What is Email Management?

Email Management is a systematic approach to maximizing the efficiency of email practices while minimizing the negative consequences which email operations can have on an individuals workplace productivity. An important part of our Managed Services offering. 

Why is Email important for business?

Email is important for business because it is a primary method of communication, to be preserved for future reference. If email systems are not functioning at an optimal level of performance, it is conceivable that there will be lost productivity.

How do Email Managers provide service?

Our managed services oversee high volumes of inbound and outbound electronic mail within an organization. Management is carried out through an email program such as Microsoft Exchange. 1CS manages a variety of email programs and we are familiar with long standing email providers at the enterprise level and below. Our experts manage email based on business needs and industry best practices. There is the setting up of an email program and then there is maintenance such as setting up or shutting down an email account, assisting with password resets, forwarding email, out of office notices, email signatures, office 365 integration services, troubleshooting and more.

Benefits of Email Management

  • Control email so that departing employees cannot delete their email data
  • Archiving of email so that an email which is mistakenly deleted can be searched and retrieved
  • Access email from anywhere or only from permitted locations
  • Scalability by way of the addition or deletion of user accounts and storage space
  • Synchronization across all platforms such that there is continuity between systems and devices
  • Purge old, unnecessary and redundant email so it is not taking up space

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Having issues with your current email program or looking to setup an enhanced email program? We know email for business and would be delighted to assist you.

Is your business in need of email support services? 1CS is experienced in managing email for organizations of any size and represents one of our more commonly provided managed services. As a managed service provider, 1CS is familiar with many email platforms including microsoft exchange, office365 and Thexyz. Contact us today.