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What is a Multi-Function Device?

A Multi-Function Device is a machine which combines the operations of a printer, photocopier, scanner and fax machine, all in one. A Multi-Function Device connects to a network so it can be accessed by multiple users and the internet. Multi-function devices, from time to time, may require IT services

Fax Machines

Traditional fax machines are becoming less common with the rise of Multi-Function Devices and email services. However, faxing is still a prevalent method of communication used by governments, large institutions and the business community. Today, a facsimile transmission can be carried out over the internet without the use of a fax machine or phone line. Faxes can be sent to and from an email account which is connected to a fax number on a server.


If one is having trouble with one of these machines, it might be due to its older technology. When devices reach a certain age, parts become in-operative and communications with newer devices may become degraded, intermittent or non-existent. Some devices do not work well with others and navigating ones way through to a solution can be difficult.

Selecting a device

Multi-Function Devices are often network devices. Shared by numerous individuals concurrently. This leads to jammed devices requiring a spooler reset or re-configuration of the settings. When selecting a Multi-Function Device, it is important to consider exact need. Don’t get stuck with a device that is more or less than what is suitable.

1CS can troubleshoot a Multi-Function Device

Need assistance with a Multi-Function Device, printer, photocopier, scanner or fax machine? If so, 1CS is here to help.  We can troubleshoot device errors or help you procure a new device.

Yes we also offer printer troubleshooting and VoIP phone support. Contact 1CS for more information on our IT service or to book an appointment.