What is a Printer?

A Printer is a piece of hardware, usually connected to a computer, which prints text and images onto paper. When we talk about a Printer, we are not talking about a person whose business is the printing press. Over time, printers may require computer services

Why is my Printer not printing?

There are many reasons why a printer won’t print. When troubleshooting printing issues, we recommend one first look for the following:

  • Unplugged power chord
  • Unplugged USB chord
  • Lost network connection or wireless connection
  • On screen device notifications
  • Paper jam

If nothing is unplugged, connections are good, notifications have been dealt with and there is no paper jam, go onto phase 2.

Troubleshooting printing issues Phase 2

  • Cancel print jobs
  • Check Network settings
  • Reboot Computer
  • Reboot Printer
  • Reset print spooler

If all print jobs have been cancelled, network settings are normal, the computer and printer rebooted and the print spooler has been reset, go onto phase 3.

Troubleshooting printing issues Phase 3

If you prefer, one of our technicians would be pleased to carry out the above troubleshooting steps listed in Phase 1 and Phase 2, on your behalf.

Common Printer types

Common types of printers used by individuals and business:

Inkjet – it uses special ink

Laser – it uses LED technology to get small particles of toner from a cartridge onto paper

Often, laser printing is more economical than Inkjet printing.

If you are thinking of buying a new printer, scanner or multi-function device, we can help you acquire it and give you advice along the way.

1CS can fix Printing issues!

1CS can diagnose printing problems, troubleshoot where necessary or assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing a printer, scanner or multi-function device.

Having printing problems or problems with a scanner, multi-function device, fax machine or photocopier? Contact us by phone or email when you need to troubleshoot printing issues. Additionally, if your business needs support for a VoIP phone system, we would be pleased to assist you with that too including PBX and cloud PBX phone systems.