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Cloud Based Storage Solutions

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is an important tool for business. As a result, business information is more and more being stored on a server located on the internet.  As your business information is protected when there is a flood or a fire. The storing of your business data is carried out by way of a Managed Backup, one of our most commonly provided Managed Services. The idea being that if you suffer an event of data loss, you will be able to retrieve your data from another location.

1CS offers Cloud Storage through one of our MSP backup software tools. In most cases, provided through an all in one subscription based software solution. Furthermore, it simplifies the backup and recovery process. 1CS is able to deliver this IT Service to physical, virtual or multi-site environments.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Our backup software tools are designed from the ground up and as a result there is reduced impact on the CPU. As well as memory resources, bandwidth, and storage capacities. By utilizing industry-leading technologies. Here are a few of the key features and benefits delivered by our backup software tools.

True Delta Technology

This technology significantly cuts backup volume capacities and upload times. Incremental backups are restricted to only the block-level content which changed since the previous backup. This removes the need to backup entire documents and files with each backup.

  • No concerns about bandwidth and cloud storage
  • Accelerated Back up times

Cloud Security

The MSP software tool keeps data safe from unwanted readers throughout the backup and recovery process. It also helps with rigid compliance standards, such as HIPAA. Business information becomes encrypted when backed up. Only you (the owners of the data) have the encryption key for recovering and accessing your encrypted business information.

  • You do not need a secure Internet connection
  • After delivery to their destination, files remain secure
  • Restricting encryption key to the owner of the data reduces unauthorized access

Hybrid Backup (Onsite & Offsite)

Our MSP Backup software tool allows 1CS to backup data and recover it while onsite or offsite using the cloud.

  • Automatic restores
  • Operational across entire network due to easy installation

Cloud Resources

To mitigate security risks associated with data center usage, our MSP Backup software tool backs up business information to highly secure and fully audited, global data centers. Employing multiple data centers in different countries offers increased reliability and redundancy than onsite backups or when backing up data to only one data center. The MSP Backup software tool allows you to choose the country where data is located. Each data center adheres with ISO or SSAE standards, physical security provided 24/7/365 , and boasts a 99.999% uptime promise.

  • Cloud management
  • Maximum coverage SLA
  • Stronger compliance protections
  • Data center certifications

Virtual Recovery

The MSP Backup software tool can easily recover to Hyper-V or VMware virtual servers. So that organizations get up and running as soon as possible. Bootable recovery media reduces process time without preloading the OS during physical server recovery.

  • Virtual servers are continuously updating due to automatic daily delta changes.
  • A live backup of Windows System State automates the full system recovery after data loss.
  • Data recovery uses the minimum delta from the cloud to reduce restore times.
  • Granularly choose folders or files for backup, including files which are in active use or open.

What you want to know about Cloud Storage

In conclusion, all you may want to know is that your data is safe, secure and managed through state of the art cloud storage software and a Managed Service Provider with an impeccable record. We operate the Cloud Storage software tool for you and show you how to carry-out some of the basic functions.

If you are ready to move your business data to the cloud or just need IT Support for your existing cloud storage service, 1CS would be pleased to assist you. Contact 1CS for cloud storage services or to book an appointment. Alternatively, we offer data backup and recovery services for individuals and a managed backup for business.

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