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The 5th Wave of the Internet

The 5th Wave of the Internet

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The 5th Wave of the Internet – Cloud Services:

With all of the uploading and downloading going on, a problem occurred. Everyone started running out of space for their data and thus we have The 5th Wave of the Internet . At first, the solution was to buy an extra hard drive and keep everything on it. That worked for a while. As computers and accessories became more affordable, this brought on the advent of the USB thumb drive, or USB stick. The USB stick made it easy for individuals to carry around their data. It is is still a common form of transferring and backing up data. This worked well when we were all still using our old Nokia flip phones but once the iPhone came out it changed the way access our data.

The 5th Wave of the Internet – USB Keys

With the introduction of smartphones-which are basically hand-held computers- it has forced us to re-evaluate how and where we store data. Smartphones and tablets generally do not have a USB key or external hard drive connection. Therefore, we had to find a way to access our data from any of our devices without a USB stick. Shortly thereafter, a buzz word called “the cloud” started to circulate. I remember for over a year people were talking about the cloud and not having any idea what it was. The cloud is a place on the internet which can hold your files, applications and programs. In such a way that you can access them as if they were on your own computer.

The 5th Wave of the Internet – Drop Box

Drop Box, although not the first cloud service, is a well-known cloud provider. It is still one of the largest utilized cloud-based file-sharing services. The key concept of the cloud is the location of your data, applications and programs. They are not located on your computer. Since the cloud is accessed through the internet, one can access their data, applications and programs from any device with internet access so long as the device is compatible with the data, program and application you are trying to access. This reduced our reliance on USB sticks.

The 5th Wave of the Internet – Virtual Space

The cloud has revolutionized the world of data storage and has opened up a huge new market. In some cases virtual online storage space is selling for close to the same cost as some storage units. In this case, virtual space is close to the same value as real estate. Selling in some cases even faster than the land the data is situated on. Many businesses are choosing to store their data, applications and programs on the cloud. Due to the cloud having many benefits including a being good investment if you’re looking for efficiency, cost effectiveness and some level of support.

The 5th Wave of the Internet – Software as a Service

If you keep your data on a server that you rent from a service provider, the service provider is on the hook to maintain and update the hardware, along with supporting the software infrastructure. The Cloud removes all of the overhead and risk away from the user and allows a more diverse allocation of resources. Raw Data storage was really just the beginning of the cloud. It has now evolved to programs and applications using something called SaaS or Software as a Service. Saas basically means that you subscribe for software on a monthly basis opposed to buying it outright.

You can get a subscription to a website where the application can be accessed, and then use it right there from the providers website. Similarly to data, accessing applications and programs through SaaS also allows you to worry less about upgrades, maintenance of the computer running the software, and, furthermore, allows scalability far beyond any locally-installed program.

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