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Looking for an alternative to Office 365, Exchange or G Suite?


Monitoring & Reporting Services for SMB's

Alternative Email Service for Business & Professionals

Transferring your organizations email hosting and web hosting services to 1CS means one number to call when you or your staff need assistance.  It’s part of one of the most comprehensive IT service Toronto has to offer. Rest assured that the help you may require will be provided by someone who knows the platform, knows your domain, is located in the GTA and part of small group of people who work together.  When you contact us, we respond.

Private and Ad Free Email Hosting

If you are stilling using Gmail, Yahoo, Rogers or Sympatico, consider:

  • Email designed for business
  • Secure, Cloud-based
  • Add-ons for all your devices
  • Supported locally from the GTA

While we have been supporting various email platforms for small and medium sized organizations since 2013, our recently developed alliances with Thexyz and Sherweb allow us to offer a variety of paid email accounts designed for business. Regardless of whether you want entry-level email hosting or an account with all the bells and whistles including synced contacts and calendar across hosted exchange or cloud-based system. With more than 13 years of experience, Thexyz supports tens of thousands of users who trust them with their hosted email. Thexyz Email is designed to help you meet business needs with a comprehensive set of features at a reasonable price point. And this solution comes with 24x7x365 support from email specialists, backed by an industry-leading 100% Uptime Guarantee.

1CS is an Authorized Affiliate Reseller of Thexyz Email

Email is mission-critical, but often comes with headaches like spam, viruses, downtime and high IT costs. Thexyz Email addresses these problems by giving you a solution that is reliable, secure and affordable


Sync your Email Calendar to webmail account and smart phone

No Ads

There are absolutely no advertisements in our webmail accounts

Cloud Drive

30GB of storage to backup and collaborate online


Use secure instant messaging within your Webmail account

Multiple Identities

Mask your email address by sending and receiving email using different identities 


Sync webmail account contacts with other devices

Thexyz Email Pricing for Canadian Clients


Features of Thexyz Webmail



Large mailboxes ensure users will have the space needed to store important emails and attachments.



Three-layer scanning keeps inboxes safe.


Share files and collaborate in real time with co- workers.



Feel confident knowing that your email and files are always available




Secure, always-on email is compatible with users’ mobile devices and desktop email clients


Quickly configure with Outlook using just user name and password. Plus get free business email Outlook licence.

Features of Thexyz Premium Webmail



Online storage is securely accessible from any device.



Create and edit Word and Excel files from a browser or the desktop app



Share files and collaborate in real time with co- workers.

Enjoy Special Feature for Webmail and Exchange


Thexyz’s integrated Exchange solution permits some users to user Exchange, while other users use Thexyz Premium Webmail,  all on the same domain. For those businesse swho have encountered the need for this in the past, you know the potential cost saving this could amount to.

Work Collaboratively with Colleagues and Clients

Start using Cloud Storage

Thexyz Email with Cloud Drive is your trusted business-class email bundled with powerful new features that allow you to keep your files safe and secure in the cloud

Enjoy integrated ancillary services for Thexyz Exchange and Webmail


Cloud Storage

Get the capapbility to save files to the cloud and access them from anywhere there is internet. If you are not currently using the cloud, this option is a good first step. 


Email Data Archive

Email and attachments are automated to back up daily to a top-tier data storage facility. Optional advanced retention using FISMA compliance as it’s guilding principal.


Syncronization of calender, contacts and email with your mobile device. Never miss one step with Push Email. Always be up-to-date.


Stay on top of the ball with notes, calendars and contacts


Contact App

 Set your conacts to save within Thexyz email platform and sync to other devices so that you can access all of your contacts, no matter what device you are using.

Calendar App

Use Thexyz calendar application and send your calendar privately or publicly. Permit colleagues  on the same domain to edit or post events to your schedule. 



Memos & Tasks

Record your thoughts or action list. Set alerts, easily cut-and-paste, sort and search notes, add a title. Save notes to no limit.


Email Application Designed for Ease of Use


Automatic Setup

Start using your business email account on your mobile device quickly, with little effort.


Forward & Filter Email

Forward email to another email addres seasily. Use as many filters and rules as you would like.


Email Shortcuts

Carry-out email functions without using your mouse in a fast and efficient manner.

Email Alias

There is no maximum amount of email aliases users can setup but send to a maximum of 4 accounts not on your domain. 



Email a list of recipients in one fell swoop. Determine which recipients can access the group list. 


Export & Import

Export or import contacts across various email applications in .csv format.



Email Security Measures



Encryption (SSL)

Thexyz uses a highly proteted email network using full electronic-mail encryption which hides the contents of an email when being sent or received such that it will not be intercepted by a deviant party. 


Benefit from a multi-layered approach to spam filtering including daily updates to virus definitions. Thexyz email servers are defended by 4 layers of business-grade spam filtering. 


2-Factor Authorization

Open PGP pubkey & oAUTH RSA 4096 using RSA 2048 ECC p384 and ECC p256 FIDO U2F.

Email Provider Comparison

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