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With over 15 years’ experience as an IT Professional Colin Comrie is not only technologically savvy but is also passionate about problem solving and finding resolution for his clients.  When he was young he used to take apart computers and other electronics and put them back together for fun.  Starting in high school he would help friends, family and even teachers with computer and audiovisual issues and setups.

Before entering the world of IT, he worked as an accountant for a major corporation.  Here he continued his ‘ad hoc consulting’ for coworkers which eventually led to him to aiding with the implementation of ‘SAP’ an accounting ERP software.  This experience made him realize how much he wanted to work in the field of technology.  Soon after he enrolled in programs and started working towards certifications in networking and administration.

After many years of service and working his way up in the industry, Colin now specializes in networking and support for medium to large size businesses.  In his portfolio of experience, he has great knowledge of virtualization systems, Hyper-V/VM ware, new security technologies such as 2factor login, most virus protection programs, and managed switches.