Fast and efficient resolutions to cyber incidents

Your organization should be top priority. At their best, attacks are a nuisance. At worst, attacks can bring your organization to it’s knees. This is where your organization could benefit from Incident Response Services.

1CS has specialized incident responders in numerous countries to quickly investigate and fight back against attacks on your organization, so that you can concentrate on business. Mandiant protects you with the backing of more than 10 years of experience carrying out thousands of examinations and resolving thousands of incidents.

Our consultants provide their expertise in concert with state-of-the-art threat intelligence in addition to network and endpoint technology. Which assists your organization with a vast scope of activities from technical response to managing a catastrophic event. No matter if you have 100 or 100,000 endpoints, our team can be ready to act within hours, assessing your networks for malicious movement.

Incident Response Services

Total incident response services from investigation through catastrophe 

1CS incident response enables resolution of the impacts of cyber breaches. This service includes a complete technical examination, containment and finally recovery. We will give you resources surrounding (1) access to communications and (2) catastrophe management, which speak to liability, protection, reputation or furthermore, goodwill and internal politics.

Experience backed by cloud & on-premise technologies

1CS incident response brings a complete slate of products to our investigations. We are referring to cloud-based or on-site software tools, analytics and network receptacles.

Skills and knowledge bolstered by intelligence tools

A vast scope of intelligence sources result in our first responders having the tools they need to oppose “constantly changing attacks”. 1CS utilizes adversary and product intelligence. These tools help us understand the techniques and procedures used by hackers. They address why attacks are happening including the hackers motivation. Victim intelligence contributes to a heightened understanding of the cyber risks and cyber weaknesses common within your industry and furthermore enhance our management of response activities.


At the conclusion of our services, your organization will understand the incident, including:

  • The viewed or stolen information
  • Malware used and system weaknesses
  • Applications, systems, users and networks affected

Crucial information will be detailed in 3 reports as follows:

  • Examination report: Describes attack time-frame in addition to it’s routes with a list of user accounts, computers, and locations affected
  • Resolution report: Describes how the threat is contained and eliminated together with recommendations to strengthen the security of your organization
  • Management summary: Summarizes examination procedures, significant findings and undertaken activities

Unmatched response time

Recently, 1CS consultants deployed examination software tools to over 18,000 client endpoints and as a result we assessed a cyber attack within four hours of starting the examination. Once each of the endpoints were thoroughly assessed, the breach was ameliorated and the customer assumed normal operations within 5 days.

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