What are Routers, Switches and Firewalls?


A router is a device connected to a network which forwards data between a computer or network and other networks. A router connects two or more lines of data originating from different networks. It’s what a computer or other device gets plugged into to get an internet connection or it’s what gives off a wireless internet signal.


A switch looks like a router but only connects lines of data within one network.


A firewall is a network security system which coordinates network traffic based on an applied rule set. A firewall can be either a piece of hardware or a software program which helps keep out viruses, worms and hackers.

1CS can supply and service Routers, Switches and Firewalls

An internet service provider usually provides a router and a limited firewall which has some security features when internet service is initiated. Sometimes these are sufficient for personal use and sometimes they are not. 1CS can assist with the purchase of equipment which will better suit the given construction of a home. We have relationships with many suppliers and are familiar with high quality network equipment which our customers can purchase for a low cost. We also off the computer services necessary to install and setup these devices.

Router and Firewall Questions

The average person may not pay a lot of attention to these devices but just like any part of a computer system, they need to stay up to date and you computer services and can certainly help you out with that. As new technology enters the marketplace it may have difficulty communicating with an older router, switch or firewall. Signals can become degraded and newer technology may require a stronger signal or a signal in a different format.

When searching for a new router, one should consider the following questions:

  • is there a need for a router with a wireless signal?
  • What type of user is it for?
  • Does the user need a single band or a dual band?
  • What speed is needed….300Mbps, 900Mbps, 1900Mbps…?
  • Does the user require an 802.11n or an 802.11ac?
  • What type of security is needed?
  • Is there a need for a firewall?

1CS can help with Routers, Switches and Firewalls

It can be difficult to know the right router or firewall to use given the type of home construction. If the above questions are making you concerned, feel free to give us a call, we would be delighted to assist you in selecting a suitable router, switch or firewall for your home or business.

Contact us today for more information on our home computer repair services or request a call back using our online contact form. In addition to servicing or helping you purchase an appropriate router, switch and/or firewall, we offer other relevant computer services  such as internet support or network support