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Mobile Apps and Software Development


Mobile apps are programs designed to operate on a mobile device like a smartphone, tablet or watch. Software development is the process of (1) conceiving, (2) specifying (3) designing, (4) programming, (5) documenting, (6) testing, and (7) bug fixing necessary in creating and maintaining applications and other software. Mobile applications are in contrast to desktop applications which operate on a desktop computer or with web applications which operate in mobile web browsers instead of directly on a mobile device. The term “app” is short for “software application”. For 1CS, mobile apps and software development go hand in hand because it takes software development to create mobile apps. Due to the support involved, we recommend this services as part of managed IT Services package. 


Benefits of Mobile Apps and Software Development


Many organizations are choosing to have their own mobile app or proprietary software program. The app or software program is designed to carry out a specific set of functions. A function could be processing information such as customer or payment information. Traditionally paper was the form of business information. The employee or contractor would fill out customer and payment information on 3 colour carbon copy paper so that all parties could have their own copy. This system works but apps or programs make the process quicker, more efficient and often come with a cost savings. Staff may receive or access app information immediately and there is less duplication when it comes to entering and managing business information. Thus there is no delay of business information.


Does your organization need Mobile Apps or Custom Software?


There are many uses to mobile apps and custom software. The possibilities are endless. 1CS has the ability to create desktop or mobile apps or other software specifically for your organization. Furthermore, we have the people to sit with you to understand your need for customized software. What you would like the mobile app or proprietary software to be able to accomplish. There are many existing  apps or programs out there, the question is whether or not they work for your business or have all of the capabilities you need. Much of the available pre-package software woks but may have trouble integrating into your system and functioning smoothly with your other programs. This is where 1CS comes in.


1CS can help your organization with Mobile Apps and Software Development!


1CS may be able to integrate pre-package software apps and programs like Office 365 with your existing information technology systems. If the solution has limitations which are not ideal for your business, 1CS can develop and implement proprietary apps or other software programs better suited to your needs.

Contact 1CS for more information on our mobile app development services or to arrange a consultation. Check out our other IT Support Services. Need Office365 integration, or software installation and support? We can certainly help you with that too.  

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