IT Outsourcing


Consider IT Outsourcing

Are you finding that your existing IT staff or resources are insufficient to satisfy the demands of your organization? Have you recently considered hiring more staff or spending money on other resources to bridge the gap? If so, please consider IT outsourcing for your small to medium sized business. IT Outsourcing is a low risk/low cost way to manage your IT or supplement your existing IT capabilities.

IT Outsourcing is Efficient

Outsourcing IT is an efficient way to meet changing demand. When your need ramps up, so can
1CS, and when your need lessens, so too can 1CS. This in of itself is enough to justify the use of IT outsourcing, however, the benefits are far more reaching.

Lower Cost of Outsourcing IT

Aside from a reduction in hiring and training costs,  IT outsourcing requires less administration with regard to payroll and regulations. It lets you focus on what you do best rather than spending your time in perpetual interviews and downsizings. Additionally, managing all IT matters in house can lead to prolonged research and development. In contrast to outsourcing which executes the delivery and setup of newer technology in a simple and much faster manner.

IT Outsourcing & Technology

For IT Consultants on the cutting edge of technology, rarely is there an issue we are not familiar with. At 1CS we see, treat and manage a broad range of issues on a weekly basis. Whereas a full-time IT employee position can lead to isolation within the issues of the organization which she or he serves.

These are some of the advantages of IT outsourcing.

If you work at a company with an existing IT department, please know that we are not looking to replace your IT colleagues or remove existing positions from your department hierarchy but instead augment it in an efficient way with multiple benefits and significant cost savings.

As IT Specialists, 1CS understands technology. We have experienced Consultants and Technicians with a track record of finding and implementing technology solutions. They have worked in the IT departments of CBI Healthcare, Celestica, Rogers, IBM Canada, HYPN, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, SportsLive and NBC Universal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. If you are in need of IT advice and services for your small to medium sized business and feel that IT outsourcing is something you want to explore further, contact 1CS to get more information or setup an appointment.