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Computer Virus Removal 

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Virus Removal Services, Toronto & GTA

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Malware Removal Basics


Virus vs Malware

What is the difference between Virus and Malware?

A computer virus is a type of malicious software program called malware that, when activated, replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and incorporating its own code within. When this replication succeeds, the affected areas are then said to be “infected” with a computer virus. This often brings on the need for computer services. 

Virus Software

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware 

Similarly, antivirus software is also known as anti-malware software, a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware. 1CS can acquire this software on your behalf and install it to a computer for it’s protection. This software, on its own, may not be sufficient for virus removal

Virus's come from....

How a computer gets a virus

Using the internet has implications. The internet is how most malware makes it’s way to a computer. By clicking on what looks harmless, the user might be giving malware access to a computer. Malware has been known to enter a computer system when an image or live video stream is being downloaded. Unfortunately, it is not always clear if clicking on something will download something.

Trojan horses are applications which appear to be valid programs but have hidden malicious code which carries out a different and devious task.

A Virus looks like.....

Symptoms of a computer virus or other malware

When you get a virus on your computer you might not know it at first. It may take a few uses before you start to notice pop ups or Malware disguising itself as a new program on your desktop or quick start menu. It may also be that you do no realize you are infected until or during the course of our computer services.  For those who have had a virus or Trojan before, you will likely remember the symptoms when you see your computer acting in that strange way, doing those things it never did before. In most cases you can clearly see the computer has been infected with a virus. Unwanted pop-ups, an inability to access your own data and a poorly performing computer are classic signs that a computer virus is present. Some malware can stay well hidden, lerk silently and attempt to steal your passwords and personal information, causing problems on your computer. If your data is recoverable, we will do everything we can to recover it. 

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What to do if a computer is infected with Malware

As soon as a computer is thought to be infected with Malware, the user should take the following precautions:

Do not click on anything


Disconnect from internet immediately

Don’t turn computer off and do not restart it

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If the computer won’t turn off and you see messages which direct the user to contact someone, the computer might be infected with a type of malware called ransomware. Ransomware can hold a computer and it’s data hostage until the demands of the hackers are met. If one finds them self in this situation, contact us.


Are You Still Searching For An Experienced Toronto Virus Removal and Malware Prevention Service? Get In Touch With a Greater Toronto Area Computer Service Specialist Who Will Get You Virus Free In No Time.

Regardless of if you are an Individual or Business, 1CS Malware Specialists are familiar with where malware locates itself and how to get rid of it. Our team can also recommend anti-virus software and good practices to keep your computer free from virus and annoying pop-ups, so that you can regain control your laptop or desktop.

Malware Specialists

Our malware removal specialists can detect and remove a virus, spyware, other malware and unwanted pop-ups.  Each can remove a virus which is hard to detect and are qualified to fix damages caused by a computer virus or other malware. Put a stop to unwanted computer behavior and poor performance. Diagnosing and adjusting computer security settings which can leave your PC vulnerable to online threats if not configured optimally.  Receive guidance on how to keep your computer free from virus and other malware moving forward. Easily purchase ESET anti-virus to protect your computer. 

Professional Services

1CS virus removal professionals will detect and remove online threats regardless of how well they are hiding. We will get your computer back to normal in a timely manner for a competitive price. There is little chance your computer will need to be reformatted or to reinstall windows as our computer technicians are adept at detecting and removing a virus and other malware. 

Assessing a computer

We can let you know if a virus or other malware has situated itself within your computer and remove it. We can also suggest and set you up with anti-virus software suitable to your needs including a demonstration of how to use it and advice on how to mitigate the chances of getting a virus or other Malware in the future. Also, please do not be fooled by the Microsoft virus scam. It’s one of the newest. If you think you have become victim to it, please call us for next steps. 

Contact us

Contact 1CS for virus removal services or request a call back. Additionally, we provide computer security for individuals and cyber security services for business. In fact, we provide many different types of computer services for your home and IT services for your business. 

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Interested In General Computer Security? Want To Know Best Practice To Keep Your Computer And Data Safe? Contact 1CS.

Whether you are an Individual or Business, 1CS can provide computer security and cyber security consulting and services. We explain potential threats and security vulnerabilities, both online and offline, and recommend strategies to mitigate them. 

Computer Security Services

Computer Security

What is Computer Security?

Computer Security is the body of technologies, practices and processes of detecting and blocking intrusions into a computer system. The process safeguards against unauthorized users from taking control of a computer, using its resources for malicious reasons, and those trying to gain access by accident. If this occurs, computer services are often required.  

Offline Threats

Offline Security Threats

Offline refers to those security threats which are not internet based. Threats like someone accessing a computer in person because they found it, stole it or acquired some other form of unauthorized access. The purpose of the intrusion could be significant or petty in nature. Breaches in security can occur by strangers or those you know. There are a few basic security measures one can take prior to purchasing a security program or encrypting data. 

Online Threats

Online Security Threats

Online threats form a significant part of the total threat facing a personal computer. Cyber Security refers to online threats.  There are things one can do using both software and hardware to protect against online threats. Knowing where threats come from is important when it comes to avoiding them. Anti-virus software can provide a satisfactory level of security when addressing the malware class of online threats. One should take measures to protect against hackers or any unauthorized intruders including those living in close proximity to your wireless signal

Security Services

1CS provides Computer Security

Wireless networks are notoriously known as weak on security, making it possible for others within proximity of your wireless network signal to access your computer. Unless you have properly protected your computer, using proven security measures, you are at risk. We would be pleased to assess your existing security measures and make recommendations based on our findings.

Protect Your Computer

Need computer security services? If so, we can help. Contact us today for some quick over the phone advice including anti-virus recommendations and virus removal. Alternatively, if you want something more high-level, including for your business, check out our cloud security and cyber security services.

Basic Computer Security Measures

  1. Setting a password to access the computer
  2. Setting a password to access programs
  3. Setting a password to access files and other data
  4. Storing sensitive data on an external hard drive
  5. Using an anti-virus program
  6. Using an enhanced offline security program
  7. Installing a firewall
  8. Avoid websites used for malicious purposes
  9. Avoid clicking on popups
  10. Avoid giving out personal information when contacted

We can demonstrate how to use the security features which come with Windows, Microsoft products or common security programs. Alternatively, we can facilitate the purchase of enhanced security software if a higher level of security is preferred. Today, however, the bulk of security efforts focus on the internet and cyber threats.


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