What is the Internet?

The Internet is a worldwide computer network that uses the standard “TCP/IP” Internet protocol. It is comprised of millions of public, private, business, academic and government networks from local to global in size. Connected through networking technologies including optical, wireless and electronic. Often requiring some form of computer services.

Instructions for lost internet connection

If an internet connection has stopped working, try this first:

(1) shut down the computer (safely)

(2) unplug the power chord from the router

(3) wait 10 minutes

(4) plug the power chord back into the router

(5) turn the computer back on

(6) wait another 5 minutes

If the internet is still not working, contact us for computer services.

Internet Connectivity Support

If your Internet connection is already live, it would not take us long to configure your connection and connect your devices. If you do not already have a connection, you will need to get one. 1CS can assist in the selection of an internet service provider (ISP) and furthermore, if you provide us with written authorization, we can place an order and liason with an ISP on your behalf. Additionally, our technicians can troubleshoot issues related to an existing connection, network or wireless signal.

Wireless Signal Support

Wireless signals can become weakened, especially if there is a competing wireless signal. Some people do not realize that wireless signals emanating from cordless phones, cell phones and other devices can affect the signal of a wireless router. Additionally, certain materials used to construct homes do not work well with wireless signals. If that is true in your home, 1CS can provide or procure a solution. We can show you how to get your signal to each room of your home. We use a device which can detect and analyze a wireless signal to better address wireless signal issues.

1CS can get your Internet working!

Troubleshooting Internet problems can be difficult if you are not familiar with doing so. There are tests one can carry out and settings which can be adjusted to address a total loss or intermittent loss of connection. 1CS is familiar with each of them. If you are having trouble with your Internet don’t hesitate to give us a call, we would be pleased to assist you.

Contact 1CS for internet connectivity support by phone or email or contact us using our online contact form. Need internet support for your business, we can support a broad range of network technology including routers and firewalls. Contact 1CS for computer services