Thexyz Email Hosting | Office 365 Alternative

Looking for an alternative to Office 365, Exchange or Gsuite? Try Thexyz premium webmail, 1CS’s business email solution perfect for companies with between 15 and 500 users. 


Full and fast synchronization using a private email app without ads

Transferring your organizations email hosting and web hosting services to 1CS means one number to call when you or your staff need assistance.  It’s part of one of the most comprehensive IT service Toronto has to offer. Rest assured that the help you may require will be provided by someone who knows the platform, knows your domain, is located in the GTA and part of small group of people who work together.  When you contact us, we respond.

Business-Class Email Hosting

If you are stilling using Gmail, Yahoo, Rogers or Sympatico, consider:

  • Premium Webmail
  • Email designed for business
  • Secure, Cloud-based
  • Add-ons for all your devices
  • Supported locally from the GTA

While we have been supporting various email platforms for small and medium sized organizations since 2013, our recently developed alliances with Thexyz and Sherweb allow us to offer a variety of paid email accounts designed for business. Regardless of whether you want entry-level email hosting or an account with all the bells and whistles including synced contacts and calendar across hosted exchange or cloud-based system, we can can set you up. Our premium webmail facilitates collaboration by syncing business devices together, and in some cases, come with a lot more than you might think. 

1CS is an Authorized Affiliate Reseller of Thexyz Email & Hosting Services

No contracts to sign and you can effortlessly change your subscription plan at any time!


Sync your Email Calendar to webmail account and smart phone

No Ads

There are absolutely no advertisements in our webmail accounts

Cloud Drive

30GB of storage to backup and collaborate online


Use secure instant messaging within your Webmail account

Multiple Identities

Mask your email address by sending and receiving email using different identities 


Sync webmail account contacts with other devices

Still Not Sure? Watch the below Animated Explainer Video!

Premium Webmail Product Comparison Chart

 Secure encryption (SSL)  ✓
 Sync iPhone® + iOS app access  ✓
 Sync Android® + OS app access  ✓
 Sync BlackBerry® to Windows Phone®  ✓
 Ad-free email account  ✓
 Offered in 12 languages  ✓ X
 Out-of-Office auto-response  ✓
 Own your email’s domain   ✓
 Enhanced anti-virus + spam filters  ✓
 Manage email safelist + blacklist  ✓
 Share multiple calendars  ✓
 Easily Integrate with Dropbox app  ✓ X
 Adjust calendar permissions  ✓
 25GB of email storage  ✓ X
100GB of email storage X X
 50MB in email Attachments  ✓
 Email Restore (within 14 days of deletion)  ✓
 Complete POP + IMAP support incl. SSL  ✓
 Sync mobile contacts X  ✓
 Sync mobile calendars X  ✓
 Unlimited aliases  ✓
 Admin access  ✓
 Group Lists sending features  ✓
 IM app within webmail account  ✓ X
 Customer support (24/7/365)  ✓
 Including one (1) MS Outlook license X  ✓
Monthly Price $1.95 $4.95 $14.95
Annual Price $19.95 $49.95 $149.95

Summary of Features

Easily carry out custom email hosting upgrades for premium webmail or hosted exchange

Thexyz’s hybrid Exchange platform will move your businesses email hosting up a level by integrating Exchange with MobileSync email accounts or hosted email, given that all accounts are on the same domain



A complete office suite upgrade to a domain which includes 30GB of Cloud Drive (online) storage. This will facilitate team collaboration with two-way syncing of email, files, calendar and contacts


Mobile Sync

Take your use of email to new bounds using “Push Email” and synchronized calendars between devices. Add MobileSync to your domain email


Email Archiving

Private email data is backed up nightly via Thexyz’s top-echelon of data centers. Available upgrade which adds additional retention with FISMA compliant Email Archiving

Keep on top of it!

Designed on Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology, Thexyz’s MobileSync service synchronizes your Contacts, Email and Calendars between Webmail, Outlook and your Smartphone. For instance, if you enter a new contact on your mobile device,  the contact will appear in your Outlook or Webmail. Same with a Calendar event, if entered in your Outllok or Webmail, it will appear on your IPhone, Andriod or Blackberry.

Email Calendar

Use the calendar app to share calendars through a private or public link. Additionally, you may give specific team members, who have email accounts on your domain, the ability to add or edit appointments in your calendar.

  • Send invitations and publish recurring events
  • Make multiple calendars and share them with specific users in Webmail
  • Let certain people edit your calendar
  • Import calendars using .csv files
  • iCal feed which shares your calendar with those people not on your domain
  • Color-coded view to easily see more than one calendar 
  • Choose to get alerts via text, email or pop-up



Never lose your phone contacts again. Your contacts can be stored to Thexyz by default. Let our MobileSync service synchronize contacts on any device you send and receive email from. 

  • Generate multiple contact lists with no entry limits
  • Users may update personal contact info from the Webmail environment
  • Multi-entry phone/email information, notes section and image settings
  • Export/import contacts and tasks between Gmail® , Outlook®, and other email clients
  • Create group lists and control the permissions from within the Control Panel
  • Business directory auto updates new mailboxes
Tasks & Notes
  • Create a task list with sub-tasks
  • Task List Manager facilitates the viewing of all tasks at once
  • Include task specific information in the task notes location
  • No limit on space to enter text 
  • Copy & paste text from other apps
  • State a note title for easy searching later on
  • Search by last update
  • Stipulate due dates

Share, collaborate and stay in touch faster and easier than ever before

It is difficult to under estimate the importance of email for business, however it also comes with difficulties such as viruses, downtime, spam and costs. Thexyz’s email offering is sensitive to these issues by providing a solution that is secure, reliable and affordable. Benefit from  premium service and robust collaboration technology which will make your organization more efficient.

Setup Wizard

Setup a professional email address on any device. Configuration requires nothing more than a username and passwords 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow for the entry of commands in Webmail using a specific keyboard key

Groups & Lists

An efficient way to email a number of email addresses. The owner can control who may send and reply to the group

Fowarding and Auto-Filtering

Reply and email forwarding settings allow customization’s using an unlimited amount of rules and email filters

Email Aliases

Use an unlimited number of email aliases which may send to up to 4 external email accounts


Import/export contact information from/to Outlook®, Gmail® or more using a .csv file

Share & Collaborate with Public Files