What is a Slow Computer?

A Slow Computer is a computer which is functioning below it’s intended level of performance. Where it’s speed and functionality have become lessened, usually due to common factors. Factors such as the data, programs and capability of the processor, hard drive and memory. Our computer services can assess and treat a slow computer. 

Why is my computer slow?

A computer becomes slow when it runs out of capability. If a computer has more data and programs than it has the capacity to handle, the computer will slow down. Capability of a processor, hard drive and memory are crucial to the optimal performance of a computer. One must not exceed the capacity of these elements for a computer to function effectively.

How to treat a Slow Computer

Once a determination has been made that a computer is operating below it’s intended level of performance, the following steps can be taken:

  • Remove all temporary internet files and other temporary files
  • Remove programs which are known to weaken a computer’s performance
  • Pay attention to any anti-virus programs as they often slow a computer down
  • Review all programs and remove those which are unnecessary
  • Delete unnecessary, duplicate or extremely large files
  • Remove desired programs but not programs which the computer needs to function

After completing each step, test the performance of the computer. If the performance has returned to normal, there may be little need to take further steps. If the performance has not returned to an acceptable level, continue on to the next step and repeat this process until it has resulted in the computer returning to an acceptable level of performance.

When to call a Computer Service Provider?

After completing the above process, the computer is still unacceptably slow, consider calling a Computer Service like 1CS. We can assess the capability of things like the computer processor, hard drive and memory to ascertain if the slow computer can be fixed through software settings or if new hardware is required. In some cases, it may make sense to simply buy a new computer.

Computer Support for a Slow Computer!

A 1CS technician can assess, and bring remedies to, the speed and functionality of a computer.  Our technician’s can carry out the above steps and report the results. Alternatively, if the above steps have already been taken without the desired result, our technicians can provide additional solutions or necessary hardware. In any event, a 1CS technician can resolve the issue. If you would like some assistance with a Slow Computer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

We regularly perform computer maintenance services. Call, email or request a call back using our online contact form. Our computer services often include a computer assessment. Contact us today.