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What is a hosted environment?

A hosted environment is a physical facility, otherwise known as data centre, where a third-party, the data centre, stores your data. Similarly, the third-party will also run each program. This is the same concept as the cloud but operated from a physical location instead of from the internet.


How does it work?

Aside from saving data to it,  programs and applications are operated from it. These include programs like Quickbooks, anti-virus software, Microsoft office, a website or email program. Programs and applications for business accessed from a hosted environment are abundant and from time to time require IT services. Instead of your programs and data residing on a server in an office, they reside on a server in a remote location.


Why switch?

Many businesses are choosing to relocate their data, applications, programs,  telecommunications and computing to a hosted environment for a multitude of reasons:

  • reduced costs
  • reduced infrastructure
  • reduced virus removal
  • firewall management
  • powerful mail hosting
  • reduced maintenance
  • increased security
  • climate controlled environment
  • reliable, monitored and highly secure
  • customization
  • access to latest technologies
  • scalability, add users efficiently as business grows

1CS can relocate a business to a hosted environment

There are many data centers which will host your business. Businesses who no longer wish to have a server in a server room find them very useful. When it comes to hosted environments for business, 1CS can certainly help you.  

IT support services for hosted environments is something we know well. Additionally, we can also help you with cloud services like OneDrive. Whatever your system, 1CS would be pleased to assist you. Contact us by phone or email or contact us through our online contact form