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Why Choose 1CS

Why Choose 1CS?

Choose 1CS because we are not the Geek Squad or Nerds On-Site. We provide competent and personable service at competitive prices. Why choose 1CS? We stand behind our services, treat your equipment with respect, customize our services where necessary, show you how to use your equipment and check to make sure everything works before leaving. We do all of this using safe and secure conventional methods which have been tried and tested because we are dedicated to building relationships with our clients.

1CS has Knowledge and Experience

Why choose 1CS? because of our knowledge and experience. 1CS technicians have the knowledge and experience to resolve your computer or technology issues. We have computer technicians across the GTA who are clear communicators, professional and very good at finding solutions to your problems. This network of technicians can address a wide spectrum of technical difficulties. Hiring 1CS means you are hiring a company rather than a sole proprietor. We Service individuals and businesses within a broad range of industries and are familiar with the requirements of small to medium sized businesses.

1CS has Capabilities and Resources

Choose 1CS because of our capabilities. We have the ability to monitor your computer system or network from a remote location. We can detect activity which a regular user may not. If something happens we can let you know. We can also address the issues remotely via a program that allows our technicians to access your computer system from a remote location with your permission. The Program allows us to respond to various activity and status reports very quickly and efficiently.

1CS can Procure and Deliver

Why choose 1CS? because we can get you the hardware and software that you need. We are affiliates of some of Ontario’s largest suppliers of Computer equipment. Additionally, we are affiliates of providers of anti-virus software, backup solutions, a Canadian based cloud service, VoIP services and email and website services. The relationships that we have built make it easy for us to procure a wide range of computer and telecommunications technology products and services on your behalf in an effective and efficient manner. Still wondering about why to choose 1CS?

1CS in General

Choose 1CS because we carry standard business liability insurance and standard errors and omissions insurance. We accept many forms of payment for your convenience including credit card and e-transfer. We have standards and policies to ensure a positive outcome. Our management structure includes a diversity of career backgrounds to ensure we do not get caught in the IT bubble. 1CS is a company that stands behind its work.

1CS in Summary

Why choose 1CS? Our people are personable and provide common sense services in a professional and courteous manner. We have a wide range of IT knowledge and experience necessary to address a broad spectrum of tasks, issues and business types. Have the capability to monitor IT Infrastructure and take action from a remote location. 1CS is affiliated with computer hardware and software distributors who seamlessly supply our customers, often at a discount. Our business is setup to make things easy for you and give you piece of mind.

No pushy salespeople, just helpful advice to solve your problems