Repair Downtown Toronto

Internet Support Services

1CS is a knowledgeable and experienced internet troubleshooter.


Internet Setup & Support

1CS can setup internet once your connection has been activated. We can also troubleshoot internet issues.

Network Setup & Support

1CS can setup a personal network suitable for home or home office use.

Wireless Internet Troubleshooting

1CS can troubleshoot wireless internet signal issues.

Rogers & Bell

1CS is familiar with Rogers and Bell Internet packages, services and common issues.

In Home Computer Services

1CS prides itself on finding solutions to your technological challenges.


List of Computer Services
  • Software Installation
  • Hardware Installation
  • Software Repair
  • Hardware Repair
  • PC Repair Toronto
  • Home PC Repair
  • Laptop PC Repair
  • Desktop PC Repair
  • Home Computer Repair
  • Router & Internet Support
  • Printers & Multi-functions
  • Virus Removal Toronto
  • Mobile Devices
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Upgrade Data Recovery
  • Slow Computer
  • How to get a computer to run faster
  • Email Support
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Computer Security
  • Computer Assessment Services
  • Computer Maintenance Services
Computer Support of Home Based Business

IT Service for Home Based Business

  • Pay the residential rate
  • Pay as you go, no support contract required
  • Services provided at your home office or by remote access
  • Access computer technicians experienced with consumer grade information technology
  • Benefit from our computer equipment supplier relationships using our home tech support services
  • Access computer technicians experienced with commercial (SMB) grade information technology
  • Receive guidance with respect to what information technology to purchase
  • Also offering business services tailored to law firms, health care providers, real estate brokerages and construction companies
Onsite & Remote Support

Get computer support delivered to your home office in person or via remote access. From your computer not turning on to data recovery, we upgrades data and do it all except for screen repair. Specializing in PC’s but also offering services to MAC devices. Software issues are more easily addressed on a MAC than physical hardware repairs which we mostly carry out on PC’s. Having said that, if you do require service for a MAC device, give us a call, we have someone on our team who knows MAC very well. 

About 1CS
  • Executive Summary is dedicated to providing exceptional computer related services. We leverage not just experience from within information technology but also within customer service, sales, business administration and management, which allows us to provide a leading edge technical support experience. We strive to provide innovative solutions which are easy to use.
  • Mission Statement The company’s mission is to keep our clients information technology infrastructure functioning smoothly with the least amount of downtime as possible.
  • Team Leader Blake Fick is an energetic IT Professional with more than 15 years’ of experience supporting computing technology. His portfolio includes positions at some of Canada’s largest companies such as; IBM, Celestica, Rogers, CBI Healthcare and oversaw projects such as LG Fashion Week.
  • Why Choose 1CS?
    • Competent and personable services at competitive prices
    • Technicians who have the knowledge and experience to resolve a vast array of computer technology issues
    • Ability to monitor your systems and detect irregular activity which an average user may not
    • Affiliated with some of Ontario’s largest suppliers of computer equipment
    • WSIB, business liability and errors and omissions insurance

Computer Services Near Me

Our Mobile Computer Service will visit you person or over the internet, to setup or fix your laptop or desktop

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