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What is Free Guest Wifi?


Free Guest Wifi refers to a business, usually a retail business, causing wifi to be accessible to it’s customers at no cost to the customer. The word “free” does not mean 1CS will install guest wifi for free but that a business will offer it to it’s customers for free. Free Guest Wifi makes sense for a business who has customers in their establishment for more than 5 minutes. Guest wifi services are one of the services we can provide as part of our IT Services offering.

Below are 4 reasons a business would want to offer Free Guest Wifi.


#1 – Value Proposition


Free Guest Wifi is used to add value to a business’s offering. For example, having great food and Free Guest Wifi helps differentiate a business from it’s competition. Some restaurants just have great food! Free Guest Wifi provides the customer a certain level of comfort by facilitating access to the internet without having to use a data package.


#2 – Security


Some businesses offer Free Guest Wifi in an unsecure way. If Free Guest Wifi is made accessible through a simple router and without a firewall or sufficient security software, business data may be at risk. When a wireless internet signal is unsecure, someone who knows what they are doing can access business data. Businesses should be careful not offer unsecure Free Guest Wifi if they keep sensitive data where they provide guest wifi.


#3 – Lead Generation


1CS provides software which allows a business to capture data from it’s customers. When a customer wants to access the internet, they will be required to provide their name, email address and any other information required in exchange for accessing the internet, just like in a hotel room. Capturing this data allows a business to build customer lists and carry out direct marketing to these customers.


#4 – Mobile Hot Spot


Free Guest Wifi as offered by 1CS currently includes registration with “towifi.ca“. A website dedicated to displaying wifi hot spot locations in Toronto. When a potential customer goes online to search for wifi hot spots or certain retail businesses which offer Free Guest Wifi, your business will appear, ultimately increasing opportunity for business.


1CS is an installer of Free Guest Wifi for retail business


Free Guest Wifi as offered by 1CS has 4 benefits. The first being an increased value proposition by allowing customers to access the internet without using their data. Secondly, are the security features such that customers cannot access business information. Thirdly, lead generation software which captures customer information for marketing purposes. The fourth being a mobile hot spot on towifi.ca so that when people search for a business with wifi, your business will show up.

Guest Wifi is for business. If you have chosen not to provide your customers with complimentary wifi but you just need network support or another form of IT Support, contact us