What is Data Backup and Recovery?

In computing, a backup, or the process of backing up, refers to the copying and saving of computer data such that the backup may be accessed or restored to the original. Recovery is the process of locating and restoring data after an event of data loss. Data backup and recovery are computer services we commonly provide to individuals and business. 

Regular Backups

Regular backups are important because they help to mitigate the risk of data loss.  Some examples of how data loss may occur:

  • deleting data by accident
  • acquiring a virus or having malware installed on a computer
  • a device gets lost or stolen
  • a device sustains damages or a liquid spill
  • data becomes corrupt in some way making it inaccessible.

Data stored on a personal computer likely consists of personal information. Personal information is usually in the the form of PDF or Microsoft Word files, pictures and videos. The replacement of this data may not be possible, even after high-level computer services are provided.

USB Drives

Those who operate a personal computer often use a USB drive to backup their data. After plugging in the USB drive to a computer, the user usually drags and drops files onto the USB drive. Once the files have been saved to the USB drive, remember to safely remove it. On a PC, safe removal of a USB drive may be carried out as follows:

(1) click on the small triangle located in the bottom right corner of computer screen

(2) search for USB drive icon in the open window

(3) click on the USB drive icon

(4) select safely remove hardware

(5) wait for notice indicating it is now safe to remove USB device

(6) remove USB device

Cloud Backup

Cloud services are the fastest growing form of backup. Individuals can use a cloud service to save their documents, images, video and other data to a location on the internet, instead of an external hard drive sitting in a drawer. Data is accessible from any computer on the internet, so long as one has the login information. Aside from not having to purchase hardware, what is especially appealing about cloud backup services is it’s ability to carry out automatic backups of data at predetermined times.

Recovering Data

If data is deleted by accident, a device sustains damages including a liquid spill or data becomes corrupt and inaccessible, it may still be accessible to data recovery professionals. If data is deleted by accident, a copy is often found somewhere deep within a computer. There are measures that can be taken which may allow the recovery of some or all of the data on the affected device.

Data Backup and Recovery

If you do not currently backup your data or feel that your current form of backup is no longer sufficient, we would be delighted to assist you. Additionally, if you have suffered an event of data loss and are looking to recover data which is no longer accessible, we would also be pleased to help out. 

Contact 1CS for more information on our data backup and recovery services or to book an appointment. If you are looking for business related backup services, check out online backup services or managed backup services. Regardless of the computer services needed, 1CS is here to help.