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What is Systems Management?

Systems Management refers to enterprise-wide administration of systems including computer systems. Network management initiatives in telecommunications strongly influence system management. Much of this managed service is carried out through system management software tools and as a result operated by an MSP like 1CS. Furthermore, the system management software tools manage the performance of various system applications. The various below system applications are subsets of systems management.

What do System Managers manage? (subsets) :

  • Management and monitoring of devices, servers, networks and storage
  • Application management and usage monitoring & reporting
  • Managed backup and restore, to backup up systems data to cloud storage
  • They notify organizations of capacity issues, imminent or actual failures or other system indicators and events
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, the planning processes so you can prepare for disruptive events 
  • Hardware and software inventory and therefore the managing of licenses
  • Software inventory and therefore the managing licenses, patching and versioning
  • Maintaining configuration settings, including  management of operating systems and firmware
  • Computer Security Management including malware and anti-virus  software, including virus definition updates
  • Email Management, the organization and storage of high volumes of inbound/outbound electronic mail
  • Help desk via ticketing system and the maintenance of it
  • And More!

Systems Management, defined

The term Systems Management encompasses many of the functions we carry out as a Manage Service Provider. If you have read through our website, you have likely seen many of the above listed managed functions. Like any managed service, the term systems management implies an ongoing task. If the tasks is only being carried out once, that is referred to as a setup, repair or break-fix.

Management Software

1CS licences management software for the various system subsets. It allows us to manage your systems from one central location using connected interfaces. Despite the fact that systems management implies all of your systems, specific subsets may be selected or bundled with others for a customized management solution. Some of our licensed products include a Server & Application Monitor, Virtualization Manager, Storage Resource Monitor, and furthermore we offer a Backup Monitor and a Web Performance Monitor.

1CS Performs Systems Management

Even if you only have one server or a few computers, systems management can prove to be very helpful. Contact 1CS by phone or email for more information on our managed services or to book an appointment. Systems management refers to any IT system suitable to a small or medium sized business including monitoring and reporting of servers and other end-points, network monitoring and support and other managed services